Easy Crochet Stitch Library of 30 Stitches for Beginners and More

Are you new to crochet? Are you interested in learning some fun new crochet stitches for beginners, as well as other unique stitches?

If so, this list of basic and easy crochet stitches (plus some more advanced ones too!) will definitely help you to jumpstart your crochet journey!

Read on down to explore our library of crochet stitches with over 30 different stitches to pick from, some of which are perfect for beginners to try.

crochet stitches

Why Try These Crochet Stitches?

In this tutorial, you will find over 30 of my favorite crochet stitches. This collection of basic and advanced stitches are great tutorials for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to crochet experts, or even those who just want a refresher.

You’ll want to keep this crochet stitch guide handy for the next time you are looking for a stitch to use in your next crochet pattern or crochet project.

With a little dedication and some spare time, you’ll have many of these simple stitches figured out in no time at all! I hope you enjoy this stitch library!

Where to Start

Our stitch list below is broken down into two different sections: Basic and Advanced.


We highly suggest you work to master the basic ones before moving on to advanced. Each stitch can be learned in about 30 minutes, provided you have all the necessary crochet supplies.

The Basic Stitches

  1. Chain Stitch
  2. Slip Stitch
  3. Single Crochet Stitch
  4. Half Double Crochet Stitch
  5. Double Crochet Stitch
  6. Triple Crochet Stitch

Once you feel like you have at least the Single Crochet, Slip, and Double Crochet stitches learned well enough, the next step would be to try them out on a real crochet project. We’ve chosen a couple easy starter projects from our free pattern archives to help get you on your way.

Learn To Crochet!

My free 4-week class teaches someone how to crochet from start to finish. This free masterclass was specifically designed for those that have never crocheted before.

Beginner Patterns using Basic Stitches

A lot of these basic stitches are also used for seaming techniques. However, not all seaming stitches used in crochet are actually crocheted. For instance, the mattress stitch is a way often used to stitch two crocheted pieces together. However, the mattress stitch is, in fact, a sewing technique.

Moving on to ‘Advanced’

After you have gotten the hang of the six basic crochet stitches, it’s time to move on to the harder ones, which will be highlighted in a section all of its own below.

All the beginning crochet stitches outlined below are perfect for beginners or even someone who would like a little refresher on a particular stitch.

After you review the first crochet stitch tutorials below, you will be ready to take on almost any beginner level project. The type of stitch becomes more complex as you work through the list of crochet stitches in this tutorial. There may even be some stitches that will challenge you.

Intermediate to Advanced Crochet Stitches

  1. Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch
  2. Granny Ripple Stitch
  3. Blanket Stitch
  4. Iris Stitch
  5. Mini Bean / Elizabeth Stitch
  6. Griddle Crochet Stitch
  7. Waffle Crochet Stitch
  8. Crocodile Stitch
  9. Cluster Stitch
  10. Popcorn Stitch
  11. Spider Stitch
  12. Primrose Stitch
  13. Bobble Stitch
  14. Herringbone Half Double Crochet
  15. Sand / Granite / Moss Stitch
  16. Blueberry Stitch
  17. Back Loop Chevron Stitch
  18. Lemon Peel Stitch
  19. Crochet Spike Stitch
  20. Bullion Stitch
  21. Star Stitch
  22. Shell Stitch
  23. V Double Crochet Stitch
  24. Granule Stitch

While there is a good deal of crochet stitch patterns out there, this tutorial highlights some of the best crochet stitches (and some of my favorite crochet stitches too!). From simple crochet stitches to the more complicated ones, these tutorials will help you to gain a solid base of knowledge for a variety of stitches.

The stitch guide below will help on your crochet journey, expand your knowledge of different crochet techniques and future projects.

Six Basic Easy Crochet Stitches

Are you new to crochet? Then, use the crochet stitch pictures & tutorials below as well as links to start your crochet journey.

These stitches are simple to learn and will provide a good foundation for your crochet skills as a new crocheter. I hope you enjoy this list of basic crochet stitches with step-by-step tutorials and find ones that you like.

Chain Stitch (ch)

The simple chain stitch is one of the most basic crochet stitches that all beginners need to learn at the start of their crochet journey. This stitch is the starting point or foundation for almost all types of crochet stitches for beginners and for most crochet projects. The number of chains, for example, in a blanket can determine the length or the height of the blanket (depending on the crochet pattern).

Explained basically, the chain stitch is a simple crochet stitch that consists of connecting loops. This stitch usually forms the foundation chain that you will use to build the rest of your project, as well as the starting chain and turning chain of rows.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Single Crochet Stitch (sc)

The easy single crochet stitch (sc abbreviated) is one of the first stitches that you will learn when you are starting to crochet, right after the chain stitch. It is a quick and easy crochet stitch to learn.

You can use this stitch for basic single crochet blankets, single crochet scarves, or “working in the round,” as well as for many other projects. This is a stitch that you will love using while you crochet. It is simple, easy, and can easily be mastered, even at the beginning of your crochet journey.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Slip Stitch (sl st)

The slip stitch in crochet is a stitch that is great to end projects with and to fasten them off, which makes it an essential stitch for almost all projects.

It is commonly referred to as a slip stitch join. This stitch is easy to learn, and it will be very useful in many crochet projects.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

The half double crochet stitch is one of my favorites, and it is often used in my projects! It is one of my go-to crochet stitches for blankets and scarves.

Sometimes in crochet patterns, you will see this stitch abbreviated using the letters HDC. So, if you ever wondered what HDC stands for when looking at patterns, now you know! 

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Double Crochet Stitch (dc)

The double crochet stitch, abbreviated as dc, is one of the most common crochet stitches. It is approximately double the size of a single crochet stitch and is a fast crochet stitch to use.

The dc stitch creates a soft feel to any project because the double crochet stitch is not as tight as a single crochet stitch. It is excellent for crocheted sweaters, hats, and blankets, like a v-stitch blanket.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Triple Crochet Stitch (tr)

The triple crochet stitch (aka the treble crochet stitch) is a great stitch that brings height to any project. If you were looking to crochet with taller stitches, then this is the one to try! Plus, it is easy to crochet!

As a bonus, this stitch can be used in different ways with other stitches to create a spectacular texture.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

More Advanced Crochet Stitches

The easy crochet patterns below use combinations of basic stitches to create a unique crochet stitch or combination stitch that are simply stunning. Move on to these more complex stitches once you have the beginner crochet above stitches mastered.

Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch

This stitching method is fantastic for crafting tightly woven crochet items that are exceptionally warm and free from any gaps or holes.

This stitch is simply a blend of the half double crochet and slip stitch. When these two are combined, you get the half double crochet slip stitch.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Granny Ripple Stitch

This unique crochet stitch uses double crochet stitches in a ripple pattern to create a beautiful design. Take a look at the Henley blanket pattern that uses this stitch combo to make a one-of-a-kind baby blanket.

Use this stitch for a blanket like the rippling trellis that uses worsted weight yarn.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch is crocheted using two beginner stitches. This pretty crochet stitch is one you will want to learn since it is simple to get the hang of.

This combination creates a texture that is one of the simplest but fanciest crochet stitches you can create.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Iris Stitch

The iris stitch is a combination of clustered double crochet stitches. This is a gorgeous decorative crochet stitch and looks wonderful stitched into a lot of different crochet projects.

You can use this lacy crochet stitch for blankets, scarves, or even a border to add character to your project.

Stitch Tutorial from: The Unraveled Mitten

Mini Bean / Elizabeth Stitch

The mini bean stitch or aka the Elizabeth stitch is a fun stitch to learn since it’s easy! Plus, the texture it makes will have you wanting to crochet this stitch over and over.

You can use the mini bean stitch for blankets, scarves, or even a border to add texture to your pattern.

Stitch Tutorial from: Heart Hook Home

Griddle Crochet Stitch

The griddle stitch is a great combination stitch for beginners to start with because it uses the single and double crochet stitches.

If you are looking to create or add some texture to your next crochet project, then this is the perfect stitch.  

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Waffle Crochet Stitch

The waffle stitch is a fantastic stitch technique to use to get texture in scarves, blankets, and washcloths.

Use our photo tutorial below to learn how to make the crochet waffle stitch and start applying it to all types of different crochet projects like a waffle stitch blanket.

Stitch Tutorial from: Easy Crochet

Crocodile Stitch

The fun to crochet crocodile stitch made up of double crochet stitches. This is a gorgeous decorative crochet stitch and looks wonderful stitched into a lot of different crochet patterns.

You can use this stitch for blankets, scarves, dragon crochet patterns plus more. My favorite way to use the crocodile stitch is in purses and bags. It gives projects texture and is a unique looking crochet stitch that will catch an eye.

Stitch Tutorial from: B Hooked Crochet

Cluster Stitch

In this easy stitch tutorial, you will learn to create a cluster stitch, which is, in my opinion, a beautiful crochet stitch to use in blankets.

This cool crochet stitch creates a lovely pattern that is extra cozy for afghans, blankets, and scarves. There is a free video tutorial available for both left and right-handed stitching.

Cluster Stitch tutorial from Bella Coco Crochet

Popcorn Stitch

The popcorn stitch is similar to the bobble stitch, except that it uses more yarn. This is a fun crochet stitch design to learn and can be used in various crochet patterns.

Take a look at our tutorial with step-by-step instructions to learn more about this textured stitch and start working it up today!

Popcorn Stitch Tutorial from Easy Crochet

Spider Stitch

The spider stitch is made up of single crochet and chain stitches. That’s it! This is a stitch that creates a beautiful crochet pattern and it is so easy to do too!

This tightly woven crochet stitch looks great in washcloths, dishcloths, and hand towels!

Spider Stitch tutorial from Mama in a Stitch

Primrose Stitch

The primrose stitch in crochet uses beginner crochet stitches to create a wonderful texture.

If you can single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet, then you can make this stitch!

Primrose Stitch tutorial from Easy Crochet

Bobble Stitch

Use this bobble tutorial and video lesson to learn how to crochet a cool crochet stitch pattern. You can use the bobble in a variety of fun crochet patterns like pillows, blankets, and scarves.

You’ll be able to create texture and add a little flare to any crochet pattern using this stitch.

Bobble Stitch Lesson from Easy Crochet

Herringbone Half Double Crochet

The herringbone half double crochet is an easy variation of the half double crochet that gives texture to any project!

The abbreviation for this stitch is HHDC. This stitch can be used to create a blanket, like the fall HDDC blanket pattern here on the blog.

HHDC stitch tutorial from Easy Crochet

Sand / Granite / Moss Stitch

If you can single crochet and chain, then you can make this easy stitch combination. It’s a great stitch to use in blankets and scarves!

The Jane Throw Blanket uses this stitch. This example shows this stitch worked up in a super bulky yarn.

Sand Stitch Tutorial from Easy Crochet

Blueberry Stitch

The blueberry stitch uses double crochets and bobbles to create a beautiful stitch. This combo makes for an open crochet stitch project, which is great for summer crochet patterns since it would be light and airy.

You can use this stitch for crochet tops too since it creates a wonderful drape!

Blueberry Stitch Tutorial from Desert Blossom Crafts

Back Loop Chevron Stitch

This easy, single crochet chevron is worked in the back loops only.

You can use this tutorial to create a beautiful blanket with our free stitch tutorial. This stitch creates a classic, yet fun crochet stitch project.

Back Loop Chevron Stitch from Easy Crochet

Lemon Peel Stitch

Lemon Peel Stitch

This simple stitch pattern uses double and single crochet stitches to create a beautiful stitch combination.

The lemon peel stitch is a great choice for washcloths, dishcloths, and home decor!

Lemon Peel Stitch Tutorial from Persia Lou

Crochet Spike Stitch

This spike stitch tutorial uses only single crochets to create a unique and different stitch. This fun stitch can be used for a variety of crochet projects like blankets, scarves and more!

The only complicated part of this stitch are the color changes, which are really not that difficult. With practice, you will be doing this stitch and the color changes with ease.

Crochet Spike Stitch Tutorial from Easy Crochet

Bullion Stitch

This stitch, which is sometimes referred to as the roll stitch, is unique and creates an unusual crochet pattern that is fun to look at. Plus, it looks wonderful in almost any pattern!

You can use the roll or bullion stitch to add variety to any pattern and make it stand out! Have a look at the stitch tutorial below.

Bullion Stitch Tutorial from Easy Crochet

Star Stitch

The star or the daisy stitch is a crochet pattern constructed with single crochet and half double crochet stitches and a simple 2-row repeat that creates a star pattern sequence on the right side of your work.

Star Stitch from Crafting Happiness

Shell Stitch

This crochet shell stitch is achieved by working a row of 2-5 double crochet “shells” over a row of chain stitches. This creates an overall fabric with little shell-like textures in it.

You can use this easy stitch pattern in blankets, scarves, or even a dishcloth for a fun and unique design.

Shell Stitch tutorial from Easy Crochet

V Double Crochet Stitch

The crochet stitch creates what looks like little v’s all throughout the work. The double v stitch is an easy stitch to learn because it’s just double crochet stitches arranged in a particular order and placement.

This beautiful stitch design looks great when worked up in a blanket or scarf.

Stitch Tutorial from: Dream a Little Bigger

Granule Stitch

The Granule Stitch is a pattern of alternating Picot Single Crochets (psc) and regular single crochets (sc). If you are unfamiliar with the Picot stitch, you can learn that one in this tutorial as well!

This stitch combination would make a great washcloth or dishcloth because of the little bumps it creates.

Stitch Tutorial from: Moogly

Crochet Stitch Tutorial Videos

These crochet stitch tutorial videos can be used for extra visual help, so you can learn at your pace.

Bobble Stitch Video

Single Crochet Stitch Video Lesson

Chain Stitch Video Lesson

I hope you enjoyed this list of all the different crochet stitches and crochet stitch patterns! Take a look at even more free crochet stitch pattern video tutorials on the Easy Crochet YouTube Channel.

Common Crochet Questions

How Do I Start to Crochet?

You can learn how to crochet with a Beginner Crochet Guide, Crochet Stitch Videos, and learning basic stitches like the chain stitch, single crochet stitch and half double crochet.

What are Some Crochet Tips for Beginners?

  1. Learn about what crochet is before starting your crochet journey.
  2. Purchase a crochet hook such as a 5.5 mm or 6 mm plus yarn.(crochet hook sizes vary, so pick one that corresponds with the yarn you purchased)
  3. Start with a medium weight yarn like Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice or Red Heart Soft. Thinner yarn can be harder to work with as a new crocheter.
  4. Learn basic stitches at first, then work your way up to new patterns like a beginner washcloth or beginner scarf that you’d enjoy.
  5. Learn about and check your gauge so that your projects turn out the size that is expected.
  6. Continue to practice, even if you are unsuccessful at first. Don’t expect perfection.

More Crochet Stitches To Learn

Here are some other unique and different crochet stitches. Some are more complex than others, but you can have fun learning them all!

Crochet Blanket Patterns using These Stitches

Here are some Crochet Blanket patterns if you’d like to try your hand at making some crochet blankets and crochet baby blankets with the stitches you’ve just learned:

Wow! That was a lot of easy crochet stitches to learn!

Now that you’ve had a chance to review this complete list of all the beginner to advanced crochet stitches, you will be ready to tackle any of our free crochet patterns! I also wanted to mention that you will see many of these stitches in my projects and patterns.

I’d also love for you to join the private Easy Crochet Club Facebook Group, which is hosted by me. It is super fun and full of encouraging fiber artists!

Quick & Easy Crochet Stitches


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