Crochet Hat Size Chart

Crocheting a hat or beanie for the first time can sound daunting. There are so many sizes, and dimensions you need to worry about, that it may sound easier to give up and create a blanket instead.

I’m here to tell you that it’s actually pretty easy to crochet a perfectly sized hat with just knowing a few key tips while using our sizing table below.

Taking Crochet Hat Measurements

The first step in correctly creating a crochet hat or beanie is to determine your hat size, which will then provide the size of hat you need to make. There are a few ways to do this:

Measure Your Recipient’s Head

To accomplish this, take the measuring tape and wrap it around the person’s head at the forehead level. Don’t pull the tape measure tightly… we want this hat to be snug, but not tight.

This measurement will be the Head Circumference. Find that number in the “head circumference” column of the sizing chart below, then see that row’s specified “size”.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string instead. Wrap a piece of string around your head, and mark the point where the string touches itself after wrapping the head. Then, measure that length at a later date with a tape measure.

Estimate it Based on Age

If you don’t have your recipient next to you, or this is for a gift, then you’ll have to make an estimate. The table further below lists average sizes for specific age groups. If you are making a hat for someone slightly smaller or larger than their peers, then you may want to go up or down to the next size.

Average Sizes for Men & Women

The average head circumference for adults falls anywhere between 21-23 inches (53-58 cm). A man’s average hat size will be approximately 23 inches, while a woman’s average hat size will be around 22 inches. Averages are just that—an average, and do not accurately reflect the full population. Be wary of using these sizes as they may not match the person you are making the hat for!

Average Crochet Hat/Beanie Size Chart

This crochet hat sizing guide lists the average crochet hat sizes based on eleven different age groups. It is important to note that these measurements are the commonly used average sizes.

If you are making a hat for someone who has a size head that little smaller or larger than their peers of the same age, then you will likely need to adjust the crochet hat size up or down appropriately.

Change table to use Centimeters

SizeDescriptionHead Circumference
Hat Circumference
Crown Diameter
Hat Height
Adult X-Large24238.59.5
Adult LargeAdult Man232289.5
Adult MediumAdult Woman22217.59
Adult SmallTeen212078.5
Child4+ years19-2018-196.58
Toddler2-4 years18-1917-1867
12-24 Months1-2 years17-1816-175.56.5
6-12 Months16-1715-1656
3-6 Months151455.5
Preemie4-5 lbs9-128.5-112-33-4
Crochet Hat Sizes in INCHES
SizeDescriptionHead Circumference
Hat Circumference
Crown Diameter
Hat Height
Adult X-Large6158.521.524
Adult LargeAdult Man58.55620.524
Adult MediumAdult Woman5653.51923
Adult SmallTeen53.5511821.5
Child4+ years48-5146-4816.520.5
Toddler2-4 years46-4843-4615.518
12-24 Months1-2 years43-4640.5-431416.5
6-12 Months40.5-4338-40.512.515.5
3-6 Months3835.512.514
Preemie4-5 lbs23-30.521.5-285-7.57.5-10
Crochet Hat Sizes in CENTIMETERS

Understanding Crochet Hat & Beanie Dimensions

Understanding crochet hat dimensions

The table above has four different dimensions, all needed to make your crocheted hat the perfect size. Each dimension has its specific use, and deviating from it will result in a hat that is either too big, too small or the wrong shape.

Here, I break down what each of these dimensions are for and how to get or use them in your crochet hat project.

Head Circumference

The head circumference is the measurement around the person’s head at the forehead. This is usually the measurement needed to determine which size of hat you’ll have to crochet.

Hat Circumference

The hat circumference measurement is often around 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) smaller than the head circumference. This is the case, so the hat fits snugly over the head.

Crown Diameter

The crown diameter is how wide the very top of the hat should be. To use this dimension, measure your starting circle across and use the chart to determine when to stop increasing your circle’s diameter.

Hat Height

The hat height is typically measured from the top of the crown to the bottom of the person’s ear. If you expect to wear your hat to the top of the ear (instead of the bottom), then you will need to subtract an inch (2.5 cm) off the estimated height.

If you’d like to be able to have a folded brim, then add an extra inch (2.5 cm) to the height of the hat.

Tips for Measuring Hat Size

Always Round Up. If any of your head measurements come out to partial numbers, it is best to round your numbers up.

Always Measure Twice. I can’t tell you how often I think I’ve measured something correctly only to do it again and get an entirely different number. Always measure twice to confirm your measurements are as accurate as possible.

Don’t Pull the Tape Measure Tight. Hats shouldn’t fit your head so tight it cuts off circulation. A comfortable crochet hat is one that fits snugly around the head without any pressure. Letting your measuring tape (or string) loosely wrap around the head of your subject will always provide better results.

Measure Yourself First. Practice makes perfect. Measure your head first, and get comfortable taking that measurement, and seeing which hat size you need to make. Heck, even make yourself a hat first! To measure your hat size perfectly, do it in front of a mirror.

Beginner Crochet Hat Patterns

Now that you understand how to measure for a crochet hat, you may want to try your hand at a new hat pattern that all use easy stitches! Check out some of our free crochet hat designs below.