Easy Crochet Chevron Blanket

Are you looking for a fun to make but easy to crochet chevron blanket pattern? If so, then look no further because you found it!

Below, I’ll show you just how easy it is to learn to make a 70s style but also modern crochet blanket with chevrons today with our free pattern.

Use our chevron blanket tutorial below to get you started with this classic pattern. If you can single crochet, then you can make this blanket in no time at all, promise!

Read on down to get started, and you can start enjoying this simple chevron pattern right away.

Learn how to crochet this simple back loop chevron with the tutorial below!

If you want to look at even more free chevron crochet pattern designs, then you should also try my neutral chevron pattern, chevron dishcloth pattern, or browse eight of my chevron pattern favorites.

I am so excited for you to try this chevron stitch crochet design! It is so fun to work up, is an effortless project, and looks fantastic as a blanket. I know that you will love this pattern as much as I do!

This pattern is perfect to keep for yourself or to make as a gift. This classic yet fun pattern is easy to love! Happy Crocheting!

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An Easy Chevron Crochet Pattern Blanket

This single crochet chevron blanket is easy, and it is a blanket that you must make. The main reason that I love this blanket is that it is made with a simple, beginner-friendly stitch…. The single crochet!

The single crochet stitch is a basic stitch. This stitch is super easy to master, which makes learning a chevron pattern using this stitch easy!

This single stitch crochet chevron pattern is so easy to learn. This easy chevron pattern is excellent for those who are new to crochet or those who are experienced with crochet and are looking to try something a little different. Either way, you will love it! I promise!

The simple stitch repeat, not to mention single crochet, is one that you can absolutely master in no time at all. It is designed almost like my other pattern, the Crochet Chevron Neutral Blanket Pattern.

This is another excellent and easy to learn chevron pattern, if you are in the mood to make more chevron blankets.

The Perfect Yarn for This Chevron Blanket

The best type of yarn for this chevron blanket is a worsted weight yarn or medium four weight yarn. I used the Impeccable Yarn brand from Michael’s, which comes in a wide variety of colors.


This yarn is made by Loops and Threads, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.


Fiber: 100% Acrylic
Yardage: 285 yd. / 260 m
Hook: 5 mm (H-8)
Substitute: Caron Jumbo

Buy Now Patterns Using This Yarn →

The many options for colors to choose from will allow you to make your chevron blanket truly yours! The color choices will also make it easy to customize this blanket as a gift.

Need a substitute yarn?

If you would like to get similar results to the blanket I made using fall colors, I recommend Vanna’s Choice as a great alternative. It has the same weight as the Impeccable Yarn and comes in a lot of the same colors.

Take a look below to find a favorite color to use to make your chevron blanket!

My personal favorite, the Vanna’s Choice yarn, is fantastic. It holds up well to my kids’ daily antics and washes beautifully. If you cannot find Vanna’s Choice, we would suggest Caron Simply Soft, which is a beautiful yarn with fantastic drape!

I do not think you will be disappointed with either yarn choice. Vanna’s Choice just so happens to be my favorite acrylic yarn to use for all of my blankets.

It is Worked up in the Back Loop

For this single crochet, chevron blanket pattern, we will be crocheting in just the back loop of each stitch. This will create an excellent ridged texture in your chevron blanket.

The back loop is easy to find on a stitch. If you are looking at a stitch from the top, you will see the two loops. You will want to work into the loop that is the furthest away from you, which is the back loop!

Changing the Size of a Chevron Blanket

It is easy to change the size of this chevron blanket! Use the steps below to learn more.

How to Change the Size of this Blanket

  • You will need to use a starting chain in a multiple of seventeen to start.
  • Multiples of 17 are 34, 51, 68, 85, 102, 119, 136, 153, 170, 187, 204, 221, 238, 255, 272, 289, 306, 323, 340 etc. You will chain one of these numbers that are all a multiple of 17 for your starting chain.
  • Next, you will chain an additional fifteen to whatever length of starting chain you picked from above to start your blanket.

This is the perfect blanket to customize to just the size you need! You can use our blanket sizes chart to get a perfect size for your chevron blanket every time.

The purpose of the blanket resizer is to help determine the size that you want to make, for example, if you’d like to crochet a throw blanket this chart can help!

If you are making the blanket for a baby, you can easily review the chart to help you choose a smaller size. You can also use the chart as a helpful tool to help make a larger blanket to better suit your needs.

Chevron Blanket: Great for Beginners

I recommend anyone who is new to crochet to give this easy, chevron blanket pattern a try. While this is our most popular chevron pattern, we have other free blanket patterns using it too. This pattern is full of simple, single crochet stitches throughout and is the perfect beginner project.

To spice up this easy, chevron blanket pattern, I added a bit of texture by crocheting only in the back loop of every stitch. This creates a ridge and gives the blanket a bit more character. This is a win-win!

Ready to Start on this Chevron Blanket Pattern?

Read below for the free chevron stitch tutorial, or as some may say “zigzag stitch,” to get started on your blanket today!

I am so excited to see all your finished chevron patterned projects!

Single Crochet Blanket Chevron Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


  • Yarn: I used a worsted weight four yarn. The amount of yarn needed will vary with the weight used, size of the blanket, etc.
  • Crochet hook: Choose whatever size the yarn recommends on the yarn label.
  • Yarn needle: This will be used to weave in ends at the end of your project.
  • Scissors

Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

How to Single Crochet Together

Single Crochet Two Together (sc2tog)

  1. Insert hook into designated stitch
  2. YO (yarn over), pull back through the stitch
  3. Insert hook into next stitch, YO and pull back through the three loops on your crochet hook
  4. You have now single crocheted two stitches together!


  • This pattern is written in standard U.S. terms.
  • I recommend counting, then recounting your stitches for each row. It is easy to skip or add a stitch with a chevron pattern design.
  • Starting with Row 2 the pattern is worked in the back loop only.
  • I recommend working up a small swatch of 17 +15 to practice on before starting a big blanket project.

The Pattern

Starting Chain: Ch a multiple of 17, then ch an additional 15 chs to that multiple.

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each of the next 5 chs, 3 sc in the next ch, 1 sc in each of the next 7 chs. * skip 2 chs, 1 sc in next 7 chs. 3 Sc in next ch. 1 sc in of next 7 chs.

Rep from * across until you reach the end of the row, turn.

Row 2: Working in back loops only (see picture below) and throughout the rest of the pattern, ch 1, sk the first stitch, sc2tog, 1 sc in next 5 sts, 3 sc in the next st, * 1 sc in next 7 sts, sk next 2 sc. 1 sc in each of the next 7 sts,.3 sc in the next st.

Rep from * across until you reach the last 7 sts. 1 Sc in the next 5 sts, sc2tog in the last 2 sts, turn.

Crochet in the Back Loop
Row 2

Row 3: Ch 1, sc2tog, 1 sc in the next 5 sts, 3 sc in the next st, * 1 sc in next 7 sts, skip next 2 scs, 1 sc in each of the next 7 sts, 3 sc in next st, repeat from * across until you reach last 7 sts, 1 sc in the next 5 sts, sc2tog in the last 2 sts, turn.

Finishing: Repeat row three (3) for the reminder of the blanket pattern until you reach the blanket size you’d prefer.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this crochet ripple afghan design!

back loop crochet chevron blanket pattern
easy crochet chevron tutorial
chevron single crochet back loop pattern

If you decide to make a blanket with this chevron pattern and need help with changing colors, check out my tutorial on how to change yarn colors in crochet. If you are new to changing colors in a pattern, this tutorial will be very helpful to you.

I hope you enjoyed this single crochet chevron blanket pattern. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or on our Facebook Community.

P.S. If you would like to try a chunkier but similar version of this pattern, I would suggest checking out my Chunky Chevron Blanket Pattern!

Our Other Crochet Chevron Patterns

We love the chevron pattern. I actually can’t get enough of it. Below are some of our other crochet projects that use this classic pattern in everything from blankets to afghans.

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Here are more blanket patterns that you may enjoy as well.


  1. I read this and began my project, then I found the video on YouTube, and on this you say 17+15 but on the YouTube video you say 17+16, so now I’m confused as to which it is

  2. I have been wanting to learn the chevron pattern. You tube didn’t help. Lol. Ready your pattern and it clicked. Thank you so much

  3. Hello, I just joined your fb page and asked on the easy chevron I did a total of 323 plus the 15 =338 stitches. At the end of row one I ended up with 5 stitches left. I don’t want to frog it to see if I miscounted if I don’t have to.
    Also, do you turn and then check 1 or ch 1 then turn for each row? TIA

    1. Hi Joyce,
      My best guess is missed or added stitches along the way. With a big starting chain like 338, I recommend using stitch markers to mark every 20 to 25 stitches to keep track of exactly where you are. As for the ch 1, you can do that before or after your turn.

      I do suggest working up a small swatch of 17+15 to practice on to see what may have happened as well.

      Happy Crocheting!


  4. Okay hope you can help me out I’m already confused when you say 17 multiples I’m not understanding that part and then it’s 15 additional after the 17th multiples I’m making this for a man he is tall and big so help me to understand this please thank you

    1. Hi,

      To begin, you will use a starting chain in a multiple of seventeen. You will chain one of those numbers that are all a multiple of 17 for your starting chain.

      Next, you will chain an additional fifteen to whatever length of starting chain you picked from above to start your chevron blanket, then follow along with the pattern as written.

      If you have any more questions, please ask!

      Happy Crocheting, Krista

  5. Thank you for All of your patterns, you’re the only one I see that actually responds. Have a Blessed week.

  6. So just to be clear, I did row 1, row 2 and row 3. Now do I just keep repeating row 3 till the end of the Afghan?

  7. I love this pattern. I would like to crochet a throw 36 inches by 36. Could you tell me how many chains I would need?

    Thanks so much.

  8. Hi! I am pretty new to crochet and my daughter wanted a zig zag blanket. This is my first big project. I’m on row 3, but on both row 2 & 3 my 3sc is coming up on the first stitch of the previous rows 3sc… Shouldn’t I be doing it in the center stitch of of the previous rows 3sc? I hope this makes since, I don’t really know how to explain. My stitches seem to be adding up and finishing fine, so maybe this is normal?

    1. Hi Katie,

      Make sure you are chaining 1 then skipping the first st in row 2, then sc2tog. I bet that’s what it is. πŸ™‚ If you have any more questions please let me know.


  9. I want to make a queen size blanket could you tell me how many stitches I need? I would also like to know how you figured it out please.

  10. The first row says it starts with 1 sc, did you mean sc2tog? It does note come out right like it does in the video that indicates you should start with sc2tog.

  11. Hello, trying the find the colors you used. Found all but the tan next to the chocolate. Can you please share that color. Thank you.

  12. Hi Krista! It’s Dayna again. Thanks for replying I appreciate it very much! I started my chevron afghan and at the end of my 2nd row I realized something. Do you put your hook through the two top yarns per stitch when doing the single crochet stitch? I only went through the single top yarn πŸ™

    1. Hi Dayna,

      You did it right. πŸ™‚ For this blanket you will be working in the back loop only of the stitch (the back loop of the v on the top of the stitch). Right under row 2 in the pattern instructions is a picture where I show the back loop of the stitch.

      Happy Crocheting!!


  13. Don’t understand how to start the second row. I’m at the end of row 1 and chained 1 do you turn? Dint understand sc together? Help please

    1. Hi Deb,

      I updated the pattern with a little more detail of each step of the single crochet 2 together step. I also have a video tutorial coming soon!

      I hope this helps and happy crocheting!


  14. Hi Krista
    Thanks for sharing your ripple crochet Afghan! I’m going to start soon! Wish me luck! I want to make an edge do you have patterns for an edge?

  15. Hi,
    A few questions – is row 3 and all following rows supposed to be done in the back loop as well? And once we finish row 3, we just continue the row 3 steps for the rest of the blanket right? Thanks! Sorry for my confusion.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      This pattern is just a general tutorial for a blanket with any weight yarn, but I believe I used 1 per color-blocked section. It has been a while since I made this. πŸ™‚


  16. Hello. At the beginning of row 2 it says chain one, skip the first stitch, then single crochet 2 together. In the beginning of row three it doesn’t say to skip the first stich before the sctog. Should I skip the first stich in row three as well? Thank you.

  17. One of your Chevron patterns says to chain multiples of 17 stitches plus 16 sts, Another one says multiples of 17 plus 15 sts. Which one is correct.? I don’t want to do a long chain and a long row and find out the number is incorrect and have to start again. Thanks.

  18. Hello! In row 2, for the 3SC, is that still supposed to be down in the back loop, or is it done in the home from the 3SC in the previous row? All of my peaks are slightly off kilter.

  19. Approximately how many yards/ounces of yarn would you recommend for a lap sized blanket/throw using a size I9 hook? Thank you.

  20. Hi! I’m having a problem with row 3. I know it says to repeat row 2 going forward, but no matter how many times I count, recount, mark with stitch markers….if I skip the first stitch, I end up short. Should I really just start each rown with the sc2tog and forget about the skipping of the first stitch?


    1. Hi Tiffany,

      I fixed the pattern. I apologize about the typo on my end. Row 3 is supposed to start without skipping a stitch and then continue on like row 2 is written.


  21. It would really be helpful if you would list the number of starting chains for each size blanket, i.e. twin, double, queen, etc,, and the amount of yarn for each size too.

    1. Hi Yvette,

      This was one of my first patterns when I started designing and unfortunately I did not do it at the time but I will make a note to update it to include this. Happy Crocheting.


  22. So this is my first attempt at crocheting a blanket… is the first row supposed to look just like the pattern? Because mine is quite zig zagged but does not lie flat like yours does in the pictures.


  23. Krista, first of all, THANK YOU for this beautiful pattern! I’ve always wanted to crochet one of these. I’m having a bit of a problem. Do you continue with the ENTIRE 2nd row? (chain one, skip first sc, sc 2 tog, sc5, then sc3 in the same, then the 7, etc) from there every row after the first 2nd row? That would mean I start with sc2tog and end with sc2tog on each row? Somehow it’s not coming out right. I know these directions are really good and simple. Wonder what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hi Deb,
      You are correct. You always end and begin with a sc2tog. πŸ™‚ I would suggest using a stitch marker for every 10 stitches because it is SO easy to skip stitches with chevrons. Hope that helps!
      Happy Crocheting.


  24. Hi Krista
    I hope I am not to late for this. When you skip the two sc do you count that as a stitch or do you start counting after that . I think I have the peaks good but the valleys are messed up.
    Thanks for your time and pattern.

  25. Hey. How many chains did you do for the blanket you made in the pics. I want to make one about that size.Thanks!

  26. Can you do this pattern using double crochet instead of single? If so, how would that change the turn instructions? Thank you so much love this way stylish blanket pattern!!

  27. Hi Krista, Finally a chevron pattern that I like. I want to make 2 throw blankets for 2 twin beds for my grandsons. How many stitches/chains, do you think I should do for the throw blankets?

  28. Krista, I am going to make a full size bed afghan for my great granddaughter using 2 colors. I am confused as to how many chain stitches to start off with. Do you recommend worsted weight 4 yard to make this large afghan?

    1. Hi Karen,
      You will use a multiple of 17, then add 15 stitches to whatever multiple of 17 you have chosen. You could use any weight yarn for this project and the recommend hook size on the yarn package. πŸ™‚

  29. This pattern does not indicate how much yarn would be needed to finish the afghan.Thank you for the pattern.. I had an afghan very similar to this many years ago made by my husbands aunt as a wedding gift. It was stolen when our house was broken into. My son has asked me to find a similar one for him.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      The amount of yarn needed will vary with weight used, size of blanket etc. I hope this pattern works for you so you can make one that was similar to the one that was taken from you. <3

  30. I have been crocheting for some time now and I’m really confused to as how I can not figure out how this pattern makes sense. The pattern doesn’t make perfect v’s.

  31. If you do this the chevron pattern in double crochet, do you use the same instructions? Do you do a double crochet in the third chain to srart back?

  32. I am making this pattern now and my edges don’t look very nice. How would I do a border ? Thanks

  33. Hi! After you complete the size afghan you want, how would you put a border around . my edges don’t look very nice. Thanks for your help. Vivian

    1. Hi Vivian,
      After the last row I would chain 1, then single crochet along the outside of the blanket doing 3 single crochet’s in each corner. When you get back to your first stitch join the yarn with a slip stitch to finish. Hope this helps!


  34. I made 2-17+15 to practice on and end of 2nd row I’ve done over and over and can’t seem to get it right everything else is fine til then. I know I’m making it harder than it is. I’ve done the afgan stitch for over 30 years because I of this problem I have with counting stitches. Great job of explaining so must be me. Thank you.

  35. In your you tube you said 16 stitches to add but in written instructions you have 15. Which is it? I added 16 & came up short for the ends. So I am confused. Thanks for the pattern.

  36. My mom used to do this pattern ,she showed it too me many years ago . I had forgotten how to do it. Thank you so much for sharing. I think she made her peaks and dips a bit larger how do I Figuer out the # of stitches to do? Use ing 9 instead of 7 what do I start with .?

  37. I really enjoy this pattern, it is very simple. My grandmother taught me how to crochet a few weeks back, so I have been doing a lot of beginner projects. The blanket I am making using this pattern is by far my favorite one so far.

  38. Hello!
    Love the pattern, can I make it with a heavier weight yarn? I’m pretty new to the craft and have my heart set on making a baby blanket with a blanket yarn. Would that work with this pattern?

    1. Hi Charlene,

      It would work great! The final measurements would be off because of using a thicker yarn but it definitely would still work. I’d love to see it when you are done! πŸ™‚


  39. I’m just starting on my seventh Afghan in this pattern, I’m addicted. This one will be donated for a charity event for children with brittle bone disease (OI). Thank you for sharing your patterns.

  40. I found a website that gave instructions on how to use the multiples in making the chain. I have got it figured out and now I am going to practice for a few days and then I am going to go and buy my yarn. I can hardly wait to get started and this pattern is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much.

  41. Hi, I want to make this but didn’t see the link that you mentioned: “then read on down for the full, FREE pattern!”

  42. Thanks so much for the tutorials and pattern. I have ripped about three different afghans out trying to duplicate this pattern on an afghan given to me. I’ve been promising an afghan to my son for a couple of years so times a wasting! Thanks again.

  43. I love the look but I’m a little confused about the sc2tog. It looks the same as a sc decrease, in which case it seems like it would lose two stitches with every row. Could you clarify? I’m working on it now! Thanks!!!

  44. I think that it is great that you share your work, allots of people want to know how to do the ripple stitch. you did a great job of explaining the stitch. Thank you so very much.

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