Crochet Mitten & Glove Sizing Chart

Crocheted mittens and gloves are always a great gift idea, but it’s important to get the sizing right for the person you want to gift them to. Crocheted projects for the hand may be a slightly more difficult project to undertake, but getting the correct sizing down is easy.

Figure #1

Measuring for Crochet Mittens/Gloves

Mitten or glove sizes are determined from two simple measurements: the hand’s circumference and its length. Both of these dimensions are super easy to get, and only require a soft tape measure.

  • Hand Circumference: To find your hand circumference (or width), measure around the hand at the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Do not include the thumb in this measurement or else it will not be right.
  • Hand Length: Measure your hand from the tip of your longest finger to the bend of your wrist.

With these two measurements, you can size just about any basic glove or mitten pattern.

Figure #2

Additional Hand Measurements

For certain crochet glove or mitten patterns, there are other dimensions that are also needed to properly crochet it. These additional measurements are not really needed for actual sizing purposes, but rather different pattern elements. Some other hand measurements include:

  • Hand & Thumb Circumference: This is the same as the hand circumference described above, but this time it includes the thumb.
  • Edge of Glove to Bottom of Pinkie: See Figure #2, measurement A
  • Edge of Glove to Bottom of Thumb: See Figure #2, measurement B
  • Thumb Webbing: See Figure #2, measurement C
  • Depth of Thumb (or gusset): See Figure #2, measurement D
  • Lengths of each individual finger and thumb This is not shown in the diagram, as It’s pretty self-explanatory. However, it is measured from the tip of each finger to where it attaches to the hand.

Crochet Glove or Mitten Sizing Chart

These are estimated dimensions for nine different mitten or glove sizes. After taking the measurements we described above, locate the best match in our table below and use that to design your new crochet project. This size chart works for both fingered or fingerless gloves and mittens.

Change table to use Centimeters

SizeHand Circumference (in)Hand Length (in)
Preemie4.75 – 5.752.5 – 3
Child5 – 5.54 – 4.5
XXS5.5 – 65 – 5.5
XS6 – 6.55.5 – 6
S6.5 – 76 – 6.5
M7 – 7.56.5 – 7
L7.5 – 87 – 7.5
XL8 – 8.57.5 – 8
XXL8.5 – 98+
Hand Sizes in INCHES
SizeHand Circumference (cm)Hand Length (cm)
Preemie12 – 14.56.5 – 7.5
Child12.5 – 1410 – 11.5
XXS14 – 1512.5 – 14
XS15 – 16.514 – 15
S16.5 – 1815 – 16.5
M18 – 1916.5 – 18
L19 – 2018 – 19
XL20 – 21.519 – 20
XXL21.5 – 2320+

How to Estimate Glove Sizes

Sometimes you simply can’t take a measurement of the eventual person who is going to wear your project. In this case, you will need to estimate the size. There is no easy way to do it, but certain sizes are more common for different genders and age groups.

  • Adult men will usually fit inside the Large to Extra Large sizes.
  • Adult women typically fit best in the Medium to Large sizes.
  • The rest are for varying age groups of children and teens.

Approximate Yardage Needed for Crochet Mitts or Gloves

We’ve estimated the amount of yarn needed to crochet a pair of gloves. If you are making a set of fingerless mitts, you would need about 40-70 yards less than what is listed here.

Gauge (sts/inch)(Small)
Hand Circumference
Hand Circumference
Hand Circumference
2135 yards170 yards200 yards