Complete Crochet Scarf Size Chart Guide

Scarves are an easy crochet project for just about any skill level. They make great gifts and look great. However, it is important to know the proper size before starting.

Some scarves have optimal lengths based on the age of the person wearing it, but most of the dimensions given below are purely aesthetic ones. Different lengths and widths are often combined to create different scarf styles and looks.

How to Measure for a Crochet Scarf

For a common scarf (not a cowl or infinity style), the most accepted way to determine length would be to make it as long as the person is high. For a 6-foot person, a good starting point for the scarf’s length would also be 6 feet.

The “length” of a crochet scarf refers to its starting chain length, whether that be a traditional or infinity scarf.

Some crochet designers have been known to pick the optimal width for a scarf by measuring the wearer’s hand span. To accomplish this, measure from the tip of your pinky to the tip of the thumb across the palm of an outstretched hand.

While this may give you a good starting point, there are numerous other factors you may want to consider. First, is that scarves are worn a few different ways. Some are wrapped around the neck a couple of times, while others simply drape around the back of the neck. A scarf that is expected to be draped around the neck does not need to be as long as one that is wrapped.

Deciding on the scarf’s style is another factor. Cowls and infinity scarves are crocheted in a continuous loop (or stitched together to create the illusion of a loop). Because of this unique style, this type of scarf has different dimension requirements.

Regardless the type of scarf you intend to crochet, we’ve created the sizing charts for each of them below.

How Much Yarn Will I Need?

Before you can start crocheting your new scarf, you’ll need to buy some more yarn. But how much will you need? Well, we’ve created a simple-to-use Scarf Calculator that will provide the estimated yardage required along with a sample pattern write-up based on the data you input.

If calculators aren’t your thing, here we show three standard crochet scarf measurements and their approximate yardage requirements using a single type of stitch, such as sc, hdc or dc.

# sts/inch6″ x 40″8″ x 60″10″ x 70″
2180 yards460 yards750 yards
Estimated yardage for sample crochet scarf sizes

Crochet Scarf Sizing Chart

This chart shows the common sizes for common traditional or “straight” scarves. To size an infinity scarf or cowl, you’ll need to jump down to the next section.

Change table to use Centimeters

Age GroupSizeWidth (in)Length (in)
Child (4-7 years)Small3-3.536
Preteen (8-12 years)Small4-4.550
Extra Long6-12120
Traditional Crochet Scarf Sizing Chart in INCHES
Age GroupSizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)
Child (4-7 years)Small8-992
Preteen (8-12 years)Small 10-12127
Regular 15-20 165
Long 15-20 190
Extra Long15-31305
Traditional Crochet Scarf Sizing Chart in CENTIMETERS

Crochet Cowl & Infinity Scarf Sizing Chart

While both a cowl and an infinity scarf are virtually the same, the difference between is how it is worn. They both have a continuous loop where there are no ends. This can be done by crocheting a large loop, or crocheting a common scarf then stitching the ends together.

A cowl is simply a shorter version of an infinity scarf. Cowls are just placed around the neck, while infinity scarves have a huge circumference, which allows the wearer to wrap the scarf around the neck multiple times.

Length Size Chart for Infinity Scarves

SizeLength (inches)Length (cm)
Extra Long75-80190-203
Common lengths of infinity scarves

Once you’ve chosen the correct length of your crochet infinity scarf, next you’ll need to decide on its width.

Width Size Chart for Infinity Scarves

SizeWidth (inches)Width (cm)
Common widths of infinity scarves

Sizing Infinity Scarves for Children

The width of a scarf is usually a stylistic choice and usually does not need to be sized specific to a person’s height. However, if you are crocheting a scarf for a child or teen, then smaller dimensions may be best. Here, we outline the best dimensions for different child age groups.

Keep in mind that these are just approximations of what looks best and is safest for the child to wear. Any of these measurements can be scaled up or down to best suit the style of crochet scarf you are attempting to make.

AgeLength (in)Length (cm)
2-3 Years23″59
4-10 Years27″69
Preteen & Teen29″74

Warning! Be Careful with Kids & Scarves

When making a crocheted infinity scarf for younger children, please keep in mind that a long scarf can easily become a choking hazard, especially as they run around. While scarves might be cute on kids, it might be better to opt for a shorter scarf that is not wrapped around their neck.

We included this section for completeness, but in all honesty, we prefer to keep infinity scarves to adults only.

Crochet Scarf Patterns to Make

Now that you know all about crochet scarf sizes, we thought you might enjoy some scarf patterns too!

Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern

Learn how to crochet a basic scarf with our free pattern that includes a step-by- step tutorial. Can easily be adjusted to any size scarf that is needed.

Explore some more of our free scarf patterns below that you might want to try for your next crochet project. Enjoy!

crochet scarf size chart