C2C Crochet Blanket Size Calculator

Determining the final size of crochet blankets can be confusing. It gets infinitely harder when you are making that blanket by utilizing the C2C technique. We created a simple calculator that will help you determine the final estimated size of a C2C blanket, along with how many squares are needed to achieve it.

As with most crochet calculators, we need to first start out with a sample swatch. For this calculator, we ask that you make a 5×5 (5 stitch by 5 stitch) swatch with the same yarn and hook you plan on using for the final blanket project. This sample swatch will give us the gauge of your crocheting, which varies with yarn, hook, technique, and skill.

If you are trying to hit a specific dimension of blanket, then you need to use this calculator to ensure the right amount of squares are used. There are many blanket sizes available – ranging from baby to king – so if you plan on hitting that exact size, you’ll need this calculator.

A few notes on using this calculator:

  • It is important to use the same standard for your measurements. If you use inches, use inches for all fields. If you prefer metric, then make sure you use centimeters throughout the calculator.
  • It is imperative that you use the same weight of yarn, hook size and tension when creating your swatch that you’ll be using when creating the final project.

Sample Swatch

Make a 5×5 (5 stitch by 5 stitch) swatch with the same yarn, hook, stitch and tension you plan on using for the final blanket project.

5x5 Swatch Dimensions

Blanket Dimensions

Here is where you need to decide on the final dimensions of your blanket. These can be chosen from our predefined list of standard blanket sizes, or you can type in your own custom numbers.

Desired Final Blanket Dimensions

... or type in your own: