Yarn Calculators

We are in the process of creating easy calculators that will help all crocheters and knitters effectively change any pattern. These tools will work on any pattern, and not just those found within Easy Crochet’s archives.

Crocheting Tools

  • Blanket Resizing Calculator – Helps you size (or resize) crochet blanket patterns. It lists total stitch counts, rows, and yardage for multiple blanket sizes.
  • Yarn Substitution – This tool will determine if you can swap one type and brand of yarn with another. We calculate the relative weight per length for two yarn skeins and then compare the differences.
  • How much Yarn is Remaining in a Skein? – This calculator shows how much yarn is left inside a partially used skein of yarn based on its weight in grams or ounces.
  • Project Yardage Calculator – Find out how much yarn you used in a project with this simple crochet yardage chart tool.
  • Random Stripe Pattern Generator – Use this tool to create random stripe patterns for blankets, hats and more in knitting & crochet.
  • C2C Blanket Sizing Calculator – This simple calculator helps you determine the final estimated size of a C2C blanket, along with how many squares are needed to achieve that particular size.
  • Scarf Calculator – Generate a sample scarf pattern with appropriate yardage for any crocheted scarf size.
  • Multiples Generator – Use this handy table to generate multiples of any number. This is especially helpful for resizing crochet projects that require multiples of a certain amount.

Size Charts