Jane Easy Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

Learn how to crochet a throw blanket with this easy afghan pattern called… the Jane Blanket!

This easy crochet blanket pattern uses the moss stitch technique. Which means it has simple crochet stitches and works up fast! A quick to make crochet blanket is always a good pattern to have on hand, so the Jane is always a go to for me when crocheting blankets!

Jane Crochet Blanket

If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can crochet this blanket in seven other blanket sizes too. Take a look below to see how easy this chunky blanket is to make below.

Read on down to find the free crochet blanket pattern design below that is now written in 8 sizes, or purchase an easy to print PDF (minus the ads!) with all EIGHT sizes listed with complete yardage.

Learn How to Crochet a Throw Blanket

Learning how to crochet a blanket is easy! The Jane Throw Blanket is our simple crochet throw pattern that uses basic stitches in a way that creates a beautiful-looking texture!

Once you learn how to crochet this blanket, you will realize it is the perfect crochet sofa throw to cozy up with on a chilly evening or use as a crochet bed throw pattern!

If you want to make one too, then read on down to get the free crochet pattern for yourself! 

Simple Crochet Throw Afghan

Use this simple blanket pattern for all your thick crochet blankets and throws! Make this afghan smaller and use it as a crochet baby blanket too! You can easily crochet this beautiful crochet throw blanket in just a few days.

The Yarn That’s Perfect for This Chunky Throw

Since it is so cold in PA in wintertime, I was certain that when designing the Jane Throw Blanket, I was going to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick or WET&Q abbreviated.

Wool-Ease Thick and Quick

This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 6 – Super Bulky yarn.

Wool-Ease Thick and Quick

Fiber: Acrylic (80%), Wool (20%)
Yardage: 106 yards (87 in prints/stripes, 92 in metallic)
Hook: 9 mm (M/N-13)
Substitute: Lion Brand Hometown USA

Buy Now Patterns Using This Yarn →

I love using this yarn, and I do for most of my crochet blankets and throws. You could even use this yarn to make my Willow Throw Blanket too, which is another chunkier throw that is perfect for wintertime! I went with the colorway Fossil because it is simply gorgeous!

This yarn has a beautiful blend of neutrals and a hint of silver throughout, making for a beautiful color. It is the perfect colorway to use because it can easily fit in with almost any decor. 🙂

Let’s not forget, the bulky yarn creates a pretty cozy chunky crochet blanket which is perfect for snuggling! This bulky yarn crochet pattern is one that you will go back to time and time again for a quick blanket.

Free crochet throw pattern
Find the free crochet throw pattern below, plus extra sizes!

This Crochet Blanket Uses Just Basic Crochet Stitches

To start the Jane Throw, you will need to know how to chain and single crochet! Yep! That’s it! If you are new to crocheting, this would be the perfect project to try.

This pattern is a combination of single crocheting and chaining one, which is called the sand stitch, moss stitch or granite stitch. I created a post about the sand stitch for those who would like a tutorial and even a refresher on this beauty of a stitch.

Do You Want a Crochet Kit Instead?

I wanted to add that Lion Brand Yarn has generously made this into a crochet kit that includes the PDF version of the pattern and all the yarn needed! Purchase the Jane Crochet Throw Pattern Blanket Kit

Looking for a PDF Version Instead?

If you prefer a PDF version of this pattern, please head on over to my pattern shop to purchase it for the cost of a fancy coffee! Otherwise, read on down for the free design here on the blog!

Jane Video Tutorial

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Ready to Start?

I wrote this blanket in a throw size blanket plus 7 others, but you can easily change this into any size by using an even starting chain number.

Just imagine this design as a little crochet baby throw blanket! Ready to get started? Read on down to find the full tutorial and Happy Crocheting!

The Jane Throw Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


Blanket Sizes

Here we show how many stitches across and rows down you will need for 8 different sizes of this beautiful chunky yarn blanket pattern.

Height (in)Width (in)Starting StitchesTotal Rows

Yarn Yardage Per Blanket Size

Check the yardage of the six weight yarn you’d like to use. It can usually be found on the label of the yarn. For example, if your yarn has 106 yards per skein, and you want to make the Lovey size, you’d only need one skein.

Main YardageBorder Yardage
Lovey67 19

How to Change Size


  • Written in Standard US terms.
  • Finished size varies with the size made
  • Stitch counts are given at the end of each row in ()


*Please read this part. If gauge is not followed, it will change the size of your blanket dramatically. It is important. Learn more about gauge in crochet to see exactly why it is good to follow.

  • Gauge pattern: Ch 10 and follow pattern as written below for 7 rows
  • 8 st’s x 7 rows = 4″ x 4″

Jane Blanket Pattern Steps

Each size has its options listed below the start, which is for all sizes.

Start: Foundation Row: Chain 26 (62, 82, 86, 106, 134, 182, 218)

Row 1: One single crochet in the 4th chain from the hook, *chain 1, skip next chain, 1 single crochet in next chain, repeat from * across. Turn. 24 (60, 80, 84, 104, 132, 180, 216)

Row 2: Ch 2, skip first single crochet, *1 single crochet in next chain 1 space, chain 1, skip next single crochet, repeat from * across ending with 1 sc in the turning chain, turn. 24 (60, 80, 84, 104, 132, 180, 216)

Lovey Size Option:

Row 3 – 21: Repeat row 2. (26)

Stroller Size Option:

Row 3 – 61: Repeat row 2. (60)

Receiving Size Option:

Row 3 – 70: Repeat row 2. (80)

Baby Size Option:

Row 3 – 91: Repeat row 2. (84)

Throw Size Option:

Row 3 – 105: Repeat row 2. (104)

Twin Size Option:

Row 3 – 158: Repeat row 2. (132)

Full/Queen Size Option:

Row 3 – 158: Repeat row 2. (180)

King Size Option:

Row 3 – 189: Repeat row 2. (216)

Border: (optional)

For all sizes

  • Join in the Fisherman color at the end of the last row using my changing colors in crochet method, which you can find “here.”
  • Chain 1, evenly work single crochets down the long side of the blanket.
  • When you reach the last stitch (corner) do 3 single crochets. Work single crochet along the short edge of the blanket until you reach the last stitch. Make 3 single crochets in the last stitch to make another corner.
  • Next, evenly single crochets along the other long side. Make 3 single crochets in the last stitch to form the corner.
  • Finally, evenly work single crochets along the last short edge or the last row of the blanket.
  • To finish join with a slip stitch into the row below the border.

Next, slip stitch into every stitch along the first long edge, including 1 of the corner stitches, in the second corner stitch work a slip stitch, ch 1, work a slip stitch, turn to the short edge and continue slip stitching across, work rest of the border in the same fashion.

Finishing: Weave in all the loose ends with a yarn needle or a smaller crochet hook.

Need help with the border? Have a look at this single crochet border tutorial, or add a different one by choosing one of these seven blanket borders instead.

The Jane Throw Blanket is now complete! Jane is a quick and one of the most easy crochet blanket patterns to make once you get the stitch repeat down! I promise you’ll love it.

If you love neutral looking throws, then you’ll love some of my other blanket designs as well! Try my Alissa Throw, Chevron Blanket or search my blanket archive for even more free crochet blanket patterns to make.

If you liked this blanket pattern, follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest (where I pin daily!). If you prefer video tutorials, you can also find me over on YouTube!

Take a look at some more free crochet throw patterns or blankets for beginners, and my crochet blanket patterns archive is the perfect place to look through. Have fun exploring!

More Free Crochet Patterns for Blankets

Take a look at a few more easy crochet blanket patterns that you may enjoy making as well.

Jane Throw Blanket by Easy Crochet Make this Free Crochet pattern today!
How to crochet a throw blanket tutorial


  1. Hi!

    I’m planning to make this blanket, but I’m not sure which size I’d like to make it in. The blanket in the picture looks like the perfect size – which blanket size is it? Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks so much for creating this, Krista! I had so much fun making it, and it was fast enough that I didn’t give up halfway through and pick it up again a year later 😉

  3. I’m not a fan of any bulky yarn so is there anyway of converting this pattern using worsted weight yarn?

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, but it would turn out smaller if you follow along with the pattern. You could crochet up a swatch (4″ x 4″) piece with the medium weight yarn to see how it measures, then figure out how many of those swatches you’d need to make the size you’d like.

      Happy Crocheting!


  4. Can you help me figure out how many skeins I would need for a full size blanket. Not sure I’m doing the math correctly. Thanks

  5. Hi I was able to get the Thick and Quick yarns shown in your pattern but I think they are becoming scarce. Did Lion Brand go out of business?

    1. Good morning Brenda,

      Many people are trying out crocheting and knitting during the pandemic so yarn has been harder to get the last 8 months. I have found it on Lionbrand.com, Michaels, Walmart and Amazon, though. Lion Brand is still around but has been very busy with keeping up with the higher demand of yarn. Have a great rest of your weekend.


    1. You will need about 5,409 yards of yarn to make a King Size Blanket. The Wool- Ease Thick & Quick Fossil yarn comes in bonus bundles and regular skeins so it would depend on what size skein you are buying to determine to how many skeins you would need.

  6. Love this pattern. Found the Fossil yarn, which is beautiful. My throw is also a tighter look than yours, but I love it anyway.

  7. I bought this pattern from you several years ago and never looked back. I think I’ve made at least 15 blankets based on your pattern and adjusted the size many times to meet the needs of the receiver. When I bought this pattern, there were no size options at the time so I made my own adjustments. I’ve crocheted it with the border and without per receiver’s choice. Love, love, love this pattern. Thank you !

    1. Am I right in that you changed colors back and forth or did you double strand the yarn and crochet? It is beautiful!

      1. Thanks!
        That is just one yarn the whole way through called Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fossil. The border is made with a different color, though. 🙂


  8. Hello! I’m really struggling with where to put the single crochets on the long ends. I’ve read the instructions as well as the explanations to the comments asking but I’m still not sure where to insert the stitch. Is it possible to get more detailed information or a photo/diagram of some sort? I’ve tried it a few different ways and I can’t tell if it looks right.

    Thank you so much!

  9. No matter how hard I try I cannot get this to work with only 5 skeins…. either you crochet the loosest of anyone ever, or I’m doing something wrong lol. I’ve worked through 3 balls in just over an hour and I have basically a scarf lol. I had to extend my original chain to 90 to get the 37 inch width, and I am probably going to need about 15 balls of Fossil to actually make this into a blanket…… talk about expensive! I’m so sad I was excited to get the yarn on sale but I’m definitely going to need waaayyy more than 5 skeins. I can see that from your photos yours has a lot more spacing between the stitches and you can easily see through it, whereas mine is quite compact and unless you stretch it you can’t see through it. I guess my “loose” crocheting isn’t loose enough lol goodness me.

  10. Love your patterns, this one is perfect for hubby . He is always cold.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  11. Hi! I keep trying this but I’m having a really difficult time seeing where to insert my crochet hook as I come back down the row. Can you post a picture showing what the chain one space looks like so I know where to insert my crochet hook? I would be grateful. Thank you!

  12. Hi Krista, I’m finishing up with the Jane throw and I’m having a hard time getting my border to look like yours, is the slip stitch the same as a single crochet? As you can tell, I’m kinda a newbie at this So I’m wondering if you have a tutorial on finishing with the border. Thank you

  13. I did the same thing as Angela, I tried keeping my stitches loose but it seems to tighten on its own, is that normal? so I started over with a size 10 hook still keeping my stitches loose, but it still wants to tighten. I also noticed my skeins are 5oz not 6oz would that make a difference as far as thickness of the yarn? I love this blanket I just hope mine will turn out as pretty as yours. Thank you for the patterns.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      If you do have a bigger hook, you could try one more size up to see if that helps. The skein size will not matter with thickness. I am sure yours will turn out beautifully!

  14. Hi, it doesn’t say what to do after row 3…..do I start back at row 1 or just keep doing row 2? Or row 3?.

  15. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and I’m not a total newbie. I added 10 extra chains and my width still doesn’t measure out to 35”. I did 15 rows and it measures just over 5 inches. 82 rows would have my length no where near 47” long. I want to make it as a Christmas present. Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Angela,
      I recommend checking your gauge. Gauge is one single crochet, ch 1, 1 single crochet for every 2″ (inches). If it doesn’t work with the crochet hook that the pattern says to use, I’d try to go up a size hook. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  16. This is a beautiful blanket and super friendly pattern, it is very easy.you were right,the colors are decorative friendly and go with all room schemes.thank you for a beautiful pattern,my question is,would a scalloped edge after doing a single crochet border to catch any ends , be ok, do you think?TX so much

  17. I am having problems with the border ( yes I’m a newbie) . Where are you I serti g the single crochet in ? Are you inserting in each space or each stitch ?

    1. Hi Linda,
      I work into the side of each row on the long ends and into the stitches on the short ends. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.


  18. Krista, love this blanket. Does the Fossil yarn have pink in it? Can’t find it locally and before I order on line I need to know if it has pink in it. Thanks so much!!

  19. Hi and I cant wait to get this yarn and make one . Thank you so much for all the pretty patterns you post and hope your daughter feels better and you enjoy your mini vacation.


  20. I would like to try this in a chunky yarn which comes in 100g balls, do you know how many balls I will need? Thank you for any advice.

  21. I am having the same experience as Molly, i’ve already used up a ball of yarn and the blanket is only 6.5 inches long. At this rate I am going to need at least another 2 balls of yarn. My tension looks to be about the same as yours.

  22. I have started this and it is not looking as loose as yours. I am using a 9 mm hook, and been crocheting loosely. I even added 4 extra to my chain stitch so it would measure out right. Any suggestions?

  23. I don’t understand how to do the border edging. Can you post a video on how to do it, especially the corners??! Thanks!

  24. Hi,
    The Jane Throw looks like a perfect throw to make up in some of the Lion Brand Homespun that is in my stash. Looking forward to starting this project. Currently I am make the Ombre Wrap in a mystery shade of LionBrand Mandala (mill-end purchase w/o a label). Both finished projects will go to the Shawl Ministry at our church.

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