Random Striped Pattern Generator

Use this random stripe generator to create unique striped crochet patterns or striped knitting pattern designs. The stripe generator below can be used to make crochet striped blankets, crochet striped scarves, knit striped blankets and more!

You can use any of the Easy Crochet Blanket patterns and customize them with this tool, or just design your own with this fun generator. The color combinations are endless, and you can even add custom hex code colors to the generator to make a truly unique striped design.

How to Use the Stripe Generator: Video Tutorial

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How to Use the Stripe Generator Written Tutorial

  1. Chose the colors of yarn you want to make your project with
  2. Select the width of the rows (size of your stripes)
  3. Select the number of rows you’d like your project to be
  4. Hit the generate button
  5. Print your new custom striped pattern

You are now ready to start crocheting a new project after using the crochet color pattern generator!

Stripe Generator

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