41 Best Stitches for Crocheting Blankets and Afghans

If you are looking for some of the top crochet stitches for blankets, then you can find different stitch combinations for a blanket 100 percent here. This post contains several easy crochet stitches that are perfect for your next afghan project.

Our selection of new and contemporary crochet stitches for blankets will be perfect for your next crochet project, whether it be blankets, throws or afghans!

A picture showing some of the best crochet stitches for blankets

Types of Crochet Stitches for Blankets

If you are looking for some different crochet stitches for blankets, then look no further! This collection of unique crochet stitches are perfect to try on your next blanket or afghan project.

This collection of modern crochet stitches for blankets are perfect for your next crocheted project, whether it be a blanket, throw or afghan! Whatever project you are thinking of, this list of fun step-by-step crochet stitches will be sure to inspire you!

Are you planning on making a crochet blanket with these stitches? Explore the free crochet pattern archives for inspiration. I can’t wait for you to explore this jam-packed list of stitches! Happy Stitch Learning!

Crochet Stitches for Blankets
Pretty and Easy Crochet Stitches for Blankets, Afghans and more!

Pretty Crochet Stitches

If you have read my five basic crochet stitches for beginners’ post and are ready to try something a little more complicated, then this list of pretty and interesting crochet stitches for blankets is for you.

With so a good deal of beautiful crochet stitch patterns to pick from, this ultimate list of stitches to try will be your last stop before making that next crochet afghan, throw, or blanket! They are all gorgeous, so any stitch you decide on will make a fabulous crochet blanket.

Read on down to find the packed list of step by step stitches that are pretty, some of which include stitch video tutorials, so you can get started today on your next crochet blanket project! 

Unique Crochet Stitches

This question, what are some unique crochet stitches I can learn, Is a question I always asked myself when I started crocheting! I did and still, until now, do end up using the simple but fun single crochet most of the time. 

The single crochet is always a favorite of mine for crochet patterns and can be extremely useful for beginner crocheters to master early! But once I researched all the different stitches, I was amazed to find out how many stitches for blankets there were!

Once you master the single crochet, there are many others of the basic stitches you can try. I would suggest the half double crochet and double crochet next, which lay the base for many other stitches. After you cover the basic stitches, you will be ready to make some unique stitch combinations and be able to create beautiful crochet afghans and blankets!

Decorative Crochet Stitches

This stitch list also includes some more challenging stitches such as lacy stitches that an advanced or more experienced crocheter would enjoy.

If you intend to up your crochet skills, then this collection has a fun stitch or two for that will catch your eye to use on a new blanket design or even your next crochet project. Be sure to check out my crochet stitch dictionary too if you’d like to explore some other fun and more advanced stitches to crochet that may not be on this list.

Gorgeous Stitches for Blankets

With the crochet pattern stitch list below, I hope that you will find some different crochets stitches to try on your next blanket or afghan that you haven’t tried before!

Even if you still would like to stick with the single crochet stitch, there are some variations of that basic (but useful) stitch below that you may want to take a peek at to expand your skills.

Most of the stitches have great in-depth photo tutorials, videos, or simple step-by-step instructions to help you out. The skill range does vary, but there is a stitch for everyone.

different crochet stitches for blankets
Bobble Stitch, Sand Stitch, Puff Stitch, Chevron Stitch, Primrose Stitch & Mesh Stitch

What Kind of Yarn Do I Need for Blankets?

Before you start crocheting these new stitches, you’ll need some yarn that is great for blankets! Below I linked up some of my favorite go-to yarns for blankets, baby blankets and large throws.

I do have a tendency to buy yarn from Lion Brand because of the fantastic quality, plus they are a great family company to support, plus their yarn is amazing!

I also highly suggest Caron Simply Soft due to the incredible colors and softness of the yarn.

The Yarn

Simply Soft

This yarn is made by Caron Yarn, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Simply Soft

Fiber: 100% Acrylic
Yardage: 288 meters / 315 yards
Hook: 5 mm (H-8)
Substitute: Lion Brand Basic Stitch

Buy Now Patterns Using This Yarn →

You are welcome to explore all the different types of yarns & supplies linked up and let me know which is your favorite.

What else will I need to make all these different stitches?

To make these crocheted stitches, I always recommend having a few crochet tools on hand, like a good pair of scissors, a tape measure, a couple of different size crochet hooks and a yarn needle.

Plus, the yarn, of course. I will share my suggestions below about these supplies too!

What Is the Best Crochet Stitch for a Blanket?

In my opinion, the best stitch for a crochet blanket is the basic half double crochet stitch, closely followed by the single crochet. I love basic crochet stitches and design a lot of my blankets around them.

You will find that I use a combination of these stitches in most of my blanket designs, like the Single Stitch Chevron Blanket and the Blanket Stitch Throw Blanket

Now that I explained my favorite stitches, read on down to find your favorite! If you find your answer to what is the best crochet stitch for a blanket, please me know because I’d love to see them all worked up in blankets.

41 Best Crochet Stitch Tutorials for Blankets & Afghans

Looking for the perfect stitch for your next cozy blanket? You’re in luck! This guide is the one you’ll want for crochet stitches that are perfect for blankets, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro.

I made sure to include a mix of easy, intermediate, and advanced stitches to suit any skill level. So grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get crocheting a blanket!

Free Crochet Blanket Patterns to Use These Stitches On

If you liked, this list of the best crochet stitches for blanket patterns, then check out these free patterns to use them on!

Notes: I also have a blanket resizing calculator, so you can figure out how many stitches for a blanket you’ll want when crocheting a different blanket size, like a baby blanket versus a throw size.

This is a tool that I use regularly when I want to change the size of my blanket, and it works with any crochet stitch. Give it a try and I think you’ll like it!

 crochet stitches for blankets
crochet blanket stitch ideas
crochet stitch tutorials
Cool Crochet Stitches for Blankets
Crochet Stitches for Blankets

If you have any more ideas of stitches that I missed, then leave a link below, so I can check them out.

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  1. Do you have a pattern or a tutorial for a double sided shell stitch baby blanket? I have miss placed the one my husband‘s grandmother gave me and I can’t find anything like it. It is a colored shell on one side and a white shell on the opposite side and they show Through every other one. Thanks

    1. Hi Cheri,
      I do not. 🙁 I would suggest searching on Ravelry. They have a great selection of patterns that are unique and harder to find.

      Best of luck!


  2. I have enjoyed this site. I now know the name of some of the stitches I’ve been making over the years. Plus, I’ve learned some new stitches. I hope to visit often. Please keep sharing your patterns. Thank you.

  3. Hi Krista, would you consider writing up a pattern for a sweetheart afghan? I’ve searched for a pattern that incorporates a “heart” in the stitch ie… ‘v’ stitch, but cannot find one that is as clear as you write you patterns out I really like your page!! Thank you so much for your free patterns!!

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