Modern Crochet Baby Granny Stitch Blanket

This modern take on the granny stitch is easy to crochet and is a beginner-friendly crochet blanket pattern!

Since this Granny Blanket works up fast, you can make a lot of these in little time. Which is great if you need a last-minute baby shower gift! Scroll on down to learn more and get started on this easy pattern.

Granny Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Scroll on down to use this free baby blanket crochet pattern to make a modern crochet granny blanket in a stroller size blanket today, or purchase a 6-page AD-FREE printable PDF from the shop.

The Yarn That’s Perfect for This Granny Stitch Crochet Blanket

When I decided to make a crochet baby blanket, I wanted to be sure that it was made with yarn that was easy to find but also beautiful to work with in designs. That is why this blanket is crocheted using Brava Worsted Yarn.

The Yarn

Brava Worsted is a 100% acrylic, medium weight four yarn that is machine washable and dryable. Since this yarn is easy to wash, it makes it is perfect for crocheting a baby blanket with since it will get constant use.

Brava Worsted

This yarn is made by Knit Picks, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Brava Worsted

Fiber: 100 % Acrylic
Yardage: 218 yards
Hook: 6.5 mm (K-10.5)
Substitute: Lion Brand Pound of Love

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The Brava yarn line has over 45 yarn colors to pick from, there are so many color combinations you could make this baby blanket in to match whatever color scheme the new parents would like.

I will list a few blanket color combinations I came up with at the end of the pattern if you’d like to take a look!

Crochet Modern Granny Baby Blanket Pattern
Yarn Color Swatches
Brava Worsted Yarn from WeCrochet

Buy This Yarn

My overall opinion of Brava worsted yarn is really, really positive! It’s affordable, easy to find and has many color options, which is always a good thing when designing a blanket like this.

Yarn Substitution

If you can’t find Brava Worsted, you can substitute Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand, which has always been a favorite of mine.

Vanna’s is also a four weight yarn that is mostly easy to find (depending on location) and is available in gorgeous yarn colors for this blanket.

crochet modern baby blanket
A granny blanket is a great beginner-friendly crochet pattern!

The Stitches You’ll Need to Know to Make a Granny Blanket

To make this granny blanket, you will need to know how to double crochet or DC, as it is sometimes abbreviated in crochet patterns. The double crochet stitch is one of the basic beginner crochet stitches that are learned when a new crocheter is first starting out.

In this particular baby blanket you will be making a double crochet three times into one stitch to make a cluster which creates the classic granny look that you see in granny squares.

This blanket will be using these clusters to make granny stitches in rows. Learn more about the double crochet stitch in our free double crochet tutorial.

Double Crochet

Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: dc
Difficulty Level: Easy
Learn this stitch →

Patterns Using This Stitch →
Simple granny Stitch Crochet Pattern
Can be customized in any color!

Ready to Get Started?

Now that we know about the stitches and the yarn to make this granny baby blanket, we can start crocheting!

Modern Granny Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
Modern Granny Baby Blanket

Read on down to find the free stroller size baby blanket pattern, material list and more. Enjoy!

The Modern Granny Stitch Baby Blanket

Skill Level: Easy


  • Main Blanket: Less than 1,300 yards or 6 skeins of Brava Worsted Yarn from WeCrochet/Knitpicks, or any four medium weight yarn.
    • Option 1: Make it in one color! Less weaving in of ends! You will need less than 1,300 yards of one color Brava Yarn or any medium weight yarn
    • Option 2: Use different colors, as shown below. You will need 6 skeins of Brava Worsted, or less than 1,300 yards of any medium weight yarn.
  • Border (optional): 1 skein of Brava Yarn in White
  • I 5.5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Individual Colors

  • Color A: Denim – 12 Rows
  • Color B: Clarity – 11 Rows
  • Color C: Sky – 10 Rows
  • Color D: Dove Heather – 9 Rows
  • Color E: Blush – 8 Rows
  • Color F: Mulberry – 7 Rows

Crochet Abbreviations

  • dc = double crochet
  • x = times
  • ch = chain
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • sk = skip

Finished Size


  • ch 15 x 8 rows = 5″ x 5″


  • This pattern is written in standard US terms
  • After row 1 turn at the end of each row.
  • ch 3 counts as a stitch
  • On row 1 the ch 2 at the beginning counts as a st (see stitch chart)
  • Use our step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make a granny stitch in rows for extra help.

Granny Blanket Stitch Chart

Granny Blanket Stitch Chart

The Granny Blanket Pattern

To Start: Ch 90 with Color A

Row 1: In the 3rd ch from the hook dc2x, *sk 2 chs, dc 3x in the next ch, repeat from * across ending with 3 dcs in the last ch. (90)

Row 2: Ch 3, dc 3x in the first space between the 3 dc group from the row before, end with 1 dc in the last st. (89)

Pattern Video

Row 3: Ch 3, dc 2x in the first st, dc 3x in the space between the 3 dc group from the row before ending with 3 dc in the last st (top of the ch 3 from the previous row) (90)

Row 4 -13: Repeat Rows 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Row 14: Change to Color B, Repeat Row 2 (89)

Row 15: Repeat Row 3 (90)

Row 16 – 23: Repeat Row 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Row 24: Change to Color C, Repeat Row 2 (89)

Row 25: Repeat Row 3 (90)

Row 26-33: Repeat Row 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Row 34: Change to Color D, Repeat Row 2 (89)

Row 35: Repeat Row 3 (90)

Row 36-42: Repeat Row 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Row 43: Change To Color E, Repeat Row 2 (89)

Row 44: Repeat Row 3 (90)

Row 45 – 50: Repeat Rows 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Rows 51: Change to Color F, Repeat Row 2 (89)

Rows 52: Repeat Row 3 (90)

Row 53 – 57: Repeat rows 2 (89) & 3 (90)

Finishing: Fasten off and weave in loose ends with a yarn needle.

Tip: If you’d prefer to make this in one color instead, follow the pattern as written through row 57 disregarding the color changes!

Color Blocked Granny Blanket Color Pallete
Pattern Color Count

Border (optional): To give the blanket a clean polished look crochet a single crochet border using a contrasting color. I choose Brava Yarn in White.

Learn how to crochet a single crochet border using this video tutorial I found on YouTube.

Save this Pattern to Pinterest to Crochet Later

You can save the blanket pattern images below to your Pinterest boards by clicking on them and saving. That way when you are ready to make a granny blanket it will be there waiting.

Make sure to follow along with Easy Crochet on there too, since I post all my easy crochet patterns and tutorials there quite often.

modern granny stitch baby blanket
Straight Granny Stitch Afghan Pattern

Looking For Other Color Combinations?

If you’d like to make this blanket in other color combinations, here are a few that I put together that I think would look perfect together. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Summer Green Style

70’s Style

Thanks for Checking Out This Free Crochet Pattern!

I hope you enjoyed this granny blanket tutorial. If you have any questions or just want to come hang out with like-minded crocheters & yarn lovers please join the Easy Crochet Facebook Community!

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m missing it written but once you’ve reached the end of the row are you chaining and turning to start the next row. I hope that made sense.

  2. Think I’m going to make this as a stash buster. Will let you know how that turns out. Thanks for a beautiful, mind-soothing pattern that I hope to work on while watching television!


  3. I love this Granny Pattern. I’ve made plenty of continuous Granny square blankets, but im enjoying working this style. Thank you

  4. THe pattern states repeat rows 2&3 for rows 4-13
    But then it says row 14 repeat 2
    Then 15 says repeat row 3

    Isn’t this the same repeat 2&3 throughout the whole pattern so wouldn’t you say rows 4-52
    I’m confused
    Thank you

    1. Hi Deanna,

      I split up the rows like that to show where the color changes are. But it could be written the way, you suggested, if it was a solid color blanket. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


  5. How many skeins of each color did you use. I hate to get strated on something and have to order to have mailed to me from Brava. Thanks, love the colors.

    1. Hi Denise,

      I used one of each color shown. There is more detail about the border and how many you’ll need in the materials section of the pattern.

      Happy Crocheting!


  6. This is easier than the way I was taught! Thanks.
    I have an off the wall question.
    I have some mohair yarn. Not very much though. Do you have any suggestions on how I can use it?

    1. Hi! I am so glad you like this pattern!
      As for the mohair yarn I was going to suggest a shawl but as seeing you don’t have much maybe a neck scarf.

      Happy crocheting!

  7. I love it! Heading to my stash right now to put some colors together. There’s alway a new baby on the way in our large family! Thanks for sharing this pattern

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