50 Easy Crochet Ideas For When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Are you looking for easy crochet ideas and are not sure what you want to crochet? If that’s the case, I’ve got you covered with this list of 50 free crochet patterns to help you decide what to make next.

I made sure to pick some of my favorite patterns that were not only quick things to make (minus the blankets) but fun too! Scroll down to check out all the crochet goodies I found for you.

Crochet ideas to Make List of Free Crochet Patterns
Collection of Pattern Ideas to Make

I’ll divide each section into different types of patterns so you can easily find what you want to crochet. Which means you will know where to look if you ever find yourself bored and looking for a pattern idea.

I hope you love all these fun crochet ideas and find a new pattern to make!

Kitchen Crochet Ideas

These crochet patterns are perfect to use around the kitchen or where you’d typically find them. From washcloths, to cozies, to coasters, this section will keep you busy.

Bathroom Crochet Ideas

These bathroom patterns are all easy projects that are small and work up quickly. So if you are bored and short on time, these are the patterns for you!

Cozy Crochet Ideas

I know that I love cozying up with a blanket most evenings, so this section is perfect if you are looking for a new crochet blanket to make! There are many blanket sizes and styles below, so hopefully you get inspired by one of them.

Adorable Crochet Ideas

These child and baby items are all adorable crochet projects and would make great baby shower gifts too! You may end up making more than one thing from this section because they are all so cute!

Things to Wear Outside

If you want to stay cozy and warm outside, these warm pattern ideas are for you. You’ll find all different types of pattern ideas for hats, headbands and more.

More Free Crochet Idea Collections

Take a look at some of our other crochet pattern idea collections that you may enjoy too! Happy Crocheting!

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