Tunisian Heart Coaster

The Heartwarming Coaster is a wonderful first Tunisian crochet project that you can complete in an hour or less! This makes it perfect for last minute gift or a quick gift for busy givers! Even though this is a quick project, it is far from boring! You will learn intarsia as well as stranded colourwork all at once! This project is a little more advanced than the Lovely Heart Coaster and makes a great complimentary addition to it.

Skills required

Chain, Tunisian crochet technique (alternating forward and return passes), Tunisian simple stitch (tss), Tunisian crochet colourwork, Tunisian simple stitch bind-off, blocking.

Similar sport weight yarns may be substituted; please check gauge.

Number of loops on hook equals number of sts for row counting after Return Pass.

The coaster is worked flat with RS always facing from bottom up.

This crochet pattern and image are property of Exquisite Crochet UK.

View the full pattern here 

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