Textured Puff Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

If you are looking for an easy crochet blanket to make that has some interesting texture, this puff stitch blanket might be the one that you were searching for.

For this blanket, I used a basic crochet stitch mixed with the puff stitch, which adds texture as well as a unique look to the overall blanket design. So, I think if you are a newer crocheter who is feeling adventurous, then this is the blanket design for you!

This blanket pattern is written in eight blanket sizes, so if you aren’t quite sure what size is for you, then I think you’ll find it below!

The Blanket Pattern

Ready to learn more? If so, you can scroll on down to find the free puff stitched blanket pattern, or you can first learn about the yarn and the crochet stitches that you’ll use to make this gorgeous blanket design.


The whole blanket uses Pound of Love yarn by Lion Brand. It is what the name implies, a full pound (16oz) of four weight, 100% acrylic yarn that is available in many beautiful colors.

Pound of Love

This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Pound of Love

Fiber: 100% Premium Acrylic
Yardage: 1,020
Hook: 6 mm (J-10)
Substitute: Brava Worsted

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For this tutorial, I chose to use the color Gray Elephant since I wanted to crochet a throw blanket for my living room and I wanted it to be a neutral color that would go with everything. But if you want to make for example a Spring blanket design, you could use a soft green or soft muted color of your choice.

Above, you can see a few different colors of the yarn I used, so you can easily make this blanket in your own unique yarn color if you’d prefer.

easy crochet puff stitch blanket

Do you need a substitute yarn? Luckily, this blanket pattern goes with well with many yarns. Here are a few of my favorite yarns to swap in if you can’t find Pound of Love.

  1. Brava Worsted by WeCrochet / Knit Picks
  2. Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand
  3. Super Saver by Red Heart

Keep on reading to learn more about the easy to learn crochet stitches you’ll need to know to make this blanket.

Up close view of the beautiful texture in this blanket!
easy to crochet puff stitch blanket
The blanket shown is the throw blanket size.


To get the texture in this blanket, you’ll need to know how to chain, single crochet and make a puff stitch.

I consider this an easy blanket, but I marked it as intermediate because the puff stitch can be tricky the first few times it is crocheted. No worries though, once you get the hang of it you will be good to go for the rest of the blanket.

Learn more about each stitch below, such as how to crochet a puff stitch, if you’d like a refresher on what each crochet stitch entails before you start the blanket.

Single Crochet Stitch (sc):

  1. Insert hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (yo) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch)  from back to front  (2 loops on hook).
  3. Yo and pull through both loops on the hook.

Puff Stitch (puff):

Puff stitches will vary with how many loops they will pull up. I am using 7 for this blanket.

  1. *Yo, insert a hook into the designated stitch and pull up a loop, repeat from * into the same stitch 3 times for a total of 7 loops on the hook
  2. Yo, pull through the 7 loops on the hook.

Chain Stitch (ch):

 A simple crochet stitch that often forms the foundation of what crochet stitches are worked into during projects.

  1. Make a slip knot.
  2. Insert your hook into slip knot point first, bring yarn over the shaft of the hook from back to front and grab it with the throat of the hook.
  3. Draw hooked yarn through slip knot and onto the hook. This movement will make one chain stitch
  4. Repeat steps two and three until you have the desired number of stitches for a pattern. One loop will remain on hook.

Get Started

Use the free puff stitch blanket pattern and tutorial below to create a one-of-a-kind crochet blanket in eight blanket sizes such as baby, twin, throw or even a king-sized blanket!

puff stitch crochet blanket pattern in eight sizes

I hope you enjoy learning how to crochet this simple single crochet and puff stitch blanket.

Happy Blanket Crocheting!

Easy Puff Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Pound of Love by Lion Brand (see blanket size chart below for yardage needed) or any four weight yarn.
    • I used the color Grey Elephant
  • 5 mm crochet hook (or whatever hook size is needed to obtain gauge)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape


  • 12 sts X 11 Rows = 4″ x 4″
  • Gauge Swatch Pattern: Ch 13 and follow the pattern as written for a total of 11 rows.

Finished Sizes

  • Lovey, Stroller, Receiving, Baby, Throw, Twin, Full/Queen & King
  • See our blanket pattern size chart below for sizes, starting chains and number of rows required for the blanket size you’d prefer to crochet.
  • Change to a different size blanket by using a starting chain in a multiple of 3 +4

Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • puff = puff stitch
  • sk = skip
  • rep = repeat
  • st = stitch


  • The pattern is written in standard US terms
  • The Ch 1 sp (space) that follow the puff stitch in the pattern count as st. The ch 1’s at the beginning of the rows do not count as a st.
  • The example blanket size shown in photos is a large throw blanket
  • You can purchase a crochet kit for the Textured Puff that includes all the yarn and pattern from Lion Brand.

The Blanket Pattern

*Sizes are as follows: Lovey (Stroller, Receiving, Baby, Throw, Twin, Full/Queen, King)

Foundation Row: Ch 31 (76, 94, 103, 121, 157, 211, 247)

Row 1: In the second ch from the hook sc, sc into each st across, turn. 30 (75, 93, 102, 120, 156, 210, 246)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc into the first st, sc, *puff, ch 1, sk a st, sc, rep from* across until 1 st is left, sc into that last st, turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc into each st across, turn.

Row 4 – See blanket pattern size chart: Rep Rows 2 + 3 until you reach the rows needed for the blanket size you are crocheting.

Blanket Pattern Sizes + Starting Ch’s

Height (in)Width (in)Starting Ch’sRows

Amount of Yarn Needed

Total Yarn LengthTotal Skeins
  • This chart shows the total skeins need of Pound of Love yarn by Lion Brand, 16 oz, 1020 yard size. If you use a different yarn you will need to use yardage instead of skeins needed and results may vary.

Finishing: Fasten off yarn and weave in loose ends throughout the blanket with a yarn needle.

Common Crochet Blanket Questions

How do I add a Border to a Crochet Blanket?

Adding a border to a crochet blanket is easy. A simple single crochet border with 3 single crochets in each corner is the easiest.

If you’d like more crochet border choices, be sure to take a look at the post Crochet Blanket Borders that shows quite a few different options you can choose for a border.

How do I Wash a Crochet Blanket?

The best way to care for a crochet blanket is to follow the laundering instructions that are on the yarn labels you made the blanket out of.

Some yarns may require cold water or handwashing, so be sure to save the yarn label. It is always important to include the care instructions when you are gifting the blanket to others, so the blanket can be properly taken care of.

crochet puff stitch blanket pattern
Textured puff stitch crochet throw blanket


  1. Love the pattern. The Lovey size would be a great pet blankets and then donate to pet shelter. Can’t wait to use the pattern for just that particular reason. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi! This is the first time In doing a gauge for a blanket, but I can’t seem to get the stitches right. When I do row 4, the puff stitches are not aligned with the ones in row 2.
    When starting row two the instructions say “ch. 1, sc, into the first ch., sc, *puff”. Is the sc before the *puff referring to the actual puff stitch? Or is it referring to the actual puff stitch. I hope my question makes sense, thanks!

  3. My gauge is way off. I crocheted the stroller size using the 5mm hook and Lion Brand pound of love yarn. I did 76 chain stitches. My blanket only measures 20 1/2” W and 26 1/2” L I used the 7 loop puff stitch recommended in the pattern. The yarn label says to use 6mm hook. Could that be why?

    1. Hi Camille,
      I’d recommend working up the gauge swatch sample to see how big it is for you.

      12 sts X 11 Rows = 4″ x 4″
      Gauge Swatch Pattern: Ch 13 and follow pattern as written for a total of 11 rows

      If it is smaller than recommended, then use a bigger hook size and if it is bigger than recommended, use a smaller hook size to get the needed gauge.


    1. Hi! You are more than welcome to work up a gauge swatch in a different color if you’d like to see how it would work up.

      Happy Crocheting!


  4. Hi there. My question is when you do the puff stitch and pull thru all 7 loops do you then ch 1 after the pull thru?
    Sorry new crocheter!

  5. Very pretty. Currently working on an blanket but I have lots of Pound of Love yarn so it will be on my “list” ( I have a lot of “ohh-I want to make this” in my list) I need more hours in the day or more days in my week! thank you for this beautiful pattern!

  6. In your instructions for the puff stitch shouldn’t the * be placed before YO rather than after?

    Thanks for such a lovely pattern.

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