Easy Hat Crochet Pattern: The Leigh

Are you looking for a new crochet hat to make? If so, the Leigh crochet hat pattern is a quick crochet design that can be worked up in a few days and makes a great lightweight hat for fall. It also happens to be a perfect pattern for the Hat Not Hate program.

Read on down to find out about how you can support the Hat Not Hate movement by using the free hat pattern here on Easy Crochet or with the PDF pattern.

Crochet Hat Pattern

I can’t wait for you to learn more about #HatnotHate and to make blue hats for a great cause.

Happy Crocheting!

Blue Crochet Hat Pattern

Lion Brand #HatnotHate Movement

The Leigh Hat is part of a positive and impressive anti-bullying movement called the Hat not Hate program! Lion Brand has teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying to launch an anti-bullying campaign to educate people about how to deal with bullying.

Read more about STOMP Out Bullying on their website and learn more about how you can help!

Why It Means A Lot

This campaign is one that means a lot to me, since I have three school-aged children that need to be able to respond to bullying quickly and in a way that will make a difference.

Thanks to the STOMP out Bullying program, I feel my kids will have the right tools to do just that, which means less worrying for mom! I hope you will join me in spreading the word to other people as well.

Hat not Hate Crochet Pattern Lion Brand Yarn
Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern

Why The Blue Crochet or Knit Hat?

Blue is a color of awareness, speaking the truth and positivity.  I used Jeans yarn from Lion Brand in the colorway Classic, but any blue yarn will work just as well for the #HatnotHate campaign.

Ways to Help With The Hat Not Hate Campaign

Explore the list below to see how you can help those in your community & around the world.

  • Crochet or Knit a blue hat using the pattern below or the collection of #hatnothate patterns on the Lion Brand Yarns website.
  • Share a photo with you wearing your hat with the #HATNOTHATE hashtag
  • Wear them proudly on World Bullying Prevention Day, October 1, 2018.
  • Let other people know what you what the campaign is about
  • Donate your hat


Lion Brand Yarn Co
Attn Shira Blumenthal

135 Kero Road
Carlstadt, NJ 07072

Ready to crochet? Crochet the Leigh #HatnotHate Hat, find a pattern on the Lion Brand website or create your own! Thank you for being a part of such a fantastic campaign!

The Hat Not Hate Hat Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Crochet Abbreviations

Shopping List

  • Crochet hook I 5.5 mm
  • Less than one skein of Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in Classic or any medium weight yarn.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Finished Size

  • The hat fits most adult women. When following the gauge as written, the finished size is approx. 20″ circumference (unstretched/unworn) and approx a 9.75′ height


  • Each sc, hdc, hdc cluster is approximately 1.5″ & each sc, hdc, hdc cluster height is slightly less than .5″


  • The hat pattern is written in standard US terms
  • Sl st’s and ch 1’s do not count as st’s
  • The parentheses () show the number of stitches in each row and round.

Leigh Crochet Hat Pattern

Band of the Hat

Foundation Row: ch 6, in the second ch from the hook sc, sc in remaining chains across (5)

Row 1: ch 1, in first st sc in the back loop, sc in the back loop of every st across (5)

Row 2 – 54: Repeat row 1 (5)

After the last row, join the band together short end to short end with 5 sl st’s, do not fasten off yarn, work along the long end of the band for the rest of the pattern.

Main Hat

Round 1: Ch 1 (after finishing up the 5 sl st’s to attach the short ends of the band), hdc 54 times evenly around the long end of the band, join with a sl st into the top of the first hdc of the round. (54)

Round 2: Ch 1, in first st {sc, hdc, hdc}, sk 2 st’s, in next st *{sc, hdc, hdc}, sk 2 st’s, repeat from * ending with 2 sk st’s, sl st into the top of the first sc. (54)

Round 3- 19: Repeat Round 2.

*** Next, turn the hat inside out before closing. So, the wrong side is our right side This is the side you will use when wearing your hat since it has a lot more texture. You are free to wear your hat either way. 

Closing the Top of the Hat

  • After the last round fasten off leaving a 12″ tail to close up the top.
  • Using a yarn needle weave the yarn tail in and out of the last stitch from the last round until you reach the stitch you started with.
  • Now pull the yarn tight to close up the hat leaving the yarn needle attached to the hat.
  • Drop the yarn needle & yarn end down through the hole you just created (from pulling the yarn tight) in the center of the hat.
  • Turn your hat inside out.
  • Pull the yarn tight again and begin weaving the yarn back and forth over the hole to close it off tightly. You can do this as much as you need
  • Cut the yarn and weave in the loose end with the yarn needle.
  • Turn the hat the right side out

You Are Done! 

If you like this pattern, then you may like the Emily Beanie and Messy Bun Beanie too! Or you can explore my free crochet hat pattern collection and pick one for yourself! 

Blue Crochet Hat Pattern #HatnotHate

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  1. I am new to this group and am working on my first hat. In the picture it looks like there may be fewer stitches in each round, but I have the same number in each round. The pattern doesn’t address this. Please help!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      There should be 54 stitches in each round. The parentheses at the end of the rows show the number of stitches that are in each row or round.

      Happy Crocheting!


    1. Hi Rhonda,

      You can find the pattern on the blog by hitting the skip to pattern button at the top of the post, or scroll down to find the pattern in the post. Lastly you can fill out the form at the bottom of the post to get a free PDF emailed to you.

      Happy crocheting,


  2. I think this is a beautiful pattern. I completed the band with no problem, however, I have ripped it out four times because cannot get the pattern to show. I was surprised to hear all of the positive comments. I have read and reread the instructions 20 times. I give up.

    1. Hi Lacy,

      The textured part of the pattern you see is the inside because once the hat is complete, you turn it inside out before cinching. After round 19 the instructions talk about this. If you have any questions please feel free to message me here or email me.


  3. I absolutely love this pattern! I crocheted one for #hatnothate and loved it so much that I crocheted a second one for myself… Now I have something to do wear on October 1st too! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us. Blessings!

  4. How many rows would you put in the band for a child size (5-10)? I’m making hats for a second grade class. Love the pattern!

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