15 Free and Easy Moss Stitch Crochet Patterns

Do you love the moss stitch (aka linen or sand stitch)? If so, you are going to have fun going through this collection of crochet patterns that use the moss stitch!

I found quite a few patterns, but narrowed it down to 15 of my favorite moss stitch pattern ideas. Keep on reading to find blankets, hats, dishcloths and more that all use the easy crochet stitch technique the moss stitch! I hope you enjoy this list!

easy moss stitch crochet pattern collection

Learn how to crochet the moss stitch with our crochet moss stitch written instructions and photo tutorial.

Moss Stitch in Crochet

Below, with our pattern list, we will be focusing on the traditional moss stitch that uses the single crochet (sc) stitch and chain stitch (ch). So, if you’re a beginner who just learned how to crochet the moss stitch, you are in luck!

I also wanted to mention that occasionally you will find other variations of the moss stitch in patterns such as the herringbone moss stitch, half double crochet moss stitch and more. The traditional moss stitch is the focus of this collection list, as I mentioned before.

I hope you enjoy this collection that includes a few of my moss stitch designs as well as other crochet designers!

Easy Crochet Moss Stitch Patterns

Take a look at our collection of free crochet moss stitch patterns to find a new favorite to crochet. You’ll find a range of patterns depending on what you’d like to make, as well as the yarn suggestions listed along with them!

More Free Crochet Patterns

If you enjoyed all these moss stitch patterns, you may want to make even more items. Here are a few of my favorite crochet patterns and pattern idea collections you may enjoy making as well.

Crochet Tips for Beginners

Since these moss stitch patterns are great for beginners, I thought you may like some of our other beginner guides and patterns as well.

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