6 Of the Best Zig Zag Crochet Patterns to Try

Are you looking for some easy to make crochet zig zag pattern ideas? If so, then you’ll love this roundup of simple zigzag and chevron patterns that are perfect for every skill level. Want to know the best part? They are all free crochet patterns!

In my opinion, zigzag designs create a one of a kind beautiful look that can be used in many projects. You can make washcloths, scarves and blankets, for example, that are colorful and unique.

A collection of zig zag crochet patterns that are all free crochet patterns

When I was searching for zigzag crochet ideas, I looked for ones that used various beginner-friendly stitches. Basic stitches are perfect for chevron patterns because they can be done pretty easily.

Most of the patterns below are simple, but there will be some that use more complicated stitches for those who’d like a challenge with their designs.

Zig Zag Pattern Crochet Tutorials & Tips

If you are new to crochet, then take a look at the stitches I linked up above to get a more in-depth understanding of each stitch. If you are a pro already, then you should be good to go with the chevron designs I found below.

Ready to get started? Scroll on down to find some of the most gorgeous (and fun) chevron zig zag patterns you can make!

The patterns will be broken down into skill level, so be sure to take a moment to look over each one to see how difficult it will be to crochet.

All the zigzag crochet patterns shown can be found below!

My Favorite Zig Zag Crochet Patterns

Zig Zag Chevron Scarf

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Homespun

You’ll love how easy this chevron scarf is to make. It is made with a simple stitch; the single crochet, so it won’t be difficult to make as long as you count your stitches on each row.

This single crochet zig zag scarf would make a great gift, so make for everyone you know!

Pattern: Chevron Scarf

Granny Zig Zag Ripple Blanket

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

This unique but classic looking chevron design is a great crochet project to make. You’ll love how easy it is to customize in any color to match any decor!

Get the zigzag granny pattern below.

Pattern: Granny Zig-Zag

Easy Chevron Dishcloth

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream

This dishcloth can be made in any color to match any kitchen decor. You could also make this and use as a washcloth too for your home.

This dishcloth would make a great gift to add to a housewarming present with soaps and more!

Pattern: Zig Zag Dishcloth

Super Bulky Yarn Zig Zag Blanket

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Hometown USA

Use this beautiful bulky #6 yarn chevron blanket to cozy up with this Winter!

This gorgeous zig zag blanket would also make a great gift for the Holidays!

Pattern: Chunky Chevron Blanket

Neutral Chevron Blanket

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

This stunning chevron blanket would make a great gift and will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Make one of these zig zag afghans for everyone you know.

Pattern: Chevron Blanket

Pull Through Adjustable Crochet Scarf Pattern :: Easy Crochet

Adjustable Chevron Scarf

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn: Hometown USA

If you are looking for a cute chevron scarf and a free zigzag crochet pattern for beginners, then this pattern is for you!

Crochet this adjustable zigzag scarf for yourself and everyone you know since it is extra cute! Another great part of this pattern is that it uses a super bulky #6 yarn, so it works up fast.

Pattern: Zig Zag Crochet Scarf

Baby Chevron Zig Zag Video Pattern

Which zigzag pattern was the front-runner for you? Tell me in the Easy Crochet Facebook group where you can share patterns, ask questions and get in on fabulous yarny deals.

zig zag crochet patterns

More Free Crochet Patterns

I hope you enjoyed this collection of zigzags crochet project ideas. If you’d like more free crochet patterns, have a look at the list below that includes a few of my favorites.

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