Alissa Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern (7+ Blanket Sizes)

Do you love fun and easy crochet blankets? If so, then this blanket pattern is for you! You can enjoy the free pattern here on the blog, or find a printable ad-free PDF version in my shop.

Learn how to make this simple crocheted blanket today by reading down below to find the free pattern. This blanket is available in EIGHT different sizes!


All About The Alissa Blanket

The Alissa is a simple crochet throw blanket that is the perfect pattern to crochet if you only have a few days to finish a project. Plus, it uses a self color changing yarn, so there are very little ends to weave in!

Yep, If you want to make a quick baby blanket or need a baby shower gift fast, then this is the pattern for you! Plus, it works up fast, so you can make one in every size!

The Alissa Blanket

Are you looking for more crochet patterns for blankets? I can help. Try the reader favorite Jane Throw, or the Chunky Throw pattern that comes in FIVE sizes. I can’t wait for you to make this cozy blanket. Happy Blanket Making.

How to Make an Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

This relatively straightforward simple crochet blanket pattern involves repeats along with some basic crochet stitches (I’ll explain them below) to make for a fun, quick, and easy crochet throw (or one of the other seven sizes too)!

I am telling the truth when I say it is simple to work up, and you’ll be happy after your weekend crochetathon when you will have a comfy and pretty stylish looking crochet throw to snuggle up in. But first, I want to discuss the yarn, I used to make this blanket!

The Yarn For This Throw Blanket

For this particular crochet throw, I went with a self-striping neutral yarn, mostly because I fell in love with the color-way Linen Stripe from the Red Heart Soft Essentials line the last time I was shopping.

I do love striped blankets (not the color-changing), so this yarn was perfect because it meant minimal yarn ends to weave in. It is considered a bulky 5 yarn and comes in a beautiful variety of colors and even a baby line!

This yarn was harder to find than most others out there. I had the best luck at Micheal’s for this exact color, but you can make this in any color of the Red Heart Soft Essentials line.

Update 2022: This yarn has been discontinued. I suggest using Lion Brand Hue & Me as a substitution. This yarn is not self striping, but is a great match for likeness. If you prefer, any five weight yarn will work great.

The Yarn

Hue + Me

This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 5 – Bulky yarn.

Hue + Me

Fiber: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool
Yardage: 137
Hook: 6.5 mm (K-10.5)

Buy Now Patterns Using This Yarn →

Easy Crochet Stitches

This easy throw pattern only uses two easy stitches, the single crochet stitch (sc) and double crochet stitch (dc). If you are a beginner to crochet, this would be a good blanket if you want something a bit challenging than a single crochet blanket.

Double Crochet (dc): 

  1. Wrap the yarn over (yo) the hook, insert the hook into the specified st.
  2. Yo the hook again, draw the yarn through the st, so there are 3 loops on the hook
  3. Yo the hook again draw it through 2 loops, so there are 2 loops on the hook
  4. Yo the hook, draw it through the final 2 loops.

Single Crochet (sc):

  1. Insert hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (Yo) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch) from back to front (2 loops on hook).
  3. Yo and pull through both loops on the hook.

It is not overly hard but will challenge you if you are new, which is always a good thing in my book. Ready to get started on this fast crochet throw? I hope you like it!

Alissa Blanket Video Tutorial

If you have an ad-blocker enabled, you may not be able to see the video. Disable and refresh to view.

Don’t forget to check out the video above if you’d like some help with the stitch pattern. I can’t wait to see your creations. Happy Crocheting!

I hope you enjoy this free blanket pattern and stitch tutorial!

Alissa Easy Crochet Throw Pattern

Skill Level: Easy




  • The blanket pattern is written in standard US terms
  • Turn at the end of each row


  • 10 sts x 6 rows = 4″
  • Gauge Pattern: Chain 6 +5 and follow the first 6 rows with the correct crochet hooks size as mentioned above.


  • To change the blanket size, use a multiple of 3 +5
  • Multiples of 3: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36, 39,42,45,48,51,54,57,60, 63,66,69,72,75,78,81,84,87,90,93, etc.

Blanket Size Chart & Yardage

*Skeins numbers shown are for Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn (a bulky #5 yarn) aka chunky yarn which has 131 yards per skein (not stripes which is 110 yards per skein)

HeightWidthStarting StsRowsTotal YardageSkeins needed of RHSE

Pattern Steps

The Crochet Blankets size stitch counts are listed at the end of each row in the order of lovey, stroller, receiving, baby, throw, twin, full/queen & king.

FOUNDATION: Ch 35 (86, 104, 116, 134, 176, 236, 275)

ROW 1: in 2nd ch from the hook sc, sc in each st across. 34 (85, 103, 115,133,175,235,274)

ROW 2: ch 3, in the 1st st make a dc, *sk 2 st’s, dc 3 times in next st, repeat from* across ending with 3 st’s, skip 2 and 2 dc’s in the last st, turn.(The turning chains count as a dc in these rows when counting sts) 34 (85, 103, 115,133,175,235,274)

ROW 3: ch 1, in first st make a sc, sc in each st across, end with a sc in last st, turn. (or the top of the turning chain). 34 (85, 103, 115,133,175,235,274)

ROW 4: ch 3, in 1st make a dc, *sk 2 st’s, dc 3 times in next st, repeat from* across ending with 3 st’s, skip 2 and 2 dc in the last st, turn. (The turning chains count as stitches in these rows when counting) 34 (85, 103, 115,133,175,235,274)

ROWS 5: rep row 3

ROW 6: repeat row 4

ROW 7 – ?: repeat rows 3&4 to the row of the blanket size you are making from the chart above.

FINISHING: fasten off yarn and weave in loose ends throughout with a yarn needle.

Purchase a Low-Cost PDF Instead

Like I mentioned previously, you can grab the PDF crochet pattern version of the Alissa Blanket in my shop. It includes instructions, pictures, and a stitch chart. 

Get the low-cost AD-FREE PDF with eight blanket sizes for the price of a fancy coffee.

I hope you enjoyed this easy crochet blanket tutorial!

If you prefer a video tutorial, a video can be found on my YouTube Channel!

Watch the video tutorial for this pattern on YouTube

If you require any further assistance about this free pattern or any other easy crochet patterns on my site, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Thanks for checking out my free throw crochet pattern and if you liked this pattern, follow along with me on FacebookInstagram or Pinterest (where I pin daily!) about more free crochet projects like afghan patterns, for example. If you prefer video tutorials, you can also find me over on YouTube!

Common Questions About the Alissa Blanket

Can I use a different yarn weight to make the Alissa?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind the sizing will be different that shown above using a five weight bulky yarn. For example, if you want to use a super bulky yarn or a worsted weight yarn, you will need to crochet a gauge swatch and measure what your swatch is.

Then you can use our blanket calculator to figure out the starting chain and yardage you’ll need to make the Alissa with a six weight yarn or four weigh yarn.

Crochet Blanket in 8 Sizes
Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

More Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

Take a look at all these easy crochet blanket patterns below to find a new blanket pattern that you may enjoy crocheting for your next project.

My favorite blanket to make is the Jane Blanket that uses the moss stitch, so be sure to check that design out! I hope you enjoy all these free crochet patterns!


  1. Just completed a blanket using this pattern, and left over yarn in DK, to donate to our local animal rescue shelter. Itโ€™s a lovely easy pattern to follow and crochet, grows quite quickly. Will definitely do more. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern

  2. Love this pattern. I used Caron Cotton Cakes and a size I hook for a baby blanket. Turned out great. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!

  3. Me again!!!!! I ordered and received the PDF. In our previous comments to each other, you suggested I go by the pattern โ€œStrollerโ€ for the lap throw for my adult size granddaughter. However on the Pattern Instructions, where you list the order of:
    Lovey, receiving, baby, throw, twin, full/queen
    King, you did not list STROLLER. So how many do I chain for the foundation?????

    1. Hi Marylin,

      The numbers are there, but I just forgot to add the word stroller to the list at the top. I am sending out a new PDF for you right now. ๐Ÿ™‚ The stroller numbers are the first one inside the parenthesis.


  4. Krista I see your answer to my first question. The lap throw is for my granddaughter who is adult size and in a wheelchair. Do you still advise that I use stroller size directions? I will be using the Red Heart Soft in solid white that has 256 yards per skein. So how many skeins do I need if you still feel the stroller size is big enough, yet wonโ€™t get caught in the wheels?

    1. Yes, A lap blanket is typically ranges from 32″- 35″ x 40″ – 48″ length, so you could increase the length of the stroller size to meet the length you’d need. I believe standard wheelchairs have a 32″ width so a 32-35″ wide blanket would be a good size depending on the size of your granddaughters wheelchair.

      Red Heart Soft is a four weight yarn, so if you use the four weight yarn the blanket will be smaller than indicated in the chart since it uses Red Heart Soft Essentials a five weight yarn. You can use the blanket resizing chart to figure out the yardage + starting chains if you’d like to use the four weight instead of the five here:

  5. I want to make a lap thrown for my granddaughter who is in a wheelchair. I am confused about your chart. For a throw does it truly take 14 skeins? Or 4?

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      It will take 14 skeins of red heart soft essentials or about 1,788 yards of five weight bulky yarn to make this blanket in a throw size.
      If you want to make a lap blanket I’d make the stroller size that will take about 5 skeins of RESH or 642 yards of bulky #5 yarn.

      Happy Crocheting,

  6. Hi Krista, I see the beautiful linen stripe yarn you used is 5 weight, but I see a number of posts using 4 weight ombre. How does this turn out? Would you up your hook size? I’m teaching a friend to crochet, your pattern would be a fun beginning. The bulk yarns are all 4 weight.
    thank you

    1. Hi Diana,

      You definitely could use the four weight but I’d use the hook size they recommend on the package or try to get the gauge with lighter weight yarn.

      Happy Crocheting!


  7. Krista,
    I love your pattern. I”ve made Allissa Easy pattern 3 times!!! I’ve used the Red Heart Ombre yarn and I’ve received many compliments..Thank you so much…..

  8. I am a beginner and trying to make the throw size. I started with my slip knot, then chained 134. After row 1, I have 134 stitches but your pattern says I should have 133. Should I have counted the Slip knot in the 134?

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Since the pattern starts in the second chain from the hook you will only be able to work a total of 133 total stitches out of the 134 that was chained.

      Have a great day and happy crocheting!


  9. Hi!! How many skeins would you recommend for a twin size? Iโ€™m new to crocheting and canโ€™t figure out how to convert the sizes to skeins! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’m struggling with one of my ends. One end looks just like the picture. The other end looks wonky. It’s the end where I’m doing the 3 ch and starting my new rows. Could I somehow show you a picture to share what I mean? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
    -Self taught crocheter

  11. Help! I’m a pretty beginner stitcher and I am quarantined looking for a project to keep my hands busy! I came across this afghan and I love it – but I want to make it large enough for two people to snuggle on the couch with it. Can you help with possible updated counts/numbers for someone whose brain is stressed and cannot math right now so I can try to find yarn online? LOL Thank you for any help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I am wanting to crochet some lap robes to donate to a nursing home. I really don’t know if there is a required size, but I am thinking the 28 inch width would probably be right. I do know they don’t want them too wide as the edges can catch in the wheels of wheelchairs. What do you think?

  13. Hello how do I keep the edges of this throw even? I am new at this and it seems to be not straight and can I fix it? Thank you !!

    1. Hi Lori,
      I like to use stitch markers to keep count of what stitches I’m on. It is so easy to miss or add stitches, so I also count and then count again to double-check. Hopefully, this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. I wanted to make this wider, so I added 6 plus 5 for a total of 85. But when I do the row with the dc, I do not have the right amount at the end. I am a beginner and don’t know how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Laura,
      You starting chain needs to be a multiple of 3, so for example 12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51,54,57, etc. then after you pick your starting chain you add 5 chains to that total.

      I hope this helps!

  15. Hello,thank you for a beautiful pattern!you were right,I went to our local craft store and bought the whole lot of yarn out,6 skeins!I wanted to be sure I had enough of this beautiful color.
    It crochets beautifully and the pattern flows so easily,your great tutorials helped immensely and I’m on my way to making a gorgeous afghan.
    Thank you.

  16. Hi, Iโ€™m having trouble with stitch counts by the end of the rows. Also, in one of the comments above, you say to put the first stitch of the row in the stitch AFTER the turning ch(s) yet in the video you go into the base of the turning chain (on the ch 3). So, Iโ€™m not sure what to do there, nor am I sure what to do at the other end. I count and count but i donโ€™t end up with the proper number of stitches. I will admit that Iโ€™ve always had problems turning but this is really boggling my mind. Is there any way for you to make it clearer exactly what to do at each end?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Linda,

      In the video, I am chaining three, then working my first stitch into the top of the last stitch from the row before or the first stitch of the new row. I hope that helps.


  17. Hi! Iโ€™m fairly new to crochet and was wondering what would happen if I used a size 3 yarn instead? What size hook would I need to use?

    1. Hi Kourtney,
      The pattern would work with that weight of yarn, but it would be much smaller than written. I would use the hook size listed on the yarn label. ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. When changing the size for this blanket, what does use a multiple of 3 + 5 mean? Iโ€™m a bit new to some of this and want to make a larger blanket but donโ€™t know how this translates. Thanks,

    1. Hi Olivia,
      You would chain any multiple of 3 to reach the size you need. After you decided on that multiple, then you would add five more stitches to that total. Hope that helps!


  19. I have questions regarding the Alissa throw but cannot find an email address.
    Would you please advise me where I can ask these questions and receive a reply
    Thank you

  20. My question is regarding the alternating between rows three and four. The written pattern says that in row 4 you count the turning chain as a stich. So is it the chain that you crochet your last two DC into before again starting on row 3.


  21. I wanted to ask when you go from Row 1 to start row 2 ,, do you turn . Because pattern doesnโ€™t say that. Just a little confused.
    Thanks Cindy

  22. Hi Krista, I am confused about the 3+5 extra chain to make the blanket bigger. Does it mean you add 8 chain extra

  23. I need to make a large throw. When you increase the number of chains is that increasing the width or the height of the finished throw?

  24. When you say first stitch I’d it the one in the chain, or the stitch after the chain. Also, do you turn your work before doing the chain stitches or thereafter?

    1. Hi!
      You start in the st after the ch. You could ch 1 before or after you turn. I prefer to ch 1 after I turn but some prefer otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Crocheting!

  25. I find it disturbing that you do not want your patterns copied. I for one do not want to keep my computer up and open while I am trying to crochet. I would much rather have a hard copy of what I am doing. If a person tries to copy, they get the hundreds of comments also . Leaving your site soon

    1. HI Maria,

      If you prefer a hard copy I sell PDF’s of my patterns. I also wanted to mention that you can grab the PDF version of the Alissa Throw in my shop Yarn Mamas. It includes instructions, pictures and a stitch chart.

    1. Hi Leslee!

      Are you using the same yarn? Sometimes that makes a difference. Also, if you have a picture you could send me I’d be glad to take a look. Krista[at]


    1. Hi,
      I found this at Michaels but if you can’t find it I think a good substitute would be the cupcake yarn line from Lion Brand Yarn in the color Coffee Break. It is pretty similar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I finished this blanket last night in Pixie Pink yarn! So pretty! I’ll send a photo when I have the border on. Which is what my question is all about! I’d like to add a border, just to give it that finished look. Can you tell me how to do that? I’d like a scallop or something somewhat frilly due to the colors in the blanket. I have a solid mauve for the border. Thanks for your help!

  27. I noticed when I clicked on the yarn you used, it came up as Red Heart soft, ( a different yarn) not the Red Heart Essentials you used .

  28. Thank you! For the sc, is it also both loops? Iโ€™m sorry for all the questions. Iโ€™m self-taught ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for this fun patttern! The blanket is beautiful. I do have a question: when you do the dc, do you go through both loops or just the front loop of the chain?, thank you!

  30. I haven’t made this yet but it’s on my very long list so I will get to it. It will be one of the patterns I use for my baby blankets that I donate. Thank you for shariing it

  31. Thank you for sharing! I do have a question about the foundation chain. is the 75 including the chain one or do you chain one after the 75 and single crochet in the second chain from Hook?

    thank you, Tonyha

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