26+ Free Crochet Appliqué Patterns

If you love quick and easy crochet projects, then you’ll love making crochet appliques!

Below, you’ll find a fun collection of appliqué patterns that you can make from a variety of designers that are all perfect if you’d like to crochet something fast!

With so many patterns to choose from, you’ll never run out of inspiration or options for your crochet appliqué projects.

Scroll on down to find some of the best and adorable crochet applique patterns that you can make right now!

crochet applique patterns

Crochet Applique Patterns

Take your crochet projects to the next level with this captivating collection of crochet applique patterns.

Using appliques is a great way to add character to your clothing, accessories, and home decor projectes!

What to Use Crochet Applique Patterns For

Crochet applique patterns have a wide range of uses, including:

  1. Adding decorative touches to clothing and accessories.
  2. Enhancing home decor items like pillows and blankets.
  3. Embellishing baby items such as blankets and onesies.
  4. Add to handbags and headbands.
  5. Personalizing greeting cards and gift tags.
  6. Adding texture and dimension to scrapbooking and photo albums.
  7. Decorating party favors and banners for special occasions.

These are just a few of the many ways you can attach and use crochet applique patterns to add a charming touch to your crochet projects.


Here are some common stitches used in crochet appliques that you may come across from time to time in patterns.

  1. single crochet (sc): This stitch creates a tight and compact stitch, commonly used for clean edges and small details in appliques.
  2. double crochet (dc): Taller than a single crochet, this stitch allows for quicker progress and is often used for larger shapes and fillings in appliques.
  3. slip stitch (slst): Used for joining rounds or pieces together, the slip stitch creates smooth transitions and attaches motifs to a base fabric in appliques.
  4. chain (ch): The basic and foundational stitch in crochet, the chain stitch is often used to start a new row or create spaces between other stitches. It can create loops or decorative elements in appliques.
  5. half-double crochet (hdc): This stitch falls between a single crochet and a double crochet in height. It is versatile and adds texture and density to appliques.
  6. treble (triple) crochet (tr): Taller than a double crochet, the treble crochet stitch is used to create longer stitches or openwork designs in appliques.

These are the stitches commonly used in crochet appliques. Different patterns may require additional stitches or variations of a stitch, so be sure to read the pattern you want to make carefully.


When crocheting appliques, you will typically need the following materials and crochet tools:

  1. Yarn: Choose yarn in your preferred color(s) and weight. The weight of the yarn will depend on the desired size and thickness of your applique. Cotton yarn is often preferred for its durability and stitch definition.
  2. Crochet Hooks: Select the appropriate crochet hook size for your chosen yarn. The hook size will depend on the yarn weight and your personal tension. Common hook sizes for appliques are between 2.25 mm (B/1) to 4 mm (G/6), but it can vary based on the pattern.
  3. Scissors: Have a pair of sharp scissors handy for cutting yarn and trimming any excess ends.
  4. Tapestry Needle: A tapestry needle with a large eye is essential for weaving in loose yarn ends and attaching appliques to other surfaces.
  5. Stitch Markers: These can be useful for marking specific stitches or rounds in more complex applique patterns.
  6. Measuring Tape or Ruler: Having a measuring tape or ruler nearby allows you to gauge the size of your applique and ensure you are crocheting it to the correct size it was intended.
  7. Optional: Embellishments such as buttons, beads, or embroidery floss can be used to add extra detail like eyes, nose, and hair if needed.

These are the basic materials and tools needed for crocheting appliques. Depending on the specific pattern or design, you may require additional supplies or specialized tools, but the above items should cover most appliquéing projects.

Crochet Applique Patterns

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