Free Patterns for Crochet Fall Decor

The leaves are changing, and it’s getting chilly, which means it’s Fall. What better way to bring that cozy feeling into your home than with some crochet projects? If you love crochet fall decor, then this is the post for you!

Below, I’ve put together a curated list of the best free crochet patterns to bring Autumn into your home. Enjoy!

Find free crochet fall decor patterns for your home below!

The Perfect Yarn Palette for Fall Crochet Projects

Choosing the right yarn is crucial for capturing that fall vibe. Whether it’s the texture, weight, or color, the yarn you pick can set the tone for your whole project. So let’s get into it—here are the best yarn options for fall crochet projects, broken down by brand and color.


  1. Lion Brand: Known for their wide variety of textures and hues. Their “Wool-Ease” and “Vanna’s Choice” lines are especially good for home decor, which you’ll see in the blanket pattern below.
  2. Red Heart: Budget-friendly and versatile, Red Heart’s “Super Saver” yarn is great for projects that require a lot of yarn, like blankets.
  3. Caron: Their “Simply Soft” line is, well, super soft! Ideal for projects like pillows and blankets where comfort is key. It is used below in the featured leaf garland pattern.
  4. Paintbox Yarns: With a solid range of colors, you can find almost any shade you need for your autumn palette.


  1. Earthy Tones: Think deep reds, oranges, and browns. These colors look like leaves changing and are great for creating a cozy feeling in projects.
  2. Gold and Mustard: These colors add a pop of warmth and work well as accent colors.
  3. Greens: Although not a traditional fall color, darker shades of green can contrast beautifully with reds and oranges.
  4. Neutrals: Cream, beige, and gray can help balance out more vibrant fall colors.

You are welcome to mix and match brands and colors to create your own unique Fall decor style.

Home Decor Fall Crochet Patterns

Fall is the perfect time of the year to make your home cozy! And what better way to do that then with crochet Fall decor! Below you’ll find a few of my favorite fall patterns like blankets, pumpkins, wreathes and more that all happen to be free crochet patterns!

I hope you enjoy these fall crochet ideas and find a few to make too.

1. Pumpkin Spice Crochet Coasters

Image courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me

About the Pattern

Start small with these cute Pumpkin Spice Coasters! They’re easy to make, taking less than an hour for a set. The stitches are simple—just single crochet, double crochet and half double crochet.

Link: Pumpkin Crochet Coasters

Yarn & Hook

2. Autumn Leaves Wall Hanging

Image courtesy of Love & Stitch Design

About the Pattern

If you’re looking for something more artsy, take a look at this Fall Leaves Wall Hanging. It captures the essence of fall with the colors and the leaf as the A in the design. Plus, it’s a great stash-buster project!

Link: Autumn Leaves Wall Hanging

Yarn & Hook

  • Various Fall yarn colors of Worsted weight yarn
  • Size H 5 mm crochet hook

3. Cozy Blanket with Fall Colors

About the Pattern

Blankets are the epitome of fall coziness. This pattern features a gradient of fall colors and uses the herringbone half double crochet stitch for that extra oomph of texture.

Link: Herringbone Half Double Crochet Fall Blanket

Yarn & Hook

4. Acorn Basket

Image courtesy of Divine Debris

About the Pattern

Need a cute storage solution for all your fall goodies? The Acorn Basket is perfect. It’s functional and decorative.

Link: Acorn Basket

Yarn & Hook

  • Four weight yarn in brown, yellow, and green
  • Size G 4 mm crochet hook

5. Crochet Turkey Potholder

Image courtesy of Pink Mambo

About the Pattern

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving! These turkey potholders are so cute and perfect for your kitchen. They are adorable, easy to make and would look wonderful as part of your gathering.

Link: Crochet Turkey Potholders

Yarn & Hook

  • Worsted weight cotton yarn in brown, orange, red, and yellow
  • Size 5 mm crochet hook

6. Oak Leaf Garland

Image courtesy of Yarnspirations

About the Pattern

A fall home isn’t complete without a garland of leaves. This pattern helps you crochet your own leaves and string them into a garland, plus it’s a free PDF too!

Link: Easy Crochet Leaf Garland

Yarn & Hook

  • Worsted weight yarn in red, orange, yellow, and brown. Caron Simply Soft works great for these leaves.
  • Size 3.25 mm crochet hook

7. Fall Jar Cover (or Candle)

Image courtesy of Highland Hickory Designs

About the Pattern

Last but not least, these crochet jar sleeves are perfect for setting a warm, cozy atmosphere at your table. They fit great around candles too! They feature the word Fall spelled out and use the perfect yarn colors for fall!

Link: Crochet Fall Sleeve Cover for Jars and Candles

Yarn & Hook

  • Cotton or acrylic worsted weight yarn in beige or brown, green (or any fall color you wish)
  • Size 5.25 crochet hook

Autumn’s mix of colors and textures gives you plenty of choices for crochet décor style. So grab your hook and some yarn, use one of the fun Fall patterns above and start making your home a little cozier this fall.

Remember, each of these patterns is free and somewhat beginner-friendly. Now, all you need to do is pick one (or more) to make this Fall season. Happy crocheting!

More Free Fall Crochet Patterns to Try

Here are some more of our Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving crochet patterns that you may like as well.

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