How to Use Crochet Stitch Markers

You may have heard the words Stitch Marker from time to time in your crochet and knit journey. They are something that you will want to add to your knitting or crochet supply list because they can be helpful quite often.

So… What is a stitch marker?

Stitch markers (or SM abbreviated) are a very useful tool in crochet and something you will love using! I am going to explain how to use stitch markers in crochet and how they can help you while crocheting and knitting.

crochet stitch markers
Locking Stitch Markers that are commonly used in Crocheting

What Are Stitch Markers in Crochet?

A stitch marker is a small tool that is used in crochet and knitting to help keep the place of a stitch while working up a design. They can be used to mark stitches, buttons, rows and more!

For example, if you are working up a big crochet blanket you can use stitch markers to keep place of every 25 (or whatever number you’d prefer) stitches in a row, so you will never lose count.

You can also place a stitch marker in the last stitch of every row of a blanket so that you will not increase or decrease stitches by mistake.

Types of Stitch Markers: Locking Vs Ring

For crocheting, you will want to use locking stitch markers. These markers open and close, so they can be removed when you are done with them.

Knitting used round ring stitch markers that don’t open (some can though) so don’t use this type when you are working up a crochet project because if you do, they will be there forever.

Stitch Marker Materials

There are a few materials that stitch markers are available or can be made from, in which I will highlight below.

You can find stitch markers in the following materials

No matter what material your stitch marker is they all work the same and will get the job done.

Below you see the example of the Zaffre Crochet Pillow that uses Stitch markers to mark the future spot of buttons.

I counted out my stitches and placed the stitch markers, so I would be able to sew on the buttons in the correct spot.

Here is an example of plastic and metal stitch markers being used.

Recommended Crochet Markers

Take a look at some of the best crochet stitch markers below plus some other great options below

Clover Stitch Markers + 100 PC Set of Stitch Markers

Now that you know all about stitch markers you will be ready to use them when they are called for in your next crochet pattern or knit pattern! Take a look below at some of my favorite free crochet patterns.

Free Crochet Patterns You May Like to Try


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  2. I use the locking SM in my projects and love them. I have only used clover brand but have just purchased the 100 pc. set to have also.

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