Fall Apple Crochet Coaster

Are you looking for a quick and adorable apple pattern project to spruce up your coffee table? Well, look no further.

Today, we’re making apple-shaped coasters, perfect for adding a pop of color to your home for Fall and are also great for gifting!

Apple Crochet Coaster pattern

Materials You’ll Need

For this apple project, grab some worsted weight cotton yarn in your chosen apple color—red or green works great. I used Lily’s Sugar n Cream, but any four weight cotton will work! You’ll also need a bit of green for the leaf. Your hook should be a size 4.5 mm.

Lily Sugar’n Cream

This yarn is made by Yarnspirations, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Lily Sugar'n Cream

Fiber: 100% Cotton
Yardage: 645 meters / 706 yards (varies)
Hook: 5 mm (H-8)
Substitute: Bernet Handicrafter

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Of course, don’t forget the essentials: a yarn needle for weaving in those ends and scissors for cutting the yarn.

Stitches to Know

This project is beginner-friendly but offers a touch of variety in the stitches used. Here are the stitches you’ll need:

  1. Chain Stitch (ch): Great for starting off and moving up in rounds.
  2. Single Crochet (sc): The go-to stitch for the leaf.
  3. Half Double Crochet (hdc): A stitch that’s halfway between a single and a double crochet, adding a bit of texture.
  4. Double Crochet (dc): Gives height and fullness to the coaster.
  5. Slip Stitch (sl st): Essential for joining rounds and finishing up your work.

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Tips for Beginners

  • Always count your stitches in each round to make sure you’re on track.
  • Keep your tension consistent for a neater look.
  • After you’re done, you may want to block your coaster to give it a really professional, finished look.
  • This is a quick project, ideal for last-minute gifts or as a way to use up yarn scraps. You can easily make one in under an hour.
  • If you’re using cotton yarn, your coaster can be easily washed. This is a good idea if you plan to use them during meals.

With these additional tips, you should be ready to tackle this apple coaster project. So, grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get crocheting!

Apple Coaster Pattern

Skill: Easy


  • Worsted weight cotton yarn in red or green for the apple, and a bit of green for the leaf. (scrap yarn works great for this project!)
  • Size 4.5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)
  • Scissors



  • Written in standard US terms
  • The finished size of the apple is about 3″ x 4″ inches
  • Gauge is not crucial for this project, but if you notice your coaster is too small or too large, try adjusting your hook size.

Apple Pattern

Round 1: With color A, Ch 4, sl st to the first ch to form a circle.

Round 2: Ch 2, 10 dcs into the circle, sl to the top of the first dc (not the ch 2). (10 sts)

Round 3: Ch 2, 2 dcs into each dc around, sl to the first dc (not the ch 2). (20)

Round 4: Ch 2, 2 hdc into the next dc, 2 hdc into the next dc, 2 dc into each of the next 6 dc, 2 hdc into the next dc, 2 sc into the next dc, 2 sc into the next dc, 2 hdc into the next dc, 2 dc into the next 7 dc, 2 hdc into the next dc, 2 hdc into the next dc, sl to the first dc (not the ch 2). (40 sts)

Leaf Pattern

Ch 7, sl st into the 2nd chain from the hook, sc, hdc, hdc, hdc, sc, ch 1,

(now working along the back side of the row) sc, hdc, hdc, hdc, sc, sl st, sl st.


Attach the leaves and weave in the loose ends with a yarn needle to finish your apple coaster design for Fall.

Crochet Apple Coaster Pattern

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