6 Must Make Pocket Shawl Crochet Patterns

Do you love shawls with pockets, or maybe just crocheted shawls in general? If that is the case, then the list below of shawls with pockets would be perfect for you to crochet.

Take a look at this list of crocheted pocket shawls that are great for the cold season, easy to crochet and are really popular now!

You may have heard them being called pocket scarves in your search for the perfect pocket shawl. Whatever they are called or what you prefer to call them, they all serve the same purpose, which is to keep you warm and cozy!

Get the free pattern for this pocket shawl plus five others below!

Great for Beginners

Most of these cozy shawl patterns are perfect for beginners and use basic stitches, which means you don’t have to make just one!

All these easy crochet pocket shawls are worth trying, even if you are a newer crocheter.

Pocket Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Please click the buttons below to access the free patterns. Some designers will include an ad- free PDF pattern that is available to purchase for on the go crocheting or for convenience.

The patterns are still FREE for those who’d rather have the free crochet pattern, but they will have to be viewed on each individual designers page.

Free Crochet Pocket Shawl Pattern

With just a few simple stitches, you can crochet this color blocked pocket shawl. It uses a medium weight yarn that is easy to find and is extra cozy.

Via Easy Crochet

Hooded Pocket Shawl Pattern

This free pocket shawl pattern not only has pockets, but also a hood! This beginner-friendly shawl pattern takes you through each part of the pattern and uses only basic crochet stitches! If you are looking for a quick to make pattern, this one is it.

Via Lovable Loops

Wanderlust Shawl with Pockets

This slouchy pocket shawl is perfect for a Fall evening at a football game or a cozy night by the fire. If you are looking for a wonderful shawl with drape, then this pattern it is, plus it even has the option to add fringe to add a little something extra!

Via Heart Hook Home

Velvet Soft Pocket Shawl

When you combine extra soft yarn with a great pocket shawl pattern, you have the ultimate cozy design! Not only is there a free pattern, but Sarah the designer also offers a PDF version of this pocket shawl if you prefer!

Via Rich Textures Crochet

Colorful Pocket Shawl Scarf Pattern

Like the designer mentions you can use this pockets in this scarf to hold your crochet or knit projects even while you are on the go! It uses colorful Mandala Tweed yarn, so you can have the color that is perfect for you!

Via The Loopy Lamb

Textured Pocketed Scarf Pattern

This oh so cozy textured pocket shawl has big pockets and a hood too! It also has a diagram to help with placement of pockets and measurements, plus is well written, so you’ll make a perfect pocket shawl every time!

Via Nana’s Crafty Home

More Free Crochet Patterns


  1. Please stop listing “free” patterns when they are actually paid. Thanks

    1. Hi Kris,
      Each of the pocket scarves crochet patterns are free on the designer’s page and mine.

      Some may offer an ad-free PDF version for those who want to crochet on the go or for convenience, but the pattern is still free to use on their blog page.

      If you click into the links for each pattern, you will see that all the free patterns are there.


  2. Thank you. Thank you for everything a beginning crocheter needs to know and soon after Wants to know. You really have touched upon all I would look over the internet for but all in one place.

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