Dog Crochet Bow Tie Pattern

Are you looking for a fun accessory for your dog? If so, you’ll love this crochet bow tie for dogs!

These easy yarn crochet bow ties are super FAST to make and would make the perfect embellishment for any crochet project you could think of! They even make the perfect addition to a dog collar (see above!)

Bow Tie Crochet Pattern
Find the free crochet bow tie pattern below!

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Scroll on down to learn how to crochet a bow tie

Happy Crocheting!

Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}

For my example, I used Charisma yarn from Michaels and a size N crochet hook, but you could make this with any size yarn or hook to get the same results!

If you don’t have this yarn on hand and want to make it look the same any bulky 5 or super bulky 6 yarn would work great.

I recommend Lion Brand Thick & Quick as a great substitute.

Add These Easy Bows To Any Crochet Project

These crochet bow ties would look great added to crochet hats, stuffed animals and many more projects such as headbands.

Please let me know if you do add them to anything because I’d love to see it!

Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve read through all the information, then you are ready to start crocheting! Read on down to find the FREE crochet bow ties pattern!e

Happy Bow Making!

Easy Crochet Yarn Bow Tie Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}

Bow Tie Crochet Pattern for Dogs

  • STEP 1: Chain 8
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
  • STEP 2: Single Crochet in the Second Chain from the Hook and into every Stitch Across, Then Chain 1 and turn
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
  • STEP 3: Repeat STEP 2 for a total of 4 rows.
  • STEP 4: Single crochet into the next 3stitches, on the 4th stitch gather all the chains with 1 single crochet over all rows.
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
  • STEP 5: Finish with 1 Single Crochet in the next 3 Chains.
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}
  • STEP 6: Fasten off ends and Weave in Loose ends with the yarn needle.


Easy Yarn Bow Ties {CROCHET PATTERN}

I know I’m an obsessed dog mom by making Penn wear this but doesn’t it make the perfect holiday bow ties for dogs! He will be ringing in the new year in style.

Crochet Bow tie for Dogs

Happy Crochet Bow Tie Making!

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