10 Classic Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties: Easy and Free

Are you looking for some easy crochet baby bootie patterns for beginners? If so, I’ve rounded up some of the cutest crochet booties you can make for a baby, and the best part is that they are all free crochet patterns!

Scroll on down to explore this great collection of free baby bootie patterns to crochet.

Crochet Baby Booties Free Patterns

Easy Crochet Baby Bootie Patterns

Baby booties are probably one of the easiest and fastest crochet patterns to make for a Christmas, birthday or an adorable baby shower gift. They are quick, use little yarn and mostly simple crochet stitches.

Below, I rounded up a collection of adorable crochet baby bootie patterns, most of which are perfect for any skill level of crocheter to try. Most of which are beginner-friendly designs.

These crochet baby boot patterns mostly use basic crochet stitches, which means they are all super easy to crochet.

If you want a crochet baby pattern that takes less time, these baby bootie pattern collection will help you find your new favorite pattern.

The Stitches for Baby Booties

You’ll want to have a knowledge of a few simple crochet stitches like the single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet stitch before you attempt to crochet one of these bootie patterns.

Learn more about some of these beginner-friendly stitches below, as well their abbreviations.

Double Crochet (dc): 

  1. Wrap the yarn over (YO) the hook, insert the hook into the specified st.
  2. YO the hook again, draw the yarn through the st, so there are 3 loops on the hook
  3. YO the hook again draw it through 2 loops, so there are 2 loops on the hook
  4. YO the hook, draw it through the final 2 loops.

Single Crochet (sc):

  1. Insert the crochet hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (YO) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch)  from back to front  (2 loops on hook).
  3. YO and pull through both loops on the hook.

Half Double Crochet (hdc):

  1. YO (yarn over) insert hook from front to back of the designated stitch, YO the hook and pick up a loop. 
  2. YO the hook and pull back through all three loops on the hook.

The Best Yarn for Baby Booties

When considering what yarn to use for a baby bootie, you will need to take think about what type of yarn would be best for a baby’s sensitive skin.

For example, wool yarn would be scratchy and might irritate a baby skin. You should pick a soft yarn that is easy to wash and made with hypoallergenic fibers.

Feels Like Butta Yarn

I love using Feels like Butta from Lion Brand. It is amazingly soft, washable and comes in a variety of beautiful colors that are perfect for a handmade baby shower gift like these crochet baby shoes.

I previously designed a baby blanket with it, and it is one of the softest blankets that I’ve ever made. I promise. You’ll love it!

You could pair one of these crochet baby bootie designs with the baby afghan mentioned above and have a lovely baby shower gift combination that a new parent will treasure.

Ready to Get Started?

Keep on reading to learn to explore the collection of quick and easy crochet baby booties (some with video tutorials too!) that every Mom, Dad, and Grandparent will love.

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties

Below you’ll find a collection of free baby bootie crochet patterns that are all easy to make as well as extra cute! I hope you enjoy these patterns!

Parker Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Sewrella
Pattern: The Parker Crochet Baby Booties

With just one beginner-friendly crochet stitch, you can crochet a pair of adorable baby booties quickly. These baby booties pattern are available to make in four different baby shoe sizes and even have instructions for a matching diaper cover and baby hat pattern to match!

Baby Ankle Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Hopeful Honey
Pattern: Cocoa Baby Ankle Booties

Learn how to crochet baby booties with these step-by-step pictures from the designer. You can opt to crochet them with the button or without. The best part is that this ankle bootie design uses simple stitches and is quick to crochet. Yay!

Winter Snowflake Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Croby Patterns
Pattern: Winter Crochet Baby Boots

These adorable baby booties are easy to crochet and are finished with a cute braided tie. Follow along with the free written pattern, or use the baby booties video crochet pattern instead. These crochet baby booties pattern are so cute for winter pictures and would be a great as a baby shower present for a baby boy or baby girl.

Easy Crochet Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Yarnspirations
Pattern: Crochet Easy Rainy Day Booties

You can crochet these simple booties quickly when you have time or on a rainy day like th name suggests! They are so quick to work up that you can crochet a pair in every color. Get the free baby slipper PDF crochet pattern today.

Cuffed Baby Boot Pattern

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Yarnspirations
Pattern: Crochet Baby Booties with Cuff

Download the free PDF cuffed baby bootie pattern directly from the designer. These booties crochet pattern are easy to crochet and use simple stitches. These cute little booties will keep newborn babies feet cozy and warm!

Adorable Bow Baby Slippers

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Hopeful Honey
Pattern: Crochet Bow Slippers for Baby

These lovely bow crochet slippers are great for any skill level of crocheter that has some basic crochet knowledge. The bow adds the final touch for extra adorableness on this easy pattern!

Crochet Fur Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Pattern Paradise
Pattern: Crochet Faux Fur Booties for Baby

These cute crochet fuzzy baby booties are adorable for pictures. If you are feeling ambitious, you can crochet a pair of these baby boots in 3 different sizes!

Mary Jane Crochet Baby Shoes

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: One Dog Woof
Pattern: Mary Jane Booties

This free crochet baby shoes pattern is darling and features a double strap for extra cuteness. Follow along with the mary janes bootie free pattern to crochet these precious baby shoes!

Strawberry Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Method 13
Pattern: Strawberry Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

These precious crocheted baby shoes are perfect to crochet for babies during the warmer months. These cute booties look like strawberries and are perfect for a Summer photo shoot for baby’s feet.

Adorable Baby Booties

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Masie & Ruth
Pattern: Fast Crochet Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

These adorable crocheted baby shoes are perfect to crochet for babies since they work up fast and make a great gift for baby showers and more.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of free crochet baby booties patterns, slippers, and shoes!

If you’d like to crochet more baby items for your little one, have a look at our free crochet baby patterns below.

More Free Crochet Baby Patterns

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free baby bootie patterns

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