1 Hour Crochet Messy Bun Beanie Pattern

Use this free messy bun hat pattern to make the easiest beanie ever! If you’ve been on the lookout for a quick & easy messy bun pattern, then this one is it!

The best part is that it only takes one hour to crochet, and it uses basic crochet stitches! Ready to learn more? Read on down to get started!

I can’t wait for you to make this simple bun hat!

Happy Crocheting!

1 Hour Beanie Pattern

Have You Been Looking for The Perfect Messy Hat Pattern?

If you’ve been searching online for crochet patterns lately, then you know that the obsession has been off the charts for the oh so popular messy bun beanie hats! I am happy to add my pattern to the mix and I hope you like it!

I promise this is one of the most straightforward bun patterns you can crochet, and it’s free too! Keep on reading down learn to learn how to crochet a messy bun hat.

If you have been wondering how to crochet one of these hats, then I can help! These crochet messy bun hats are everywhere!

I decided to design one because my daughter is a swimmer, and this type of cap is perfect for her wet hair after practice! She pulls her hair in a bun and slips this on! It’s a win-win.

Free Messy Bun Beanie Crochet Pattern

Crochet Stitches For the 1-Hour Messy Bun Beanie

My version of the crocheted messy bun hat takes only 1 hour to complete, and let’s face it; we need these kinds of quick projects between work, life, and after-school activities! Well, that and coffee.

The reason this only takes an hour to make are the simple stitches it uses. If you can half double crochet and single crochet, you can make this beanie!

Crochet Stitches for a Messy Bun Beanie:

Learn more about both crochet stitches below.

Easy Messy Bun Beanie Crochet Pattern

The Yarn That’s Perfect For This Messy Bun Hat

I decided to use Cozy Wool in Pewter, which is a half acrylic half wool blend from Michaels because I love how soft it is! And the color choices, like the Pewter I used, are pretty wonderful too!

You will love working with this yarn because it is so extraordinarily bulky and works up fast! If you don’t have this particular yarn on hand, you could substitute Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in its place or any bulky 6 yarn, and it would still work out great!

Click the Yarn Images Below to Check them out!

Ready to Get Started on This Easy Bun Hat

If you think you are ready to jump in and learn how to make, this messy bun beanie, then scroll on down to find the free pattern!

Happy Crocheting Friends!

1 Hour Free Crochet Messy Bun Beanie Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


Crochet Abbreviations

  • ch = chain
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • sc = single crochet
  • st = stitch


  • Written in US terms
  • Fits most teen to adult women
  • sl st’s do not count as stitches
  • Add to Ravelry

Finished Size

  • 20-inch circumference & a 7″ height (using a 9 mm crochet hook for the main body of the hat)
Free Crochet Messy Bun Beanie Pattern

Crochet a Messy Bun Hat With Elastic

Here is our video tutorial on how to attach yarn to a hair tie.

Begin: Attach yarn to hair elastic as shown in the pictures. I used a 6.5 mm in the video, but any size crochet hook will work.

Attach Yarn to a Hair Tie for a Messy Bun Beanie
Grab the yarn with the hook and pull through
Chain 1 to begin

After you get your yarn attached to the hair elastic, you can begin!

If you need any help with this part, feel free to ask away! You can reach me at krista@easycrochet.com.

Happy Messy Bun Beanie Hat making!

messy bun beanie free crochet pattern

The Free and Easy Messy Bun Crochet Pattern

Round 1: sc 12 times around hair tie, sl st to top of first sc to complete round (12)

How to attach yarn to a hair tie in crochet
sc 12 times around

Round 2: ch 1, in first st hdc & sc,  *hdc & sc in next st, repeat from * around, sl st to top of the first hdc. (24)

Round 3: ch1, in first st *2 hdc’s, sc in next st, repeat from *, sl st to top of the first hdc. (36)

Round 4: ch1, starting in first st *hdc, in next st sc, repeat from * around, sl st to top of the first hdc. (36)

How to Crochet messy Bun hat

Round 5-11:  repeat round 4. (36)

Round 12: ch 1, sc in first st, sc in each remaining st around, sl st to top of first sc. (36)

Round 13: ch 1, sl st in first st, sl st in each remaining st around, sl st to top of first sc. (36)

Messy Bun Hat Crochet Pattern Free
Final Beanie

To Finish: Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sc in each remaining ch, sl st to top of the first st in round 13. (5) Fasten off, leaving a 12-inch tail. Attach flap to the beanie with a yarn needle and 12 tail, next attach the button with the remaining yarn tail left.

Chain 6 and sc 1 in each ch (5)
sl st into first st to fasten off
Fold up flap onto hat
Attach flap with a yarn needle and yarn tail

Finally, weave in the ends of yarn throughout your messy bun beanie!

You are done! I hope you enjoyed this messy bun beanie pattern!

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  1. Hi Krista!
    My question is about the 1 Hour Crochet Messy Bun Beanie. I’m a newby to crochet. (I did crochet when I was 8yrs old, but that’s been around 40 yrs ago, lol)
    I’m stepping in to try my hand at this pattern. I live in FL, and wanted a thinner, not so hot beanie bun hat. Can you suggest what changes I need to do with stitch counts?
    Also, in your how to attach to hair tie you said you’re using 6.5 hook, but the pattern calls for a 9.0?
    Appreciate your SME reply!

    1. Hi Trinity,
      Any size crochet hook will work when attaching the hair tie, but the main body of the hat does need to be worked in with a 9.00 mm.

      Happy Crocheting!


  2. Hello, thanks for your pattern, I tried making for myself, but it fits tight on my head, any idea of how to make it wider please!!!

    1. Hi Cecilia,

      You could crochet more than 12 sc’s for the first round. I’d suggest 14 or 16 depending on what you’d prefer, then work the pattern up as written. This will change the stitch counts at the end of the rows, so keep that in mind. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.


  3. I love your patterns, they are easy to read and crochet up so beautifully. Do you have a pattern similar to this to make with a thinner yarn, need something for a my daughter in law who needs something like this but gets too hot with this type of yarn. Thank you

  4. Hey I like your patterns, well described! I was wondering if you have any that are Worsted or Aran weight and maybe use a Celtic Weave stitch? Just curious.

  5. Thanks for your pattern! Has anyone tried this with joining a simple chain instead of the elastic band? I often wear a clip or ponytail and don’t want to deal with another inside the hat… wondering how it works up without the band.


  6. Love the pattern, I’m making it for my 12 year old as a stockng stuffer. Took me longer than one hour. I also added 3 extra rows after 11, like row 4. Maybe we have big heads here or the gauge didn’t work out well. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA.
    Thank you so much for this pattern, it’s for sure the cutest I found

  7. I love the messy bun hat, thank you! I was wondering if you made the scarf in the picture too? I would love to know what yarn Is used and the pattern?

  8. I look very this pattern. I’ve used it lots. This time I’d like to use a bulky 5 Red Heart Super Saver Chunky. Just because that’s what I have on hand. How will that effect the hat? I’m so impatient I’ll probably just start it before I see your reply lol! Thanks

  9. Next question: I don’t understand the stitches; how do you do a half double crochet and a single crochet on the same stitch? Am I reading that correctly?

    1. Hi!
      You will work a half double crochet & a single crochet into one stitch. So complete the hdc in the stitch then work a sc in the same stitch that you just worked the hdc into. Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Victoria,
      You could do that but the fit would be much smaller. You could hold together two skeins of worsted weight to get the same results if that would help.


  10. I tried to email you at the above email address and it came back undeliverable. I have a question on the 1 Hour Crochet Messy Bun Beanie.

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