14 Free Crochet Beret Patterns

Berets are a round and flat crowned cap. They are usually much looser around the sides and top than a beanie, yet less length than a slouchy hat.

Did you know that mass production of berets began in 19th century France and Spain for military use? The beret still widely remains associated with these countries to this day. 

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However, the beret-style of hat is unique enough that not everyone has the confidence to pull it off. Options for wearing the beret include set back on the head (such as a halo), flat on the head (like a pancake), pulled down covering the ears (for winter), or dipping diagonally to one side (because, you know, fashion).

The Scottish tam is considered a specific, regional type of beret and is traditionally worn only flat on top of the head.

Sizing a Crochet Beret Hat

In order to crochet a beret (unintentional rhyming), it starts off very much like a regular-old beanie. First, you’ll need to decided on the appropriate size to make.

If you have to guess, use Extra Small for a child, Small for a teen, Medium for an adult woman, and Large for an adult man. But again, this is just guess work, and is only based on average person sizes.

SizeAge GroupHead CircumferenceHat Circumference
LargeAdult Man23″ (58.5 cm)22″ (56 cm)
MediumAdult Woman22″ (56 cm)21″ (53.5 cm)
SmallTeen21″ (53.5 cm)20″ (51 cm)
Extra SmallChild19″-20″ (48-51 cm)18″-19″ (46-48 cm)
Average Head Sizes

While many times, you can get away with guessing about the hat size needed, taking an accurate measurement is much better. To accomplish this, you’ll need to take an accurate measurement of the wearer’s head circumference.

To get this, take the tape measure and wrap it around the person’s head at the forehead level. Find this number on one of the 11 hat sizes in our resizing chart, and that’ll be the size you need to make.

Stitches & Yarn Used for Crochet Berets


Honestly, any stitch will work here, but it will depend on your preferred style. Some like a tighter knit-like hat, in which you’d use something like a single crochet (sc) stitch.

Single Crochet

Single Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: sc
Difficulty Level: Easy
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If you want a looser one, you can move up to a half-double (hdc) or double crochet (dc) stitch. The possibilities really are endless… but luckily for you, all the free beret patterns below specify the exact stitch to use.

Half Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: hdc
Difficulty Level: Easy
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Double Crochet

Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: dc
Difficulty Level: Easy
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As for the best yarn to use in crochet beret patterns, it is almost always preferred to use a natural fiber like Wool or Alpaca.

Touch of Alpaca

This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Touch of Alpaca

Fiber: 90% Acrylic, 10% Alpaca
Yardage: 207 yds / 190 m
Hook: 5.5 mm (I-9)
Substitute: Knit Picks Mighty Stitch

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Blended yarns that include a touch of acrylic will also work great. This is because such a yarn allows you to take advantage of both the look and warmth of a natural fiber, but with the ease of care and comfort of a blended one.

Free & Modern Crochet Beret Patterns

Unfortunately, I have not created a beret myself… yet. However, it’s easy to admire the style, and to create one is on my near-term bucket list.

I recently went out and looked for some of the most beautiful (and obviously free) beret patterns available today. Some of these are simply beautiful. I hope you enjoy the list I’ve assembled!

Parisienne Beret

This one-size-fits-most beret is worked in the round and as one seamless piece. You can add or omit the cross stitched heart at the end of the pattern.

Designer: Sewrella
Yarn: Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca
Hook: 6 mm (J)

Simple Beret

This pattern is the simple beret. It uses only one skein of yarn and works up quickly.

Designer: Elk Craft Studio
Yarn: Any Chunky Yarn (#5 weight)
Hook: 9 mm (N)

Classic Beret

This beret uncommonly uses super fine (#1) weight yarn to create a very tight fabric. The pattern is for a one-size-fits-all adult size.

Designer: Julia Madill for Yarnspirations
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX
Hooks: 2.75 mm (C) & 3.25 mm (D)

Lazy Day Beret

This beret pattern starts with a crochet magic circle, then works together using the Forked Half Double Crochet (fkhdc) stitch.

Designer: Heart Hook Home
Yarn: Red Heart Amore yarn
Hook: 5mm (H)

Today Beret

Using a lightweight/DK yarn, this fall-season beret crochet pattern also starts with a magic circle, and is worked up using variations of the double crochet stitch.

Designer: Winding Road Crochet
Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala
Hook: 4 mm (G)

Green Gables Beret

This beret pattern comes in two sizes and uses treble crochets to get its beautiful look. This pattern calls for DROPS Lima yarn, but any DK lightweight one will work instead.

Designer: Drops Design
Yarn(s): Any DK/Light weight yarn
Hook(s): 4 mm (G)

Hairnet Paradise Beret

This simple crochet beret pattern uses #4 weight alpaca yarn. The loose stitching creates a sort of half-slouch-half-beret hat.

Designer: Sewing My Fingers Together
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Hook 9.0 mm (M/N)

Ladies Beret

This pattern makes a classic beret. While it is written for their specific yarn, you can use any DK/Lightweight blended yarn.

Designer: Durable Yarn
Yarn(s): Durable Cosy Fine
Hook: 4.0 mm (G)

The Le Chic Beret

This one-size-fits-all pattern uses a cotton blend medium weight yarn and single crochet stitching to get its simple look.

Designer: Lion Brand
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Hook(s): 5 mm (H), 4mm (G)

Beret and Scarf Set

This simple beret and scarf set pattern is an oldie-but-goodie. Published back in 2006, this classic set fits just about any style.

Designer: Bernat
Yarn: Bernat Satin (Medium weight, 100% acrylic)
Hook: 5.5 mm (I)

Sunspot Hat

This easy, beginners-level beret hat from Lion Brand features a yarn that has been discontinued, but you can replace it with any sport weight yarn instead.

Designer: Lion Brand
Yarn: Any sport #2 weight yarn
Hook: 4.25mm, or a G hook if you don’t have the 4.25mm

Fujiami Beret

This fun crochet beret pattern is created with a swirl that is enhanced when using an ombre yarn.

Designer: Jun Shibata
Yarn: Any sport #2 weight yarn
Hook: 5mm (H)

Crochet Beret

This beret design is slightly oversized, so it should fit any adult. It has a unique design in front highlighted with a button of your choice.

Designer: Erin Elkins for Boye
Yarn: Any medium #4 weight yarn
Hook: 4.25mm (G)

Supa Floppy Beret

The whole hat pattern is done in rounds and uses 12-ply chunky yarn. The size it comes out as is somewhere between Small and Medium.

Designer: woolinthetrees
Yarn: Super Bulky #6 Weight Yarn
Hook: 6.5 mm (K-10.5)

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