The 10 Best Crochet Cat Patterns

If you love crocheting amigurumi, then you will love this roundup of cat amigurumi patterns!

This collection of cute crochet cat patterns would all make a great gift for the cat lover or cat-loving friend in your life!

The best part is that most of these cat patterns are easy to crochet, with a few advanced skill levels mixed in. Be sure to look at the skill level of each amigurumi cat pattern before you begin. Enjoy!

Materials for Crocheted Cats

Take a look below at some materials you may need when making crochet cat patterns. Keep in mind, not all are necessary, but you will find patterns that do call for all or some of these items.

  • Stitch Marker: This crochet tool is used to keep track of stitches in projects.
  • Nose: Pink nose or black nose are the most common ones used
  • Safety Eyes: These are plastic eyes that are great for amigurumi patterns. If you’d prefer to use yarn for eyes by surface crocheting. (scrap yarn is great for this!)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Pipe Cleaner: A pipe cleaner is sometimes used inside amigurumi to make moveable parts or make them more stiff. For example, you would use one in a cat tail to make it stay put.
  • Worsted Weight Yarn: This yarn weight is the most commonly used, but in some cases you will see a bulkier or lighter weight yarn used in amigurumi.
  • Crochet Hook: The hook size needed for each pattern will vary. Some of these cat patterns may call for regular hooks or even steel crochet hooks.

Common Crochet Stitches + Techniques used in Cat Amigurumi

Most amigurumi patterns use basic crochet stitches and are surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Here are a few of the most common stitches and techniques used in amigurumi:

  • Single Crochet (sc): Single crochet stitches achieve that classic “x” look that most amigurumi projects have.
  • Double Crochet (dc) and Half Double Crochet (hdc): While single crochets are the primary stitch in amigurumi patterns, occasionally you’ll see a double crochet or half double crochet stitch required as well.
  • Slip Stitch (sl st): The sl st is an easy crochet technique is a beginner level stitch and quick to learn.
  • Magic Ring: This technique is sometimes also referred to as the magic circle. Most amigurumi patterns start with a magic circle for a seamless beginning.
  • Invisible Decrease: An invisible decrease is a way to make a count smaller, like joining the stitches together.

Favorite Yarns for Amigurumi Cats

Amigurumi can be made with all different types of yarns and yarn weights. If you are crocheting a tiny amigurumi pattern, for example, you will use thread and a steel hook.

Below are a few of my favorite bigger yarns to use when making amigurumi patterns. Be sure to take a look at each yarn below, so you can find the perfect yarn for your new amigurumi cat pattern.

  • Vanna’s Choice: This is a medium weight yarn from Lion Brand. The yarn colors in this line are great for amigurumi since there is such a big variety.
  • Brava Worsted: We Crochet and Knit Picks hit it out of the park with this wonderful yarn! This four weight yarn is inexpensive and has a HUGE color range, so you’ll always be able to pick the right color yarn for any project.
  • Super Saver: This four weight yarn from Red Heart is a crocheter favorite since it is easy to find, doesn’t cost much and has a big variety of colors!
  • Pound of Love: You’ll LOVE the fact that you get a whooping 16oz of yarn for a great price from Lion Brand, so you can get more projects out of just one skein of yarn.

The Top Crochet Cat Patterns

Take a look below at the best crocheted cat and kitty patterns that I could find on the internet.

This is a collection of paid cat patterns, followed by a collection of free cat crochet patterns! Enjoy and happy cat crocheting!

Paid Crochet Cat Patterns

Fuzzy Black Cat Pattern

This lovable and fuzzy cat design is on Etsy, plus it is available in 3 different languages.

According to the designer, it is a 16-page pattern with lots of photos to follow along with. You can also buy a crochet cat amigurumi kit that comes with all the materials you need to make this pattern that looks like real cats!

Sleeping Tabby Cat Pattern

This bestselling crochet cat pattern on ETSY is easy to crochet and oh so adorable! This striped kitty pattern is available in three languages and is 16 pages long.

According to the designer, there are 71 + helpful photos to help you finish crocheting this cute cat.

Realistic Crochet Cat Pattern

Use this detailed PDF pattern from Etsy to create an amigurumi cat doll.

If you follow along with the pattern and use the recommended yarn, your cat will be 5.1 inches high. Get the cat pattern below on Etsy.

Tiny Crochet Cat Pattern

You’ll fall in love with this adorable small tuxedo cat! This pattern on Etsy is available and comes with 9 detailed pages to follow.

Shop the little cat PDF below to get started as soon as possible on this great pattern!

Free Crochet Cat Patterns

Cuddly Crochet Cat Pattern

This adorable cat pattern is perfect for snuggling and hugging! It was designed to be squishy and soft so that it can be loved.

You can get creative and use any yarn color you wish to make a custom cat just for you or the person you are making it for. This cat pattern was created by Moogly and can be found below.

Mermaid Crochet Cat Pattern

This free cat mermaid pattern from Hooked by Robin is so creative and a great gift for a little boy or little girl who love mermaids and mermen!

Use her step-by-step photos to guide along the pattern to create this beautiful crocheted amigurumi cat!

Itty Bitty Crochet Cat Pattern

These cute crocheted cats from Thoresby Cottage are so adorable. This amigurumi design is easy due to the great photos accompanying the pattern.

The designer makes it easy to adjust it to be a smaller or larger cat pattern if you wish.

Simple Crochet Cat Pattern

This simple and free crochet cat pattern by Hooked on Patterns is worked in continuous rounds and uses basic stitches. You will need to use a stitch marker to keep track of the number of stitches when reading along with the pattern.

Follow along with the designers step-by-step photo instructions to make this crocheted cat in no time! Get the free crochet cat pattern below!

Adorable Crochet Kitten in Four Sizes

This extra cute kitty design by Crafty Bun Bun is available to crochet in four different cat sizes! Pick from a large, medium, small or tiny sized kitty!

Follow along with this cute pattern that has lots of clear photo instructions to make these crocheted cube kitties! I think my favorite is the tiny crochet cat!

Crochet Cat Keychain Pattern

Learn how to crochet a cat into a keychain with this free PDF pattern! You’ll just need some sport weight yarn and a 2.5 mm crochet hook to make these cuties!

For some extra help, the designer has also included a video as well, so making these cat keychains will be quite easy!

More Free Crochet Cat Patterns

If that wasn’t enough, here are some more amigurumi cat patterns that instead make hats, home decor and other projects!

The Latest Free Crochet Patterns from Easy Crochet