31 Must Make Amigurumi Doll Crochet Patterns

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a little girl or little boy or just maybe want a new doll to crochet, then you will love this collection of beautiful crochet doll patterns.

All of these free crochet doll patterns can be made in different colors, customized with a cute outfit, and some even have video tutorials to help out, so you’ll be able to make a custom gift easily.

crochet doll patterns

Each doll pattern has different skill levels, ranging from super easy to a bit more complex, so be sure to look through the pattern you want to make to be certain it will work for you as a crocheter. If you are a beginner crocheter, make sure to look over our how to crochet section before starting one of the easier doll patterns, below.

Read on down to find some designs for crochet dolls in this adorable pattern collection.

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Common Crochet Stitches & Techniques Used in Amigurumi Dolls

Certain types of crochet stitches work best when creating these small crochet dolls. Here are five of the best stitches we’ve come across for crocheting a doll that make them durable, and long-lasting, so they can be loved on for years.

  • Single Crochet: A beginner-friendly basic stitch that is most commonly used in Amigurumi doll patterns, as well as other types of amigurumi designs. Learn how to single crochet.
  • Back Loop Single Crochet: A single crochet that is worked in the back of the v of the single crochet stitch. This technique can be used to create texture on doll outfits and more. Learn how to back loop single crochet.
  • Front Loop Single Crochet: Working in the front loop is very similar to the back loop technique, but you will be working in the front loop of the v of the single crochet or the part that is closest to you.
  • Single Crochet Increase & Invisible Decrease: These methods create seamless transitions in your doll when you’d like to make a leg go from bigger to smaller or vice versa.
  • Magic Loop: The magic loop is a crochet technique that creates a closed, tight bottom of a circle. It can be used for hats, place mats, circles and these cute dolls too! Learn more about the Magic loop (or circle) to use this method.

Note: Keep in mind that you may need to know all or only some of these stitches to make these dolls, but more than likely, the single crochet stitch will be used more often than not.

Materials for Making Crochet Dolls

While you would need many of these materials for any crochet project, crochet dolls sometimes require specific sizes of yarn, hooks and more.

In this section, we’ll discuss the weight of yarn, hook sizes and other things that work best for amigurumi dolls.

  • Stitch Markers: A stitch marker is important to keep track of the rounds you are working in the doll pattern. Most doll designs are worked in continuous rounds, so it is critical to be able to keep track of the rounds with this marker.
  • Crochet Hook: Most doll patterns will use a smaller sized crochet hook than the yarn they are using calls for. This is because it will create a tighter single crochet stitch in the doll pattern, which in turn makes a cleaner looking end product.
  • Safety Eyes: Most of the crocheted dolls you will find to make use safety eyes. These are usually plastic snap together pieces that form an eye in amigurumi. If you prefer not to use safety eyes, you can surface crochet eyes onto almost any doll instead.
  • Yarn: While almost any yarn can be used for amigurumi patterns, the most commonly used weight is Light/DK or Medium/Worsted weight yarn. A doll made with DK yarn will be slightly smaller than one made with worsted weight medium yarn, but that is typically the preferred outcome.
  • Stuffing: Most amigurumi dolls will have stuffing, so this is an important material to have on hand. Poly-Fil is my personal favorite.

Note: You may need all the supplies mentioned above when making your crochet doll, but make sure to double-check the pattern materials list before starting your doll pattern.

Tips and Tricks to Crocheting Amigurumi Dolls

Crocheting amigurumi doll patterns can be fun and rewarding! Here are some tips to help you create adorable amigurumi dolls.

  1. Use the right yarn and hook: Choose a yarn that is appropriate for amigurumi, such as acrylic or cotton, as these fibers tend to hold their shape well. Use a hook size that creates a tight stitch, so the stuffing doesn’t show through.
  2. Read the pattern carefully: Before you start, thoroughly read the amigurumi pattern you’re working on. Familiarize yourself with the stitches, techniques, and any special instructions. Make sure you understand the abbreviations and symbols (if a chart is used) in the pattern.
  3. Make a Gauge swatch: Crochet a gauge swatch before starting your project. This will help ensure that your finished doll will be the correct size and proportion. Adjust your hook size if necessary to match the recommended gauge in the pattern.
  4. Use stitch markers: Amigurumi patterns often involve working in continuous rounds. Placing stitch markers at the beginning of each round can help you keep track of your stitches and prevent mistakes.
  5. Count your stitches: Count your stitches at the end of each round or row to ensure you haven’t accidentally skipped or added any stitches. This is especially important when creating amigurumi dolls, as mistakes can affect the overall shape and proportions.
  6. Stuffing: Use a high-quality stuffing material, such as polyester fiberfill, to give your amigurumi doll a soft and squishy feel. Stuff the doll firmly, but not too tightly, to maintain a nice shape.
  7. Embroidery and facial features: Take your time when embroidering the facial features of your amigurumi doll. Use small stitches and secure them well. Experiment with different embroidery techniques to achieve different expressions and personalities for your dolls.
  8. Carefully Joining pieces: When attaching limbs, heads, or other parts to the main body, make sure they are securely sewn in place. Use yarn and a blunt needle to stitch the parts together neatly and invisibly as possible.
  9. Practice and have fun: Crocheting amigurumi dolls takes practice and patience. Don’t get discouraged if your first attempts don’t turn out perfectly. With each project, you’ll improve your skills and get better!

Remember to enjoy creating these adorable dolls. Crocheting amigurumi can be a delightful and relaxing hobby. Happy crocheting!

Our collection of crochet doll patterns can be found below!

Free & Adorable Amigurumi Doll Patterns to Crochet

Below, take a look at some of the best doll patterns you can crochet that are not only free but adorable too! You will find a wide range of designs from ballerina dolls, to Halloween dolls to superhero crocheted dolls and much more!

Flower Gal Crochet Doll Pattern

This free crochet pattern contains everything you need to create the amigurumi flower doll and her pet bee. You’ll need a lightweight yarn in a couple of different spring colors, as well as a 2.75 mm crochet hook.

Adorable Ballerina Doll Pattern

This ballerina doll amigurumi patterns is beautiful as well as free! If you have a young child who loves to dance, then this crochet doll might be it! Find the free pattern below.

Crochet Mermaid Doll Pattern

Use this easy pattern to create a wonderful gift for a child who loves mermaids! This free doll pattern uses simple stitches and has hair that can customized to match the person you are gifting it to! Find the pattern from the Friendly Red Fox to get started on this beautiful doll.

18″ Doll Dress Crochet Pattern

Use this free crochet pattern to create a doll outfit that is perfect for an American Girl Doll. This free pattern includes detailed instructions to make a plain dress or ruffled dress design. Find these free designs from Granny’s Crochet Shoppe to make your next project.

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern

This adorable and free doll from make a stunning gift for a young girl for Halloween. This cute little doll has a witches hat, boots, and broom to complete her outfit. Find the free doll pattern from Live Life Yarn to get started as soon as possible.

Baby Doll Crochet Pattern

You’ll love the fact that this adorable doll is a free PDF on Ravelry. This doll pattern includes 11 pages and has detailed instructions for each step! Find the pattern below.

Super Hero Crochet Doll Pattern

These superhero dolls are perfect to crochet for the little girl or boy in your life! The free detailed pattern uses simple stitches and is written out step-by-step for an easy-to-make doll! Find the free doll pattern below from the Friendly Red Fox.

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern

This lovely and free doll from Tales of Twisted Fibers would make a great beginner-friendly doll pattern for a newer crocheter. Grab the free pattern below on their blog.

Devil Costume Doll Crochet Pattern

How precious is this crocheted doll costume? It would make the perfect accessory or gift for Halloween! Get the free pattern below from Tales of Twisted Fibers!

Bella the Ballerina Crochet Doll

This cute crocheted ballerina is ready to dance with her crocheted doll ballet slippers and tutu! Get the free pattern from Jenny and Teddy below.

Bear Hoodie Doll Crochet Pattern

You’ll love the fact that this bear hoodie doll design is available as a free PDF. This doll can be customized to any hoodie color or hair you wish to have.

Caped Superhero Doll Crochet Pattern

This extra adorable duo is the perfect pair of dolls to crochet! You can get this free PDF doll pattern directly from Yarnspirations to get started.

Base Doll Crochet Pattern

This is a great starter doll body for any design you wish to make. Simply follow along with this one piece doll pattern then add your finishing touches with an outfit, shoes, or hat.

Curly Hair Doll Crochet Pattern

A crocheted doll can’t get any cuter than this adorable crochet dancer with curly hair and bow. Follow along with the free pattern to get started today on your tiny dancer!

Amy Doll Crochet Pattern

This doll lovey is a free pattern from Grace and Yarn. It has a step-by-step photo tutorial as well as a written pattern to use. This would make a wonderful doll for a Birthday or Christmas gift for any young lady!

Heirloom Crochet Doll Pattern

This beautiful crocheted amigurumi doll will soon become an heirloom with this fabulous design! The doll’s adorable stitching and felt hair details are perfect and would make a great gift for any young girl or boy!

Bill Doll Crochet Pattern

This free capitol bill doll from Tobey Time Crochet is a great project to make! It has a detailed pattern, plus a tutorial to help you along every step of the way. Get the free pattern below.

Rag Doll Crochet Pattern

If you don’t enjoy sewing in ends, then you love this no-sew crochet doll pattern! The Gracie doll has step-by-step photos and video tutorials, plus tips and tricks to help you crochet this amigurumi doll in no time!

Sleepy Time Doll Crochet Pattern

This snuggly doll is extra adorable and features a cute hat as well. If you love crocheting with videos as well as written patterns, then you are in luck with this baby doll design!

Weebee Doll Crochet Pattern

Use this pattern to make a standard sized Weebee doll that is great for customizing with whatever doll clothes you wish, which are also available from this designer too. This pattern is available as a free PDF doll pattern as is easy to follow along with too.

Angel Doll Crochet Pattern

These little angel doll amigurumi crochet patterns can be made with 3 different hairstyles. They are quite easy to make and have a finished size of about 3 inches tall.

Princess Doll Crochet Pattern

Make a fairy tale doll with this free PDF pattern of a princess. It is perfect for the kiddo in your life that loves magical tales and stories.

Giant Crochet Doll Pattern

This doll is not only cuddly but big too! Most crocheted dolls are around 9-12″ big, but this one is quite different. It is the perfect size doll for snuggling and loving on at 3 feet tall. Learn how to crochet this giant doll pattern below to get started on this fun design.

Primrose Crochet Doll Pattern

You’ll love making this easy doll pattern since it has step-by-step photos to help with every part. It shows how to construct the doll as well as how to add hair to crochet dolls as well.

More Free Crochet Doll Designs and Patterns

Here is a list of other crochet doll patterns we’ve gathered from across the web that you may enjoy making as well.

I hope you enjoyed all these free crocheted doll designs and found a pattern or two to make. If you need any clarification, please let me know, and I’d be happy to help If I can.

If you did like this doll collection, be sure to take a look at my free amigurumi crochet pattern section here on easy crochet to find even more patterns to make, like crochet animals and more.

free amigurumi doll crochet patterns