Corner to Corner Heart Blanket Pattern

If you are looking for an easy crochet baby blanket, then this corner to corner heart blanket may be the one. Corner to Corner or C2C abbreviated is an easy crochet technique to learn and works up beautifully for any level of crocheter.

Learn more about C2C crocheting (blocks of crochet squares worked diagonally) as well as how to make a heart blanket below!

c2c heart blanket
Our c2c Heart Blanket graph is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Plus, don’t forget to grab the free PDF chart pattern for this blanket design below, too.

What is C2C or Corner to Corner Crochet?

Corner to corner crochet or abbreviated C2C is a type of crochet technique that is a block made up of three chains and three double crochets that work up diagonally.

You can learn more about what the C2C crochet stitch is with the steps below.

  1. The blocks of crochet are slip stitched to three – chain spaces from the previous row.
  2. The increases are made until the width that is wanted is obtained.
  3. After this, the project is decreased back down.

Tip: You can find a full corner to corner tutorial that will help you with the C2C technique if it is new to you.

The tutorial will show you how to start a C2C project or increase, and then how to decrease once you have reached the width and height the graph pattern calls for.

What Stitches are Used in Corner to Corner?

The most common stitch used in C2C is the double crochet stitch. Occasionally, a C2C crochet pattern will be worked up with half double crochets too.

More often than not, though, you will see most C2C patterns crocheted with double crochets because it works up faster. If you are going for a more elaborate design the half double crochet can be used because the blocks are smaller, and it allows for details to show.

It is as easy as changing one stitch to add corner to corner crochet variations to any project! This particular project uses the double crochet stitch, so keep that in mind when reading the pattern below.

The Yarn

To make the heart blanket like the one shown, you will want to use Comfy Cotton Blend yarn from LionBrand in two different colors. I used the colors Mochaccino (taupe) and Whipped Cream, which are the perfect if you want a neutral color palette.

Comfy Cotton Blend is a 50% cotton, 50% polyester yarn with subtle bits of color. It is a lightweight yarn that is perfect for crochet summer makes such as this baby blanket!

If you’d like to make a baby boy heart blanket you can use Whipped Cream and Ocean Breeze colorways as shown below.

If you’d like to make a baby girl heart blanket you can use Whipped Cream and Lovie Dovie colorways as shown below.

Do you want to use a different yarn? If you’d like to use a substitute yarn to make your heart blanket you can use any 3 weight or 4 weight yarn as long as the gauge is matched which is shown in the pattern below.

Some good substitutions are We Crochet Comfy Color Mist which is a 75% pima cotton, 25% acrylic fiber mix and Caron Cotton Cakes which is a 60% cotton, 40% acrylic blend.

Once you have looked over the basic crochet stitches you’ll need to know and found the perfect yarn, you are ready to get started on learning how to crochet a corner to corner blanket!

Read on down to learn more about this easy crochet heart blanket and to begin crocheting this fun C2C project.

Be sure to scroll down past the pattern box to get the free heart blanket graph pattern printable, so you can get make this cotton crochet blanket pattern as soon as possible.

But before that, be sure to review some common questions about C2C patterns below to learn more about this technique.

Happy Crocheting!

Common C2C Graphgan & Pattern Questions

How do I Change yarn colors in C2C?

I like to use bobbins of color when I am working a c2c with multiple colors. Heart Hook Home has a great post talking about tips for color changing in c2c that may help with this.

What is a Yarn Bobbin?

In knitting or crocheting, yarn bobbins are small spool-shaped tools that you can use to hold a small amount of yarn. They help keep your different colors of yarn organized and prevent them from getting tangled when you’re working on a project that involves multiple colors. You can usually find them at craft stores, and they’re a handy tool to have if you enjoy knitting or crocheting with multiple colors.

How do I Keep Track of What Tile I am on in a C2C Graph?

Use a pen or pencil to mark off the tile you are as you work along. This will help you make sure you are working on the correct color when called for in a c2c pattern that calls for multiple yarn colors.

What is a C2C Graphgan?

A graphgan is a picture or words that is crocheted using a chart or graph as a guide. One square on the chart equals one group or block of stitches in the pattern.

It is similar to cross stitch, where you work the color indicted into the square the chart pattern or graph calls for. Following along with the picture graph will make a crocheted afghan or grapghan blanket.

You can estimate the number of squares for any C2C blanket with our handy sizing calculator.

How to Make a Corner to Corner Rectangle

How to make a C2C Rectangle:

  1. Start by crocheting your corner-to-corner square pattern until one side is the length that you want the smaller or shorter side of your rectangle to be.
  2. Keep crocheting, but switch to increases and decreases each row, always increasing in the same direction and decreasing in the same direction as you work along.
  3. When your long side has reached the size of the rectangle that you want it to be, decrease as normal.
  4. Finish off and weave in your yarn ends and enjoy your new rectangle c2c blanket, scarf or pattern!

Heart Corner to Corner Baby Blanket Graphgan

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend or 18 oz of any brand of three 3 weight yarn
    • Brown Color = Mochaccino 11 oz
    • White Color = Whipped Cream 7 oz
  • 5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Chart Graph (free download below)
  • Measuring Tape

Finished Size

  • 40″ x 40″


  • 4 tiles x 4 tiles = 4″ x 4″

Crochet Stitches

  • Double Crochet Stitch (dc).


  • Begin the first c2c tile in the lower right-hand corner of the graph, as indicated by the
    numbers on the graph. Working rows diagonally back and forth until the graph is completed.
  • The completed C2C baby blanket pattern is 40″ x 40″ but may vary when different yarn and gauge are used.
  • Written in Standard US terms.
  • Use our C2C tutorial if you need help with decreasing.

The Pattern

↙ Row 1: (Brown) x 1
↗ Row 2: (Brown) x 2
↙ Row 3: (Brown) x 3
↗ Row 4: (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 5: (Brown) x 5
↗ Row 6: (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 7: (Brown) x 7
↗ Row 8: (Brown) x 8
↙ Row 9: (Brown) x 9
↗ Row 10: (Brown) x 10
↙ Row 11: (Brown) x 11
↗ Row 12: (Brown) x 12
↙ Row 13: (Brown) x 13
↗ Row 14: (Brown) x 14
↙ Row 15: (Brown) x 15
↗ Row 16: (Brown) x 16
↙ Row 17: (Brown) x 17
↗ Row 18: (Brown) x 18
↙ Row 19: (Brown) x 19
↗ Row 20: (Brown) x 20
↙ Row 21: (Brown) x 21
↗ Row 22: (Brown) x 22
↙ Row 23: (Brown) x 23
↗ Row 24: (Brown) x 24
↙ Row 25: (Brown) x 8, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 5
↗ Row 26: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 15, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 27: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 16, (Brown) x 6
↗ Row 28: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 18, (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 29: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 18, (Brown) x 7
↗ Row 30: (Brown) x 7, (White) x 19, (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 31: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 19, (Brown) x 8
↗ Row 32: (Brown) x 8, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 33: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 9
↗ Row 34: (Brown) x 9, (White) x 21, (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 35: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 10
↗ Row 36: (Brown) x 10, (White) x 21, (Brown) x 5
↙ Row 37: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 11
↗ Row 38: (Brown) x 11, (White) x 21, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 39: (Brown) x 7, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 12
↗ Row 40: (Brown) x 12, (White) x 21, (Brown) x 7

Corner (Decrease)

↙ Row 41: (Brown) x 7, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 12
↗ Row 42: (Brown) x 11, (White) x 21, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 43: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 11
↗ Row 44: (Brown) x 10, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 45: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 10
↗ Row 46: (Brown) x 9, (White) x 20, (Brown) x 5
↙ Row 47: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 19, (Brown) x 9
↗ Row 48: (Brown) x 8, (White) x 19, (Brown) x 5
↙ Row 49: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 4, (Brown) x 1, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 8
↗ Row 50: (Brown) x 8, (White) x 11, (Brown) x 11
↙ Row 51: (Brown) x 10, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 7
↗ Row 52: (Brown) x 7, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 9
↙ Row 53: (Brown) x 9, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 6
↗ Row 54: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 8
↙ Row 55: (Brown) x 8, (White) x 11, (Brown) x 6
↗ Row 56: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 12, (Brown) x 7
↙ Row 57: (Brown) x 7, (White) x 11, (Brown) x 5
↗ Row 58: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 11, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 59: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 11, (Brown) x 4
↗ Row 60: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 10, (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 61: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 10, (Brown) x 4
↗ Row 62: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 9, (Brown) x 5
↙ Row 63: (Brown) x 5, (White) x 8, (Brown) x 4
↗ Row 64: (Brown) x 4, (White) x 7, (Brown) x 5
↙ Row 65: (Brown) x 6, (White) x 5, (Brown) x 4
↗ Row 66: (Brown) x 14
↙ Row 67: (Brown) x 13
↗ Row 68: (Brown) x 12
↙ Row 69: (Brown) x 11
↗ Row 70: (Brown) x 10
↙ Row 71: (Brown) x 9
↗ Row 72: (Brown) x 8
↙ Row 73: (Brown) x 7
↗ Row 74: (Brown) x 6
↙ Row 75: (Brown) x 5
↗ Row 76: (Brown) x 4
↙ Row 77: (Brown) x 3
↗ Row 78: (Brown) x 2
↙ Row 79: (Brown) x 1

Total: (Brown) x 960, (White) x 640

Finishing: Weave in loose ends throughout the heart blanket with a yarn needle. I added a single crochet border around mine, with 3 single crochets in each corner. If you’d like a more in-depth tutorial about how to add a border to corner to corner blankets, Nana’s Crafty Home has a great tutorial.

Free Printable PDF Heart Baby Blanket Graph

You can download the free printable PDF chart below and start crocheting this beautiful heart baby blanket right away! The graph will be sent to the email provided, so be sure to check your inboxes.

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Heart Corner to Corner Baby Blanket Pattern


  1. Hi Krista,
    I signed up for the Free Printable PDF Heart Baby Blanket Graph but it hasn’t been sent yet. Are you still offering the graph? This is my first time doing C2C. Keep your fingers crossed for me. HAHA

    1. Hi Ruth,
      The PDF is sent immediately to the email that was provided. Some email providers will block emails from certain senders, so you may need to allow emails from to be able to get it. Please reach out to me if it hasn’t come through.


  2. I have made 5 so far and working on a 6th. They are so easy and look great when finished. Thank you for the pattern.

  3. Hi …. I’m really stuck on 40 and 41…. At the end of Row 40 should I do the chain 6 still keeping in line with 1-39?
    Then start to decrease at the end of row 40?

  4. Hi Krista,
    Thank you for the lovely pattern & clear instructions. This is my first time doing corner to corner and I love it! Mine is fuschia & light pink.

  5. I noticed the blanket in the picture looks much bigger thank a baby blanket. Where can I find the measurements for that blanket.

    1. Hi,
      The blanket in the photo is 40″ x 40″ which is a baby / receiving blanket size. I just had my older daughter pose with it, so I could get a picture, so that may be why it looks a bit larger.


  6. Is this done in single crochet? Double crochet? Half double? It doesn’t look like any of those. How can you say how many stitches without saying what kind? Very confusing.

    1. Hi,

      Corner to Corner is most commonly worked up using the double crochet stitch. At the beginning of the pattern is a how-to C2C crochet link that highlights the C2C Crochet technique with a photo tutorial.

      I’ve also updated the main pattern in the crochet stitch section to highlight that It’s worked up using the double crochet stitch.


  7. Hi. I made your pattern follow the written instructions & trying to follow along on the chart. When I was all done I noticed I had some mistakes so I decided to start over from scratch.

    Well after reading the instructions & comparing them to the graph, the written instructions for row 25 does NOT match up to the graph & that’s probably why I made mistakes making this 🙁 Row 25 says ALL brown BUT it should say 8 brown, 12 white & 5 brown.

    I had to go through the graph & number all the spaces as to make sure I don’t mess up again. Sadly I will only be using the chart to start this over.

  8. Don’t you need to know how many stitches should be in your foundation chain (first row) so you end up with an even number of stitches on both sides of the heart? I’m confused by the lack of information.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      There isn’t a foundation chain when using the corner to corner technique. Have a look at the first section of the blog post where it says, “What is C2C or Corner to Corner Crochet?”. It is explained there and includes a link for a tutorial about C2C that will help too.

      If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


      1. I also have this question. I followed another tutorial that said to use chain 5 and then start the double crochet on the 3rd chain. I’m not sure if that is right or wrong, but i had the same question. I think it would be helpful to add that for those who aren’t very skilled yet.

      2. Hi Helen,

        In the section What is C2C Crochet, there is a link to a full c2c tutorial with step-by-step photos. You mentioned another tutorial said to chain 5 and work in the 3rd chain from the hook. Those instructions would work the same as chaining 6 and working in the 4th chain from the hook. The only difference is the height of the chain at the beginning. If you have any more questions about C2C, I’d be happy to help.


  9. I used “I Love This Yarn” and a 5MM hook but with the border the finished size was only about 30×30. I did not test my gauge. Other than than, what did I do wrong? I want to make another as I loved making one, but I am disappointed on the finished size I ended up with

    1. Hi Luann,

      I would suggest working up the gauge swatch to get the gauge that is needed. Sometimes a different crochet hook size (bigger or smaller) will be needed to get the gauge required.

      Happy Crocheting!


      1. Hi,

        No, it won’t. As long as you get the gauge in the swatch and work up the pattern with the graph, the finished size will be as written.


  10. Trying to print the written pattern for the Heart C2C Baby Blanket and can’t find where to print the pdf. I was able to print the graph but not the instructions.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marian,
      The heart graph is the free printable. I do not have the written instructions available as a free printable at this time. Happy Crocheting!


  11. Krista:
    Your patterns are lovely.
    Would love a C2C potholder pattern 8 x 8 ” and have searched for it.
    Do you have a pattern or recommend another pattern. Thanks

    1. Hi Dolores,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂 I love the idea of a C2C potholder! I will add that to my list to design. The best place to find one now would be on Ravelry. Have a great day and happy crocheting.


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