21 Crochet Skirt Patterns

If you are looking for a skirt to crochet, then you are in luck! I’ve put together 21 of what, I think, are the best crochet skirts that you can make.

There are skirt patterns below that are perfect for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, so you will have plenty of patterns to pick from. Enjoy!

crochet skirt patterns all free

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How to Crochet a Skirt

To be able to crochet a skirt, you will need some know some basic crochet stitches.

You will also need to have some crochet supplies on hand. The yarn brand and yarn weight will depend on the skirt pattern you pick below, so be sure to read it thoroughly. I will highlight some of my favorite yarns for skirts below for you to look through too!


When it comes to crochet skirt patterns, several common stitches are often used to create beautiful designs. Some of the most frequently uses crochet stitches include:

  1. Single Crochet (sc): A basic stitch that creates a tight, dense fabric skirt.
  2. Double Crochet (dc): A versatile stitch that works up quickly, providing height and drape to skirts.
  3. Half Double Crochet (hdc): Slightly shorter than a double crochet, this stitch combines speed with a balanced texture.
  4. Treble (Triple) Crochet (tr): A taller stitch that adds openness and length to the fabric, great for creating lacy and airy designs.
  5. Shell Stitch: Typically made up of multiple stitches worked into the same stitch or space, creating a fan-like or shell pattern.
  6. Cluster Stitch: A grouping of stitches worked together, often used to create textured patterns or decorative elements.
  7. V-Stitch: Comprised of double crochets or treble crochets separated by a chain stitch, forming a “V” shape that adds visual interest.
  8. Granny Stitch: A combination of double crochets and chain stitches worked in clusters or squares, creating a classic, vintage look.

You’ll find that the stitches are used individually or in combination to achieve texture, and patterns in a lot of crochet skirt designs. The stitches that are shown above are in US terms.


When making crochet skirts, you will typically need the following common supplies:

  1. Crochet Hooks: Choose hooks in various sizes, depending on the yarn weight and desired stitch tension. Common sizes for crochet skirts range from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm (US E/4 to K/10.5).
  2. Yarn: Select yarn in the appropriate weight for your desired skirt. Worsted weight (medium/4) yarn is commonly used, but you can also experiment with other weights such as sport, DK, or bulky yarns. (look below to find some of my favorite yarns for crochet skirts!)
  3. Scissors: Essential for cutting yarn and trimming loose ends.
  4. Yarn Needle: Used for weaving in loose ends and seaming pieces together.
  5. Measuring Tape: Helpful for ensuring accurate sizing and length.
  6. Stitch Markers: Useful for marking specific stitches or sections in your pattern.
  7. Blocking Tools: Depending on the yarn and design, you might need blocking mats, rustproof pins, and a spray bottle for blocking and shaping your finished skirt.
  8. Optional: Embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, or tassels, if you wish to add extra details to your skirt.

Remember, the specific supplies needed can vary depending on the skirt pattern used. Always check the pattern instructions for any additional recommended supplies or specific requirements before starting your skirt.

Crochet Skirt Patterns

Take a look below at some of the most stylish crochet skirt patterns, from pencil skirts to my personal favorite, the granny skirt! Each of these designs are free crochet patterns and are perfect to make for most skill levels! Enjoy.

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crochet skirt patterns

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