How to Crochet a Single Crochet Blanket

Are you looking to crochet a quick blanket? If so, this single crochet afghan is the one for you!

You can use the beginner-friendly blanket pattern below and learn how to make a crochet blanket today!

Pink Single Crochet Blanket Pattern

Scroll down to find the free stroller size pattern here on the blog, or purchase the ready to print PDF with nine different sizes in the shop.

With just a few hours of work and only one crochet stitch, you can have a single crochet baby blanket in no time at all. Ok. Well, maybe a week or two if you space it out.

I hope you enjoy this beginner-friendly blanket pattern! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Happy Crocheting!

Elise’s Single Crochet Blanket

If you are looking for more free crochet blanket patterns like this, I can help! Try my color-blocked throw, chunky crochet throw or check out my crochet blanket archive.

New Single Crochet Pattern

A few weeks ago, I finished a new crochet pattern called Elise’s single crochet blanket! This pattern is simple, uses one stitch, and is perfect for beginners! I love simple stitch crochet blankets, and I am excited to be able to share this crochet pattern with everyone.

Back to that one stitch, I said I used for this design well; it was a single crochet stitch! (click through the link for a refresher on how to single crochet) The entire blanket uses this simple stitch, which makes it a quick crochet blanket to work up!

This pattern is a perfect crochet blanket for beginner crocheters or someone looking for a fast DIY project.

I have also designed a few other projects using single crochet’s that you may like too, like the single crochet color blocked blanket and the single crochet chevron blanket! Straightforward and simple! (My favorite.)

So if you are like me and always need a quick gift for a new baby, you could work this easy single crochet blanket up in no time. Yep, it’s the perfect quick gift since it uses only one stitch.

Red Heart Gum Drop

The Yarn That’s Great for This Crochet Baby Blanket!

For this single crochet baby throw blanket, I used Red Heart Gum Drop yarn in grape, which is a beautiful & silky soft yarn! 

The different shades of pink, purple, and the pops of blue in it are just beautiful! You can find this in most craft stores or on Amazon if you’d like it dropped right at your doorstep. (Me please.)

Click the yarn image to check this Red Heart out and to see all the different colors that are available!

Let’s Get Started!

Read on down to start crocheting this simple single crochet blanket today with our free stroller sized pattern or get the PDF version which I linked up above with nine sizes.

Elise’s Single Crochet Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Basic



  • 14 sts x 15 rows = 4″
  • Ch 15 and Follow pattern as written for gauge swatch
  • Learn more about gauge in crochet.


Finished Size

  • 35′” x 30″ Baby Stroller Size
  • The Elise Crochet Blanket PDF in eight sizes is available for purchase in the shop with detailed yardage & more.


  • sc = single crochet
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • ch = chain

Single Crochet Video Tutorial

How to Chain Video Tutorial

The Blanket Pattern Steps

Baby Stroller Size 35″ x 30″ is shown below. A PDF is available in the shop with eight sizes.


ROW 1: Starting in the second ch from the hook sc,  sc in every ch across, turn.(104)

ROW 2: Ch 1, starting in first stitch sc, sc across the entire row in each st, turn.(104)

ROW 3 – 131: Repeat row 2. (104)

FINISHING: Fasten off the yarn and weave in all the loose ends with a yarn needle.

The Single Stitch Baby Blanket Is Now Finished!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed single stitch crochet blanket pattern! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful baby blankets you make with this pattern.

You are welcome To Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about the pattern, please feel free to ask! If you’d like even more free blanket patterns, be sure to check out the blanket suggestions below.


  1. HI,
    My stitches are really tight and I can’t seem to crochet loose. I tried water blocking them but it didn’t work. Do you have any ideas????????/

    1. Hi Eloise,

      I suggest trying to crochet with a hook size bigger than what the pattern calls for to see if this helps with your tension. Let me know if this works!


  2. I am exited to try this. I have made blankets before. My neighbor across the street is pregnant and I have been waiting to find out the sex so I can start on a blanket. This is perfect.

  3. I often do single crochet blankets for my grandchildren.Then l cross stitch a design on them. The single crochet pattern is very similar to Addia cloth.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I used about 1006 yards for this blanket. It would depend on the skein size you are using to determine how many skeins since they tend to be different. If you want to use the exact yarn I used you will need about 5 skeins of the red heart gumdrop that are about 204 yards each. 🙂

  4. 4/15/2020 Hi Krista, I’d like to make the Elises Single Crochet Blanket with the pattern shown on Easy Crochet. I haven’t crocheted for about 40 years and I need your help. My daughter wants me to substitute the yarn you used with RED HEART Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Wildflower; a medium weight acrylic yarn. I’d like to make the blanket 6′ X 4. Would I use the brand’s recommended size I crochet hook or another size? How many stitches should I make on the starter chain? How many skeins should I get? Since it seems yarn is harder to get these days,I hope you will respond as soon as possible. Thank you, Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie,
      The red heart super saver would work perfect, and you can crochet it with the hook suggested. As for the blanket size you could follow along with th4e gauge. Make a gauge swatch which is 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4 inches to figure out the exact starting chain you would need to get the size you’d like. I do have a PDF available for purchase with more sizes and yardage. I did get your email but I will just reply here. 🙂

      If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

      Happy Crocheting!


  5. Hi,
    This blanket is beautiful and I love the variegated yarn. It sure looks like two strands of yarn is used since it looks SO thick and luscious. I’m also wondering how it could possibly take so little time to make. It takes me weeks of daily crocheting to make a baby blanket using single-strand, Lion Brand Homespun yarn #5 using a K hook and double crochet. What am I missing?! I’m intrigued!

    What size hook should be used if two strands of #4 weight yarn is used?

    Thank you, Gail

    1. Hi Gail,

      Thank you so much! This yarn is so pretty and works up nicely. I made mine in a weekend but it would all depend on how much time daily the blanket is worked and how fast a person crochets. Single crochets are pretty simple which makes it easy to work up too. 🙂

      If you’d like to use two strands I’d go up a hook size or two. I would do two samples with different crochet hooks to see which looked best.

      Happy crocheting!


  6. How many rows did you have after you were finished? I doesn’t say. 204 yds times 6 skeins of yarn equal 1, 224 yds.

      1. Wow this is the first pattern I’ve seen that I think I will actually be able to manage for my first project (after two failed projects before). Your tutorial videos that you add are also SO helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!

  7. Re: Elises Single Crochet Blanket.
    How many sts. would you suggest I chain if I want it to be a teenage throw, rather than a baby blanket?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Carol,
      I would chain until the blanket is approximately 52″ wide (actual # of chains would vary with type of yarn) then would crochet rows until the blanket reaches 60″ in height. Happy Crocheting!


  8. Hi I’m new at this my places do not have the gumdrop yarn is there any other brands you could recommend to make this blanket. I love that it’s easy and that is what I need .

  9. I have made baby blanks for for granddaughters. I have a new grandson arriving soon and have managed to forget which yarn I used for the girls or which stitch is softer….single or double? I’ve used both, but am thoroughly confused at this time. I want to make a very soft baby blanket for my new grandson. I’ve tried a lot of yarns but so far none have worked out. Would you do double or single for a soft blanket? I’ve done both. I love the look of the single, but the double seems to crochet faster. And the single seems tighter. but blockig and steaming at the end really opened up the whole blanket. Any suggestion? I love your work!!! I also bought light blue yarn from 10 different manufactures, trying to replicate the very soft pink blankets I made for my granddaughtes that my daughter loved. I think I blocked them and steamed them well, which opened up the stitches on the single stitch. I’m using one of the pink blankets as a sample to follow,…it’s been washed a million times and I love the softness and drape. However, it looks like a single stitch, not double. Any help would be SOOOOOOO appreciated. Best, Shaina
    Now trying to make a blue one, but am totally confused. Single or double stitches? Which yarn is best?

    1. Hi Donna,
      Because the blanket is started with chains you work into chains for the first row but every row after is considered a stitch not a chain. Hope this helps.


  10. O
    Hello Miss.Kristin. Very kind of you to share your project.And it is very pretty.I can just imagine its softness.
    I just wanted to wish you every success with you’re new blog.You have a Fresh
    and openness about you’re explaining crocheting to beginners.
    I indeed will be waiting for you’re next pattern
    Oh, and yes I will be making this one today.
    Thank you again.
    Pat Sulek. …

  11. I have a problem with the corners of my blanket, they want to curl and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

  12. I made a very similar blanket as a gift this fall. I used 3 different colors of worsted weight yarn held together and a P (10 mm) hook. I chained 60 inches and then crocheted until blanket was 70 inches long. Then I did 1 row of single crochet all the way around to finish. My finished project was a little over 60 x 70 inches but was for an adult. It turned out great

  13. Would I still chain 81, if using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn? Couldn’t find Red Heart GumDrop. Calls for using an “L” hook …..

  14. Thanks SO MUCH for the simple pattern!! I could not find Red Heart Gum Drop, instead bought Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, which is alot thicker and uses an “L” size hook.

    My question …. Would I still “chain” 81 across?

  15. I always have a problem with my chain being really tight and it looks less wide than the rest of the blanket. Do you know why?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Most crocheters will always chain a little tighter so I suggest to use a hook size up for the chain and then switch to the recommended size hook for the rest of the blanket.


  16. Hi Krista, I have been looking for a looooong time for the right pattern for a big afghan. Unfortunately, I’m a beginner and need to follow a video to crochet. Have you made a video showing how to crochet this pattern?

      1. I am looking to do the SC blanket. It says to ch 105. Don’t understand why I turn at last ch. Why do I turn then ch 1 ? Does it give me. Edge? Please respondthen?in ro

      2. Hi Vicki,

        You turn your work so that you can work back along the stitches that you just made. The chain 1 at the beginning of the row brings the new row up the height of what a single crochet stitch is which makes the edges cleaner.


  17. I am SO ready for a single stitch blanket pattern! I love that you have done this and posted it for free! even I can’t mess this one up! One question, Is it at all stiff with sc throughout? I’m really tempted to try this one!

  18. I’ve never crochet and have a beginners guide do you mean you had a long chain of 80 stitches and then turned it around and what then

    1. Hi Mary,
      Yes. You would turn your work and start working into the second chain from the hook making a single crochet then continue with 1 single crochet in each chain across.

  19. Was this really just a single strand of worsted weight yarn on a J hook? It looks so thick in the pictures–like it was made with jumbo yarn or with double strands on a bigger hook!

    1. Hi Terri,

      It was a single strand but I used the Red Heart Soft Gum Drop Yarn which is a thicker worsted weight yarn in my opinion. 🙂 You could totally make this with bulky yarn and it would turn out pretty.

      Happy Crocheting


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