Free and Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Are you looking for a simple crochet blanket to make? If so, this easy crochet blanket pattern is a fun project that can be finished in just a weekend!

Since this crochet blanket pattern uses only one basic crochet stitch, I would recommend it to anyone from a beginner to the most advanced crocheter.

I hope you enjoy this easy blanket! Happy Crocheting!

pink crochet blanket pattern

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Read on down to learn more about the yarn you’ll want to use and the stitches you’ll want to learn before you start this blanket design.

The Yarn

For this blanket pattern, I used a worsted weight yarn (that was given to me as a gift) which is no longer available.

Vanna’s Choice

This yarn is made by Lion Brand, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Vanna's Choice

Fiber: 100% Acrylic
Yardage: 156m / 171 yds
Hook: 5.5 mm (I-9)
Substitute: Lion Brand Heartland

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Super Saver

This yarn is made by Red Heart, and is a Weight 4 – Medium yarn.

Super Saver

Fiber: 100% Acrylic
Yardage: Ball size Solids: 198 g/7 oz, 333 meters/364 yards Ball size Prints,Variegates & Stripes: 141 g/5 oz, 215 meters /236 yards Ball size Flecks & Heathers: 141 g/5 oz, 238 m/260 yards
Hook: 5.5 mm (I-9)
Substitute: Soft Baby Steps

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Since the yarn I used for this blanket is not available, I recommend Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice as a substitute in its place, or even Red Heart Super Saver would even be great too! 

The Crochet Stitch

This blanket is made with ONE basic crochet stitch, which is perfect for beginners.

To make this blanket, you will need to know how to do a double crochet stitch, which you can learn how to do in the link provided. You will not be disappointed with this double crochet blanket pattern, I promise!

Double Crochet

Double Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: dc
Difficulty Level: Easy
Learn this stitch →

Patterns Using This Stitch →

I also have a video tutorial on this stitch that will help those who prefer a video. Check it out below!

Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern From Easy Crochet Free & Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern - Perfect for Beginners!  Crochet Pattern By Easy Crochet

Change The Blanket Size

If you decide you want this blanket bigger or smaller, just start with any even number of starting chains. You could also use the blanket resizing calculator for extra help with sizing.

This pattern would be so cute made smaller as a crochet baby blanket, and as a bonus, it would work up fast sine it’s a littler size!

Are you looking for more free crochet blanket patterns? Try the reader favorite color-blocked blanket, chunky throw or the bulky chevron throw blanket, which are all FREE!

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started on making this simple blanket? Keep on scrolling down for the full, FREE crochet pattern.


Simple Blanket Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


Finished Size

  • 38″ x 30″ (inches)


  • This blanket pattern is written in standard US terms
  • The pattern is worked between the chains/stitches of every row and not into the actual stitches.
  • Gauge is 9 stitches for every 4″
  • Chain an even number to make this blanket bigger or smaller.
  • How to change colors in crochet tutorial → Change Colors in Crochet
Crochet Blanket Pattern
Final Blanket

Blanket Pattern Steps

Row 1: chain 68 (in 4th chain from hook double crochet) double crochet in every chain across, turn. (64)

Row 2: chain 1, *single crochet in space between double crochets (from the previous row), repeat from * across, turn. (64)

Row 3: ch 3, in first stitch double crochet, double crochet in the remaining stitches across the row, turn. (64)

Row 4-72: Repeat rows 2-3 until you reach your desired length.

Finishing: weave in loose ends with a yarn needle.

Border (optional): If you’d like to add a border for this blanket, I’d suggest a simple single crochet border.

Free Beginner Crochet Blanket Pattern

I hope you enjoyed this crochet blanket tutorial. If you liked this crochet blanket pattern, you may also like some of my other like the Neutral Chevron Blanket or the Charlotte Crochet Blanket!

free easy Crochet Blanket pattern

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  1. Hi Krista,
    I love how you answer everyone’s questions! It shows you really care!

    When I first started crocheting, I got discouraged. My work would be so uneven on the edges. I have learned that it’s easy to do too many stitches in a row. I would like to make a suggestion that helped me. When you complete a row, count how many stitches you have. The stitches in these rows should all have the same in each row, right? If you have more stitches, then you need to check if you added an extra one. Just make sure after each row that you count stitches
    and they are the same.

    I’ve had many times where I would have to take out rows till I reached where it looked even…and go back to taking time to count each row! Hope this helps someone!

    1. Good morning Jonette,
      Yes. I always like to suggest using stitch markers and marking your way along a long blanket every 20-30 stitches do you don’t lose count. Great suggestion.

      Happy Crocheting!


    2. Jonette, you hit on a problem I encounter all to often; my rows growing wider the bigger my blanket got. As you mentioned, I found it is imperative to count stitches each row at least to some extent. I was counting in groups of 10 stitches but that really slows one down. I like Krista’s suggestion of counting them in groups of about 25 stitches.

      One other thing i just encountered and i had to frog back 2/3 of my work because when i put my work in my bag the crochet hook slipped off the yarn/project. When i picked up my yarn and work in progress i picked up the crochet hook from the bottom of my bag and proceeded. Unfortunately, I neglected to insure I picked up the correct crochet hook. I had picked up a larger hook and it threw the entire blanket off and the stitches came nowhere near matching. Keep your extra hooks put away and always double check your hook size of it comes off or gets separated off your project!

      I feel better knowing others struggle to learn this craft through trial and error and whatever we can google or ask someone experienced like Krista who wants to share her love of crochet and help those who want to learn. Krista is a very generous person!

  2. Hi Krista,
    I just finished this blanket and would like to put a border around it. With it being a double crochet row and then a single crochet row , I am not sure how to figure out how many stitches I need to do the length of blanket. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary, I would do a double crochet for every single crochet row along the outside and 3 double crochets in each corner followed a double crochet fore very st across the bottom then repeat the whole way around the blanket.


  3. I have been crocheting for a few years. I’ve made a few blankets. Thing is I taught myself and have no idea the terminology used in actual patterns. What is double crochet and in between stitches? I’m older now and i need to have something I can do to calm my nerves so I’m coming back to crocheting because I love it and want to learn more about it. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I added a bit about the double crochet stitch with a link to a video to help. Each stitch would be considered a double crochet so when I say work between the stitches you’d work between the two double crochets.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Hi Krista
    I started working with the new blanket ..I have row 1 finished.. i am confused as how row two should be started it says to sc in between
    Double crochet and I am confused as to where i need to start.Is there any chance you could spend me some pictures step by as to where I am supposed to start..i would appreciate any help you can give me Thanks Krista

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Instead of crocheting into the stitches you will crochet in between them. I will post a picture tomorrow afternoon on this post to explain in further detail. 🙂


  5. I just Started making This Blanket A few days ago. Im Using Red Heart with Love Yarn. Its my first time using a bulky.. Im hopeing it comes out as Good looking as Yours. Thank You for Shareing This Blanket Pattern
    Sincerely Caryl McCarley

  6. Hi, first off, I love this pattern. I’m having trouble keeping the edges square and even. It seems that all of the “chain 1” are on One side and all of the “chain 3” are on the other. This makes the blanket shorter on one side than the other. Any recommendations for how to correct this?

    1. Hi Michelle!

      The sides should be even. When you are on the ch 3 side you crochet in the first stitch (not any of the chains you just made) and the same goes for the ch 1 side. Do you have a picture I could see?


  7. Hi Krista

    Can you let me know if you will be doing a YouTube tutorial? I am new to crocheting and can’t read a patter.


  8. The ch3 part made the edge of the blanket go up into a point. I’d done about 11/12 rows before I realised something was wrong. I’m a beginner so it takes me a long time. I’m so slow that I could be doing it for hours and the progress would be non existent. I didn’t frog it, I’ve just carried on but instead of ch3 I’m ch1 instead. Seems to work better. Bit gutted that it won’t be perfect but you live and learn.

    1. Hi Clair,
      The chain 3 is to bring up the blanket to the height of the double crochet for that row. If the double crochet is tight or the chain 3 loose it could throw of the look of the row. I am glad it worked out for you though! Happy Crocheting.


  9. Hi.

    I’m completely new to this, and I’m stumped on row 2. After sc in spaces from dc, I’m supposed to repeat it again? So two rows of sc make row 2?

    1. Hi!

      No you will only do one row of single crochets in the spaces then start row 3 by double crocheting in each single crochet stitch from the row before. Hope this helps!


  10. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I’m about 1/4 of the way and I’m really happy with the way it is turning out. Have you ever made this with border? Do you have any suggestions for this?

    1. Hi Mollie,
      I haven’t but I would suggest a simple single crochet border! Just work singe crochets along the edges with 3 single crochets in each corner. 🙂


  11. What dimensions do you suggest for a baby blanket? I want to try your lovely pattern, and this is my first blanket.
    Thank you,
    Diane Dennis

  12. Hello I’m new to this and I relly like this blanket are there any instructions on a YouTube video that maybe I could follow? Thanks!

  13. I forgot to mention that I really like your pattern because it is easy and beautiful. I was lookin for a pattern that is some airy due to it for a baby in Hawaii. I don’t know the sex of the baby so I am making it in yellow cotton

  14. HI Krista! Just wanted you to know that the two swatches I have made (one cotton & one acrylic) I haven’t experienced a problem with the turning chain

  15. Hello,
    Just came across your site, and this post in particular, today. I’m writing from Portugal.. In my family most of the women know how to crochet, but my mother never had the patience to teach me. I decided to learn by myself so I went to the internet and started crocheting 🙂 I consider myself a beginner.
    Despite being portuguese I look for tutorials in english and found out that the terminology is different in the USA and in the UK.
    I really want to make this pattern, but I would like to know if you’re using the US or the UK terminology.
    Thank you

  16. I will try and make this I have been trying to crochet for 6 years now and this is the best pattern I have come across

  17. So far so good, although I’ve shortened the pattern somehow, I’ve managed to resquare it by just adding a couple of stitches. Easy to follow instructions. Would like to place a border around it, but unsure how yet…

  18. Hi Krista,
    This is a really lovely pattern. I have started making it and I understand your instructions but I feel like the pattern is going to drift slightly and end up with the edges not being square to each other because of how the dc go into the sc so that the dc from alternate rows don’t seem to line up directly on top of each other. That might not make sense but I’m not sure how else to explain it. Did you experience this or am I doing something wrong in the stitches? Thanks

  19. I’m confused with 3 DC fourth chain from hook. What about the other chains. Wouldn’t this keep shortening the blanket?

  20. I understand row 2 and row 3. I do not understand when I finish row 2 and finish row 3 and I get to the end of row 2 what do I do with the chain 3 at the of row 2. Do I do 3 single crochets in the chain 3?

      1. I’m also confused. You would just keep getting shorter of you keep crocheting in fourth chain from hook right?? So do you only do that the first time?

      2. Hi Steph,

        You are chaining 3 at the beginning of row 3 (and all the other rows that say to repeat row 3) then crocheting into the 4th st form the hook (or the last sc from the row before). Hope this helps.

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