Sugared Plum Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

The sugarplum beanie is the perfect hat to make to add a little color to your wardrobe! Crochet this simple but easy crochet slouchy beanie today with the free pattern below!

This crochet slouchy beanie pattern was fun to design and the colors instantly reminded me of the old fashion candy – sugared plums!

This hat would make a wonderful gift and of course something perfect for you to wear too!

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crochet slouchy beanie hat purple
Find the free beanie pattern below!

The Yarn

I designed this crochet hat with my favorite Lion Brand Yarn, Vanna’s Choice! It is a 100% acrylic four weight yarn that is great to work with.

I use it for so many of my projects because it is easy to find, comes in so many beautiful colors, and is easily washable and dryable.

For this slouch, I used the colors Dusty Purple, Eggplant, and Linen, which I think complement each other nicely. Take a look at them below.

FREE Sugared Plum Beanie Crochet Pattern by Easy Crochet

Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern 

Since this crochet slouchy hat is worked in rows, it is a little easier to make than a hat worked in the round, which makes the perfect hat for a beginner to try.

If you think you are ready to make this slouchy hat pattern, then keep on scrolling down for my full, free crochet pattern.

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Pattern

Skill Level: Easy


  • J hook 6.00 mm
  • Less than 1 skein each of Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice 
  • (a) Dusty Purple (b) Eggplant and (c) Linen
  • Each skein is approx 170 yards, but you will not need it all.
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Finished Size

  • Fits a teen to an adult woman – 22″ circumference and 10″ height


  • CH = chain
  • ST = stitch
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • BL = back loop


Gauge is 4 Stitches for every 2 inches – If the gauge is not followed the hat will not fit properly.


  • Ravelry-  Sugared Plum Slouch
  • Written in standard US terms.
  • Colors: (a) Dusty Purple, (b) Eggplant, and (c) Linen

The Easy Crochet Slouch Pattern

TO START: ch 51

ROW 1: with (a) starting in the 2nd CH from the hook HDC, HDC in every CH across, turn. (50)

ROW 2: with (c) CH 1, starting in 1st ST HDC, SK 1 ST, * HDC in next ST, Go back to SK ST and HDC. { CRISS CROSS FORMED}, SK 1 ST, repeat from * across, end with 1 hdc in turning ch, turn. (50)

ROW 3: with (b) CH 1, starting in 1st ST HDC in the BL, HDC in the BL in every ST across, turn. (50)

ROW 4: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 5: CH 1, starting in the 1st ST HDC, HDC in every ST across, turn. (50)

ROW 6: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 7: repeat row 3 (50)

ROW 8: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 9: repeat row 5 (50)

ROW 10: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 11: repeat row 3 (50)

ROW 12: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 13: repeat row 5 (50)

ROW 14: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 15: repeat row 3 (50)

ROW 16: repeat row 2 (50)

ROW 17: with (a) CH 1, starting in the first ST SC, SC in every ST across, turn. (50)

ROW 18: repeat row 17, leaving a 24″ tail.


Sugared Plum Beanie Slouch - Free Crochet Pattern by
  • Fasten off and weave in loose ends throughout with yarn needle except for the 24″ tail.
  • Fold the short ends in half
  • using the 24″ tail & yarn needle, weave in and out up the short open side
  • do not fasten off
  • weave in and out each chain on the top side of the hat (which is the initial CH 51)
  • cinch close the top of the hat and securely fasten off yarn
  • turn inside out and you are done.
crochet slouch hat pattern that is purple

You are done! Now you are ready to wear or gift your slouch beanie!

FREE Sugared Plum Beanie Crochet Pattern by Easy Crochet

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see your finished crochet slouch beanie, so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you are done! Want even more free patterns?

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  1. Really cute hat. Which rows would you recommend deleting if you didn’t want it slouchy but a shorter length? Thanks so much

    1. Thanks Judy!

      I’d probably end with row 15. You could always measure as you go to make sure it’d be a perfect fit! Happy Crocheting


  2. Super cute Problem….I’m using same yarn, same size hook, it’s super tiny!!! I even tried crocheting super loose, almost, but stretched to the max!! Should I go up one or two hook sizes!?!?!?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I would definitely go up a hook size or two until the correct gauge is reached. 🙂

  3. Cute hat but my first attempt didn’t turn out as expected. I followed the directions exactly and the hat looks great but it barely fits my two year old. It’s tiny! My gauge is correct and I used the same size hook and the Vanna’s Choice yarn. Any ideas about why this didn’t work?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Do you have a picture you could show me? What is your hat measuring at?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I have some grandchildren that will love these.

  5. I’m making this pattern as a Christmas gift, colors slightly altered for a man, but they’re just so handsome together.

    However, I think the pattern is off. The photos show every other row as linen, but the written pattern is a 3 row repeat, which would cause the two colors to touch each other. I suppose the pictured object is the intended design?

    1. Hi Geeni,

      The pattern repeat is a 3 row repeat but goes row 2, row 1, row 3, so the colors will be apart. Hope this helps! 🙂


      1. Thank you for the reply. However, by following the pattern, I’m not making the same hat as you! If the pattern is [2, 1, 3], that’s [c, a, b] or Linen, Dusky Purple, Eggplant…meaning the purples are definitely touching. But the photos show every other row as Linen. If that’s the case, the pattern should be [2, 1, 2, 3], right?

      2. I think you are right! I will go look at the pattern again when I get back from taking my kids to school 🙂

  6. Thank you so much, this is a colorful and very attractive hat. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  7. Is the ch 51 supposed to be like the measurement around your head?

  8. mama spins says:

    Thanks for sharing your crochet talent. I will try this pattern in Steeler colors:) lol

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