13 Simple DIY Ornaments for Christmas Using Yarn

Whether you love to knit, love to crochet or just use yarn in craft projects, one thing is true that ornaments made with yarn last year after year and look great on a Christmas tree.

13 of the Best Homemade Yarn Ornaments

How to Make Yarn Ornaments

Take a look below at a few materials and supplies you’ll need to make ornaments with yarn, as well as some tips and tricks!

Materials Needed

With the materials listed below, you’ll be ready to create beautiful and unique yarn ornaments to add a personal touch to your Christmas decor this year.

Here’s a basic materials list for DIY yarn ornament patterns:


Choose yarn in colors and textures that match your desired design. Worsted weight acrylic yarn is a good choice for beginners, but you can experiment with different types of yarn as you gain more experience.

Crochet hook or knitting needles

The size of the hook or needles you’ll need will depend on the thickness of your yarn and the desired size of your ornament. Keep in mind that some yarn crafts do not require a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles.


Sharp scissors are essential for cutting the yarn cleanly and neatly.


If you’re creating stuffed ornaments, you’ll need to have stuffing on hand to fill them. You can use fiberfill or any other soft stuffing material.


You can add embellishments such as beads, ribbons, or buttons to your ornaments to make them extra special.

Tapestry needle

A tapestry needle (aka yarn needle) is useful for weaving in the loose ends of yarn and sewing on embellishments.


Choose a pattern for the type of ornament you’d like to create from our list below, or create your own design if you’re feeling adventurous.

Tips and Tricks to Making Yarn Ornaments

Follow along with these tips and tricks for making DIY yarn ornaments:

  1. Choose the right yarn: Different types of yarn have different properties, such as thickness, stretchiness, and texture. Pick a yarn that works well with your chosen pattern and the type of ornament you want to create.
  2. Keep tension even: Consistent tension is essential for making your ornament look neat and professional. Practice maintaining even tension as you work.
  3. Use stitch markers: If your pattern calls for specific stitch counts, use stitch markers to keep track of them. This will help you avoid mistakes and make the process smoother.
  4. Weave in loose ends: Use a tapestry needle to weave in any loose ends of yarn as you work. This will help prevent the ornament from unraveling and create a neater finish.
  5. Be patient: Creating yarn ornaments can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re a beginner. Take your time, and don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it.
  6. Add embellishments: Don’t be afraid to add extra details like beads or ribbons to your ornaments to give them a special touch.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create beautiful DIY yarn ornaments that are sure to impress. Happy crafting!

Let’s Get Started

Below you will find a collection of a yarn Christmas ornaments that are all easy to make and include crochet patterns, knit patterns and DIY yarn crafts to make ornaments. Enjoy!

DIY Yarn Ornaments To Make This Year

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