Bernat Blanket Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Are you looking for a free and easy crochet baby blanket pattern? I can help! This simple design is perfect to crochet if you are new to crochet or would just like a super easy baby blanket project to make!

Read on down to learn how to make your very own simple stitch baby blanket or purchase the ready to print AD-FREE PDF in the EC shop that includes four different baby blanket sizes.

Do you want to make more than one baby blanket? Explore the crochet blanket archives here on Easy Crochet! I am so excited for you to try this pattern! Happy Crocheting!

Easy Beginner Baby Blanket to Crochet

This crochet blanket pattern is straightforward and works up superfast! Mainly because of the simple crochet stitches it uses, which means it’s a great beginner-friendly project which makes for a great toddler or newborn baby blanket.

Read down to find the free crochet pattern to get started on this simple to make baby blanket!

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Pattern
The Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Pattern

The Stitches for A Baby Blanket

When working with this chunky yarn, I found that single crochet stitches are the best to use. A bigger crochet stitch could leave holes in the blanket that little fingers could slip through and not be as warm.

The Stitches

Single Crochet (sc):

  1. Insert hook from front to back in the second chain from the hook or designated stitch
  2. Bring the yarn over (Yo) the hook and pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch) from back to front (2 loops on hook).
  3. Yo and pull through both loops on the hook.

Single Crochet

Single Crochet Crochet Stitch

Abbreviation: sc
Difficulty Level: Easy
Learn this stitch →

Patterns Using This Stitch →

Plus, single crochets are super easy to crochet up, which is great for a baby blanket since it works up fast.

The Perfect Yarn for Baby Crochet Blankets

The best chunky yarn to use for a baby blanket pattern is Bernat Blanket Yarn, a chenille-style yarn that makes some amazingly soft blankets! I knew when I saw this brand; it was going to be perfect for a crocheted baby blanket because of the soft texture of this yarn!

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn

Blanket Yarn

This yarn is made by Bernat, and is a Weight 6 – Super Bulky yarn.

Blanket Yarn

Fiber: 100% Polyester
Yardage: 201 meters / 220 yards
Hook: 8 mm (L-11)
Substitute: Red Heart Sweet Home

Buy Now Patterns Using This Yarn →

I chose to use the color Little Cosmos in the Bernat Baby Blanket line because of the mixture of blues, browns, and creams.

It is the perfect blend of colors for a blanket. If you prefer a different color of yarn, Yarnspirations, the parent company of Bernat Yarn has many beautiful colors to pick from for your blanket. You won’t be disappointed!

This baby yarn is one of the squishiest yarns you can use, and I highly recommend it for a baby blanket – knit or crochet since it can be machine washed, soft and is easy to find.

This polyester yarn has a soft cushion feel to it and is free of harmful substances, which makes it perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

It is considered a bulky six yarn and is extremely fast to work up in all types of projects like booties, garments and especially in a baby blanket! I promise you will love this yarn!

Take a look at the Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn below!

Color Swatches of this Bernat Baby Blanket

How to Resize a Baby Blanket

If you want a different size, then feel free to adjust it to make the blanket smaller or larger by using any number starting chain. Or you can use our blanket size calculator tool to help you would with sizes and starting chains.

I used a started chain of 54 for this blanket because I found it to be the perfect size for a quick car seat baby blanket or stroller baby blanket when heading outside!

Baby Blanket PDF with More Sizes

To make it easy, I also have a PDF version of this pattern available that shows you how to make four different baby sizes; lovey, stroller, receiving and baby!

Ready to get started on this beginner-friendly blanket? Read on down to find the full crochet baby blanket pattern below, or save to Pinterest to make later!

Happy Crochet Baby Blanket Making!

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Skill Level: Basic


Finished Size

  • Approximately 35″ Height X 30″ Width (89 x 76 cm)

Crochet Gauge

  • 7 Single Crochets x 5 rows = 4 inches


  • Written in standard US terms
  • Change the size by using any number starting chain and refer to the blanket size chart for reference.
  • The Ch 1 at the beginning of the blanket doe not count as st.
  • If you’d like to use a different size yarn weight than suggested, then our Blanket Resizing Calculator can help.

Pattern Steps

Foundation Row: Chain 54. In the second chain from hook single crochet, single crochet in every chain across, turn. (53)

Row 1: Chain 1, single crochet in second stitch from hook, single crochet in every stitch across, turn. (53)

Row 2 – 44: Repeat row 1

Finishing: Fasten off the yarn after Row 44 and weave in loose ends with a yarn needle.

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Crochet Blanket
The Final Blanket

You are Done!

I gifted this to my sister for my newborn nephew at the time I wrote this post, and still six years later, it is holding up great for baby number two! So, I can guarantee that it will last for years to come! Promise!

More Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

I hope you enjoyed this free baby blanket pattern! Are you looking for more free crochet baby blanket patterns?

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  1. Hello,
    I think there is a mistake but wanted to be sure. The pattern says:
    “Row 2 – 44: Repeat row 1”
    But then it says:
    “Finishing: Fasten off the yarn after Row 35 and weave in loose ends”
    Pretty sure it is supposed to say fasten off after row 44 and that the blanket is 35 inches.

    1. Hi, Sharon! You are right!

      Thanks for finding that typo. It is fixed now, and I did double-check the blanket pattern PDF, and it was correct in case anyone had purchased it recently.

      Thanks again!


  2. I made 1baby blanket 3bigger blankets for older grandkids and I just finished a king size one for my daughter in law the first four I made for Christmas plus three pillows than made another baby blanket so easy to use and fast

      1. I made this blanket for a friend for her 1st Granddaughter I want to add a border what do you suggest

  3. Hi

    Thank you I’m going to start this blanket this week hopefully
    I know it sc but do I change color every row??? Or every 2nd row
    Sorry can not find on the pattern .

    Thank you

  4. I’m looking for a yarn that will be lightweight for a summer baby. I”m having hard time going out and trying yarns because of the COVID social distancing. Is the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn very heavy weight?\\

    Thank you!

  5. What do you mean by “single crochet into every Chain“ in row 1? How is this different from “single crochet into every Stitch” in row 2?

    1. Hi Kate,

      I say chain because the blanket is started with an X amount of chains. Some designers may call them stitches too, which is fine, but I prefer to call them chains. 🙂


  6. Hi Krista I was wondering is it ok to increase the number of rows you do for this baby blanket design? Thanks for the help

  7. What calculation do i do to convert a baby blanket like this to a twin blanket? I don’t want to under buy or over buy skeins.

  8. Krista,
    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I want to make my niece a baby afghan for her baby shower gift. Since last week I can’t tell you the number of different afghans I’ve started and ripped out trying to follow instruction videos on You Tube. They were supposed to be simple. Not so. This is the first time I am working with Bernat Blanket yarn which is also challenging. Then, this morning I found your’s. Now I am on my way to completing my gift. The “N” hook and single crochet throughout is so easy. I am making this in the Vintage White color. P.S. This is the first time I am crocheting again after nearly 50 years. I’m 70!

    1. Hi Janet!

      That is so amazing! Thank you so much for writing to me! I am so happy that this pattern works for you and that it is the first time you are crocheting in 50 years. Happy Crocheting!


  9. Krista,
    Do you mix skeins of yarn and carry them up the sides? I have made a couple blankets with the Bernat Baby blanket yarn and it seems with the yarns that have more than 3 colors it is very obvious where the skeins change. Thanks!

  10. Awesome pattern. Very simple. Thanks so very much for sharing. I click “tried it” on Pinterest and uploaded a picture. You make it a bit more girly for a newborn daughter, I added a traditional scalloped edging.

  11. Krista, I am just learning to crochet. If I start with a chain of 48 will I have 47 stitches per row plus the chain one turning stitch counting as the 48th stitch? I keep trying to start this and that’s how I keep ending up. Thanks!!

  12. I would like to make this a little bigger can I add to the foundation chains and should it be a certain number of chains?

  13. This was my first time making this patterns and it’s excellent! I used the Bernat Little Denim. Thanks for the freebie!

  14. This is my now go to baby gift. It crochets up super easy. If I use the variegated yarn for the blanket, I trim it out with a solid color….if I use the solid yarn for the blanket, I trim it out with the variegated color. Looks really nice. Thanks and God bless…

  15. I agree larger stitches leaves big unsafe gaps when using this yarn. I have made several baby afghans using this product. I’ve found using 8mm crochet hook and hdc throughout make a lovely blanket. Then you can use single crochet for borders. I have gotten many compliments about my afghans.

  16. Hi Krista,
    Thanks for the pattern. I am just learning how to crochet and appreciate beginner patterns very much. I have a few questions for you…
    1) when you say SC in 2nd chain from the hook, do you mean the chain immediately beside the chain the hook is in… Or 2 chains away from the chain the hook is in?
    2) why do the foundation row and row 1 require this 2nd chain from the hook instruction when all other rows can simply SC in each chain?

    1. Hi Clarissa,
      1. You will sc in the ch that is 2 chains away.
      2. All the other rows you are single crocheting in each stitch not the chain 1 at the beginning of each row.

      Hope this helps.


  17. I was very disappointed as with many patterns when they say free
    I cannot print off as this one.



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