5 of The Best Crochet Hooks for Crocheters to Try

Have you ever wondered what are the best crochet hooks for crocheters? Or the types of crochet hooks that are available?

After you read about the different crochet hooks, be sure to download the Easy Crochet free printable crochet hook size chart.

Learn About The Best Crochet Hooks Available for Crocheters

The list below will show you some of the best ergonomic crochet hooks, crochet hooks for arthritis and those crochet hooks that are the best for beginners. I’ll even share my personal favorite hook, so keep on reading!

Crochet Hooks for Crocheters

Read on down to explore the different types of crochet hooks available and see which one is best for you!

Happy Crocheting!

While I do 99% of the time offer free crochet patterns, sometimes I get questions from readers asking about what crochet hooks are the best to use. Below, I compiled a list of what I use & recommend for other crocheters to try.

Clover Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • One of the best ergonomic crochet hooks for arthritis
  • Bright and fun colors
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Great investment for years to come

Boye Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • Aluminum crochet hooks
  • Great hooks for beginners
  • Each crochet hook 6-inch in length
  • Boye crochet hooks feature optimally smooth throats and rounded heads for most precise, professional-looking work.

Furls Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • Reduces hand strain
  • Best crochet hooks for carpal tunnel
  • Carved by hand
  • Beautiful design

Susan Bates Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • Made with lightweight aluminum
  • Each hook undergoes a special anodizing process that etches away all surface impurities
  • Each hook is heat-treated for strength and durability and polished for a velvety smooth finish
  • The famous inline crochet hooks help to reduce wrist motion for fatigue-free crocheting and help you maintain a more consistent gauge

Tulip Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • Elastomeric comfort grip for arthritis 
  • Etimo hooks are made from durable superior quality aluminum with a polished finish that does not flake or chip
  • The handle’s length and depth of the hook itself make stitching easier
  • These hooks come with a ruler, scissors & a handy crochet hook case

You May Also like

If you came here looking for the best Tunisian crochet hooks (or sometimes called afghan hooks) then the one I use & recommend is below.

Boye Afghan Tunisian Crochet Hooks

(Price Varies, Amazon.com)

  • Afghan Crochet Hooks are made from a special, heat-treated aluminum alloy that provides strength and durability.
  • The smooth, glass-like finish makes using these hooks a fun and long-lasting event.
  • Great for creating Tunisian crochet blankets or a Tunisian scarf!

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best crochet hooks for those looking to start crocheting, looking for a crochet hook that is more comfortable or wanting to explore different crochet hook options! 

Crochet Projects to Use Your New Crochet Hooks on

If you’d like to start making some patterns with your new hooks, then you may like the free crochet patterns below because they are easy to work up & great for beginners! 


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    Thanks for sharing your patterns! I finally found a link to get on your mailing list.

    1. Hi Cindy!

      That is so cool! First, go to nocable.org and enter your street address. You’ll receive a free report about which stations you receive, what antenna is recommended, and which direction to point it. Hope that helps and Happy crocheting!


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