Easy Baby Knitting Patterns: Blankets, Hats & Booties

If you are looking for some easy things to knit for a baby, then this collection of free knit patterns are just what you need.

Scroll on down to find some of the best things to knit for babies to give as a baby shower gift and more!

What is the Easiest Thing to Knit for a Baby?

The easiest thing to knit for a baby is a knitted baby blanket. They are worked in rows, can be knitted with just one stitch (knit stitch or purl stitch) and work up fairly quickly because they are small projects. Because of how simple it is to complete, this type of project is one of the best beginner knitting projects to make for a baby.

More Easy Knit Baby Patterns

Here a few more of my favorite easy to knit baby items in order of how hard they are to knit.

  1. Baby Blankets
  2. Baby Hats
  3. Baby Bibs + Burp Cloths
  4. Baby Bootie + Mitts
  5. Baby Toys
  6. Baby Cardigans + Sweaters

Tip: You’ll find a few of my absolute favorite easy knit baby blankets below, so keep an eye out, as well as some other knit ideas mentioned above.

Supplies for Baby Knitting Patterns

To knit baby gifts, you’ll need a few knitting tools on hand, such as yarn, knitting needles and a few other notions as well.


The best yarn for a knit baby pattern are ones that are easy to wash and care for, such as a 100% acrylic, acrylic blend or soft cotton yarn. Since it will be used over and over again, I usually recommend a washable yarn. A new baby goes through many outfits and blankets per day, so parents will need knitted baby gifts that are simple to care for.

Best Yarn for Knit Baby Things

Below are a few of my favorite yarn choices to knit baby things with.

If you still aren’t sure about what yarn to use for a knit baby blanket? Consider asking the person for whom you are knitting the baby blanket what they prefer in a yarn, if there are any allergies, and their pick of a color.

Knitting Needles

When you decide on the yarn to use for a baby blanket, then you simply just read the yarn label to figure out what size knitting needle is recommended.

Other Notions

You may also need stitch markers, measuring tape and scissors on your materials list for these easy baby knits.

27 Easy Knitting Patterns for Baby

Use one or all of these easy to knit baby patterns for beginners. Choose from knit baby blankets, knit baby hats and more to make from this list.

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