Knit a Blanket for Beginners – An Easy and Free Knitting Pattern

Are you looking for a good beginner tutorial on how to make a knitted blanket pattern?

If so, I’ve created a free pattern which is a beginner-friendly knit design, and it will have just about anyone knitting blankets in no time at all!

Now, I am typically a crocheter, but I created this easy knitting pattern for those that are looking to get started with knitting, or those crocheters like me that want to expand their skill set.

easy knit blanket pattern
Learn how to crochet a knit blanket with this beginner-friendly blanket pattern.

If you want to knit more projects after learning this one, try my list of the easiest striped knit patterns, which all happen to be 100% free. I hope you enjoy learning how to knit this blanket with me!

Read on down to find the free blanket knitting pattern to get started today!

How to knit a blanket pattern

Beginner Knit Blanket Pattern

This knit blanket is great for beginner knitters to try their hand at. I know this because I am a new(ish) knitter.

I’ve started, restarted and gotten frustrated with so many knit projects over the years. None ever got finished until now, and I am very proud of myself for it!

I love this simple striped knit blanket, and I think I may now love knitting as much as I love crocheting!

The Yarn That’s Perfect for a Knit Blanket

To make this simple striped knit blanket, you will need 14 skeins of Vanna’s Choice yarn from Lion Brand. Yep. I know… that’s a lot!

Vanna’s Choice yarn is a medium-weight, 100% acrylic yarn and is available in quite a few color choices, which means you will always have a blanket that is unique to you.

For this pattern, I held two yarn skeins together at once while knitting it to make sure my blanket was extra, extra cozy. I wanted to end up with a chunky knit blanket feel, and I think this did it.

You could also try it with one skein at a time, but you would need to use smaller knitting needles to make it work.

This knit blanket is easy to make. However, even though it’s simple, you can see that I made a mistake with the dusty blue and navy yarn when I joined in the color.

Whoops! I was going to rip the blanket back to the mistake to fix it, but thought 1) “Hey, it gives it a little character” and 2) I was past the point of the mistake. It was going to take a lot of work to take it all out!

So anyway, the mistake stayed put… Oh, well. But no matter because this blanket still means just as much to me.

Ok, ready? This striped knitted blanket is all yours once you’ve gotten the yarn and needles! Scroll down to get this FREE knit blanket pattern using the garter stitch today!

Happy Knitting!

Knit Blanket Pattern

How to Knit a Blanket for Beginners

Skill Level: Easy


Pattern Notes

  • Finished size varies with starting stitches (ST)
  • The entire blanket is worked while holding two skeins of yarn at the same time.
  • This pattern is written in Standard US terms.
  • Learn how to do the long tail cast on: Tutorial
  • Learn how to do the Garter Stitch
  • Learn how to change colors in knitting: Video
  • UPDATE: 12/11/2018 I didn’t measure during making, but I just measured again. (not sure how accurate since kids have used it, and it has been washed) but it measured 37″ wide & 60″ length

Simple Striped Knit Blanket Pattern

  • Foundation Row: While holding two strands together and with the first choice of the color cast on 90 ST’s
  • Row 1: Turn work and knit stitch in every ST across (90)
  • Row 2 – 140: Repeat row 1 (90) changing color strands every 18-20 rows (depending on your preference).


To Finish: Cast off and weave in the loose ends throughout the blanket with a yarn needle. I used a crochet hook, and it worked perfectly as well.

That’s it! You’re all done and should now have a cozy knit blanket to snuggle up with!

Color Blocked Knit Blanket

You Are Done With Your New Knit Blanket!

Enjoy your new knit throw blanket! If you need any clarification about this simple striped knit blanket, please feel free to ask! I’ll try the best I can to help you out.

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Simple Striped Blanket - Free Knit Pattern by Easy Crochet - Beginner Friendly!
How to Knit a Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern from Easy Crochet 
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Free Knit Blanket Pattern


  1. Hi Krista! Thank you so much for this beautiful color combination! I used these colors but made a crochet block pattern blanket. I wanted it a bit longer so I added dusty blue again on the end after silver blue. It came out beautifully with a simple double crochet stitch. My mother-in-law is going to LOVE it!!! She’s super picky about colors but this combo is perfect! Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      Your crochet blanket sounds beautiful! I am so glad you liked it and I bet your mother-in-law will too. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It means a lot! Happy Crocheting.


  2. If you didn’t want it so thick. Can you just use one strand of yarn? If so what size needle would you recommend??? Thank you. It’s a really nice pattern.

    1. Good morning!

      You definitely could use one skein of yarn instead. 🙂 I’d just use the recommended needle size on the package of yarn. If you follow the pattern as written with one skein (instead of two) it will turn out smaller, but it still would be beautiful.


  3. Is there anyway to prevent the 2 strands from getting tangled? I am finding I have to untangle them every 2 rows

    1. Hi Carly,

      I like to pull from the center of the skein which helps prevent tangling, or I sometimes wind the skein into a cake and use a yarn bowl to help prevent this too.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Hello, don’t know if I can get a reply now but here’s hoping…..
    I’ve tried knitting but always got frustrated & went back to crochet. But want to try it again with this lovely blanket.
    Question 1: My circular needles do not have sizes on them. So how do I tell 5he size?
    Question 2:
    Could I possibly use straight needles & if so what size?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Linda,

      If you have 10 mm straight needles that would work, but it would be hard to make a bigger blanket. As for the needles without a size you could measure the diameter in cm and convert to mm to see what size they are. Hope this helps!


  5. Hi! I’m currently working on this blanket and so excited to have it finished.
    This is probably a dumb question and I’m over thinking your instructions…
    I’m working with the first colour, do I knit to the 19th row and than start the new colour on the 20th row?
    Or knit until the 20th and start the new colour on the 21st row?

  6. I read it wrong and knitted in 10mm straight needles instead of circular needles
    Will this still work? This is my first project so I’m not sure

    1. Hi Maria,
      I like to use a yarn needle and weave the ends back into the blanket going back and forth in three different directions before fastening off with scissors.

      Have a great rest of the day!

  7. Hi there what shade is the dark grey? Looking or order the yarn wondering if it’s the dark heather grey or the charcoal grey? Thank you

  8. What does it mean when you say it’s worked holding two skeins of yarn at the same time? I’m not familiar with that? Is there a video tutorial that shows the knitting after casting on? Thanks!!

    1. I didn’t measure at the time of making but I just measured again. (not sure how accurate since kids have used it and it has been washed) but it measured 37″ wide & 60″ length

  9. Hi,
    I love this and have just begun the project. Three questions though:
    1. Does the cast on and cast off count as one of the 20 rows?
    2. What are the dimensions of the blanket when it is finished?
    3. Do you recommend blocking it once its complete?

    1. Hi! Yes the cast on counts. I didn’t measure at the time of making but I just measured again. (not sure how accurate since kids have used it and it has been washed) but it measured 37″ wide & 60″ length. I don’t think it needs blocked with the yarn I used but it may vary depending on what yarn you decided to work it up with. 🙂 Happy Knitting!


  10. Hey! This pattern looks beautiful and simple. Just wondering the overall dimensions when finished according to the steps?

    1. I didn’t measure at the time of making but I just measured again. (not sure how accurate since kids have used it and it has been washed) but it measured 37″ wide & 60″ length

  11. Hi Could you please tell me what size your Simple Striped Blanket is?
    And did you use purl stitches or just knit stitches both sides?
    Thank you!

    1. I didn’t measure at the time of making but I just measured again. (not sure how accurate since kids have used it and it has been washed) but it measured 37″ wide & 60″ length. I knitted the whole blanket. 🙂

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