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If you frequent crochet groups or blogs online, then you know that crocheters speak have a different kind of language! Keep on scrolling down to learn what HOTH, WIP & more mean!

For example: What is Frogging in Crochet? You might have heard the term “frogging” or “frog” before on a crochet page or forum. It has nothing to do with actual frogs, and actually means ripping out a crochet project with a mistake or there is a need to start over. It is called frogging because it reminds you of the sound a frog makes. Get it? Rip it? Ribbit?

Just like crochet abbreviations, crochet slang is another crochet language that you will want to learn to fully understand patterns and what exactly crocheters mean. Read on down to find the full list of crochet slang terminology and meanings!

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Crochet Slang Abbreviation List

Common Crochet Slang & Terms

Below are common crochet abbreviations and slang you may see throughout the crochet community

Crochet Slang Abbreviations

AMI: amigurumi – small knitted or crocheted toys

HOTH: a project that is hot off the hook

FOTH: a project that is fresh off the hook

FROG / FROGGING: ripped out stitches of a crochet project

OCD: obsessive crocheting disorder

LYS: local yarn store

FO: finished object

C2C: corner to corner – These projects are worked diagonally and can use graphs to create images.

CAL: crochet a long – When crocheters work on parts of a crochet project together as a group.

PHD: projects half done

YARN BARF: the mess that comes out of the middle of yarn ball when you try to pull the center strand out.

YARN VOMIT: see the definition for yarn barf

YARN CHICKEN: trying to finish a row or a whole project without running out of yarn.

YARN BOMB: A decorative yarn piece that is crocheted or knit and placed in public

YARNIE: someone who loves to crochet or knit with yarn

ISO: in search of – When you are looking for that perfect yarn or pattern.

JAYGO: join as you go

BISTITCHUAL: This is someone who both knits and crochets

TIA: thanks in advance – When you ask a question about yarn or a pattern and want to say thanks in advance.

PAT: pattern

HSPY: haven’t started project yet

UFO: unfinished project

USO: unstarted object

STASH: all your yarn, a yarn pile or accumulation

HOOKER: one who crochets with a hook

NCR: not crochet related

WIP: work in progress – The crochet project you are currently working on.

What is Your Favorite Crochet Lingo Abbreviation?

I hope you enjoyed this list of popular crochet slang terms! If you can think of any I didn’t mention above, be sure to let me know in the comments or over in the Easy Crochet Facebook Group and be sure to tell me your favorite too!

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