25 Crochet Gifts for Men (All Free Patterns)

Are you looking for some crochet gifts that men will love? If so, then this is the pattern collection for you! This list is perfect to use for a just because gift, Father’s Day and more!

Below you will find free crochet patterns for hats, scarves, bottle cozies, blankets, and more that are just right to give to the guy in your life, be it your boyfriend, husband, or son.

men's crochet gift patterns

When searching for men’s patterns to make, I chose ones that I thought my husband and two sons would wear or use because I know how hard it can be to crochet something that they’ll actually want. I showed them this gift list and all three of them approved.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this collection of crochet gift ideas for guys and find the perfect pattern to crochet.

Crochet Gifts for Men

Take a look at some of the best crochet ideas for men that are all perfect for gifting! I think you'll find that each of these patterns are great to crochet for men. Plus, the best part is that they are all free crochet patterns!

Extra Free Crochet Patterns

Take a look at a few of my other crochet patterns that I love for the Holidays and special occasions as well.

and more…

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