Yarn Stash Calculator – How Much Yarn Do I Have?

Use this calculator to roughly determine how much yarn you have in your stash.

If you’re like me, you probably have plenty of yarn wrapped up in unused half-skeins, re-wrapped balls and half-finished projects that can be unwound to be used for other projects. The problem is that without the yarn labels that are now long-gone, there is no easy way to figure out how much yarn is tied up in the stash.

This calculator takes the weight of your leftover stash, and estimates how many yards (or meters) exist in it. While this is a good way to estimate the remaining yardage, it won’t be 100% accurate. Each brand and type of yarn has slightly different yardage per ounce, but our calculations should be able to get you close.


  1. First, take your stash, and separate it by yarn weight.
  2. Weight each weight pile separately with a kitchen scale.
  3. In the form below, pick your yarn weight, choose either ounces or grams (whichever your scale was set at), and enter the total weight given by your scale.
  4. Our form will then provide you a range in both yards and meters. This will be what we estimate your stash’s total length to be.