Crochet Patterns for Ear Savers

Free Crochet Ear Savers Patterns – All free patterns can be found below.

Are you looking for some ear savers you can crochet? I’ve rounded up some of the easiest to crochet ear savers you can make for your mask and the best part is that they are all free crochet patterns.

Easy Crochet Ear Saver Patterns

Ear savers are probably one of the easiest and quickest crochet patterns to make. They are quick, use little yarn and mostly simple stitches.

Below I rounded up a variety of simple crochet earsaver patterns for masks most of which are perfect for any skill level of crocheter to try. These ear saver patterns mostly use basic crochet stitches which means they are all easy to crochet.

The Best Yarn for Ear Savers

When considering what yarn to use for an ear saver you will need to take think about what yarn would be best to clean. You should pick a soft yarn that is easy to wash and one that won’t lose shape when it is attached to a mask.

Sugar’n Cream Yarn

I love using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn from Yarnspirations. It is easy to work with, washable(and dryable!) and comes in a variety of beautiful colors that are perfect for crocheted ear savers.

Keep on reading to explore the collection of quick and easy crochet ear savers that are perfect for anyone who has to wear a mask for long periods of time.

Free Crochet Patterns for Ear Savers

Quick Crochet Ear Savers

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Moogly
Pattern: Quick Crochet EarSaver Pattern

You can crochet these simple booties quickly when you have time or on a rainy day like th name suggests! They are so quick to work up that you can crochet a pair in every color. Get the free baby slipper PDF crochet pattern today.

DIY Ear Savers Pattern

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Left in Knots
Pattern: DIY Ear Savers for Masks

The designer offers her ear saver patterns in three different styles all of which are free crochet patterns! They use simple stitches and even have a video tutorial for the ear savers too!

Crochet Ear Saver for a Mask

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: 365 Crochet Knit too
Pattern: Simple Ear Saver Pattern

Learn how to crochet these easy ear saver patterns with these step-by-step instructions. This ear saver uses simple stitches and is quick to crochet.

Puff Stitch Ear Savers

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Rich Textures Crochet
Pattern: Puffed Ear Saver Pattern

These unique ear savers are easy to crochet and when finished look braided. The pattern also includes a free video tutorial for those that like a visual helper.

Crochet Ear Protector

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Sigoni Macaroni
Pattern: Crochet Ear Protector Pattern

Use this ear protector pattern to crochet one or many for yourself and those who are working the front lines. The pattern includes a step-by-step picture tutorial and video.

Mask Mate Ear Saver

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Lotus Blooms Designs
Pattern: Easy Mask Mate Pattern

If you have little time and want to crochet a handmade ear saver this pattern is it! This ear saver pattern is available as a free PDF download on Ravlery.

Tunisian Mask Mate

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Knitter Knotter
Pattern: Tunisian Crochet Mask Mate

These easy to crochet mask mates are great for any skill level of crocheter that has some basic crochet knowledge. This is a great ear savers pattern for new crocheters to try

Mask Mate Pattern

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Jenn Likes Yarn
Pattern: Mask Mate Free Download

These easy to crochet mask mates are a free crochet pattern this is available as PDF download. Easy and quick are a great combo for crochet patterns so you’ll love this mask mate pattern.

Crochet Button Ear Saver

Skill Level: Easy
Designer: Ambassador Crochet
Pattern: Button Ear Saver Design

Learn how to crochet these easy crochet ear savers today. These savers are available to crochet in three different sizes so you’ll be able to make the perfect one for you!

Crochet Ear Savers Patterns

I hope you enjoyed this collection of free crochet ear savers, mask mates and ear protectors for masks! If you’d like to crochet more free patterns check out crochet pattern collection below.

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