Easter Crochet Patterns To Try This Year

Read down below to find seven easy crochet Easter patterns including bunnies, washcloths, covers for eggs, and more!

I can’t wait for you to explore this fun Easter crochet list! Happy Crocheting!

Make The Perfect Crocheted Easter Gift!

Crocheting handmade gifts is a great way to add a little extra homemade touch to the holidays! With the list below, you will find the perfect crochet Easter gift.

7 Free Crochet Easter Patterns

With all the Easter things to crochet on the internet and in books it is hard to just pick a few, but with these 7 free spring designs you can’t go wrong! I hope you enjoy working up all these crochet patterns for Easter.

  1. Crochet Easter Basket
  2. Bunny Washcloth Pattern
  3. Crochet Easter Egg Apron Pattern
  4. Free Crochet Pattern for Easter Egg Cover
  5. Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern
  6. Easter Egg Dishcloth
  7. Bunny Egg Cover

Read down to take a look at all the EASY crochet patterns for Easter!

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Crochet Easter Basket

Crochet Basket Patten perfect for Easter

This easter crochet basket is perfect filling with candy or yarn! Which would you pick? Is it a basket full of yarn? Or a basket full of candy?

Bunny Washcloth Pattern

Easter Bunny Washcloth Crochet Pattern

A bunny washcloth is a perfect gift for Easter for the whole family! This design will make bath time fun for the little ones for sure.

Crochet Egg Apron Pattern

Crochet Egg apron Pattern

This apron egg holder pattern is super cute and great for collecting the eggs you will need for Easter egg dying!

Easter Egg Covers

free crochet pattern for Easter Egg Cover

These simple crochet egg covers are super cute to crochet and are the perfect decoration for Easter!

Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern

Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern

You will LOVE making this bunny hat for Easter with its floppy ears and fun design!

Easter Egg Dishcloth

Egg Dishcloth

These cute egg dishcloths for Easter is the perfect decoration for your kitchen this spring!

Bunny Egg Cover

Bunny Egg Cover

This cute bunny egg cover is super cute and is actually a rattle! Just put a bell inside the Easter egg before you crochet the cover!

Crochet Patterns for Easter

I hope you found a new pattern to make for Easter. Happy Easter Crocheting!

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