Why is My Crochet Blanket Curving And How to Fix It!

You may have found your way here because you have a crochet blanket that is warped, curving or just not straight, and you want to know why. I can help!

Keep on reading to learn how to fix curved crochet blankets with a couple of easy fixes!

Reasons Why Crochet Blankets Curve

There are a few reasons why a crochet blanket is curving, two of which are the most common listed below.

  • Tension
  • Adding or Skipping Crochet Stitches

Find out the top reasons why a crochet blanket curves during crocheting below, so you can get a perfectly shaped crochet blanket every time you crochet.

The Tension Is Wrong

The first thing to look at if a crochet blanket is misshapen would be the tension.

Creating overly tight stitches is a mistake that many beginners make. It may seem like tension is something you will never master, but don’t worry. You will get there; all it takes is some practice.

If you start off crocheting a blanket with very tight chains and loosen up along the way, your blanket will curl and won’t be straight like you need it to be. So, make sure your foundation chain is loose enough to start with!

Your edges could also curl if you get your tension wrong at the end of each row. Therefore, be careful with your edges and try not to make them too loose or too tight.

Two Ways To Fix Tension

Gauge Swatch: One way to ensure you’re getting your tension right is to crochet up a gauge swatch, which is essentially a small test piece to ensure your technique produces the right size of fabric that the pattern requires. This is also crucial to make sure your crochet projects fit you, if you are making a sweater for example.

Crochet Hook Size: Another quick fix is to replace your crochet hook with a bigger one if your work is too tight, or a smaller one if your work is too loose. A great tip for those that have tight chains is using a hook size larger than the pattern suggest for the foundation chain.

As you have read, creating a gauge swatch and having a variety of hook sizes on hand are a good start to crocheting a straight blanket.

Adding or Skipping Crochet Stitches

If you have sides that aren’t straight, it might be because you’re stopping and starting at the wrong places on the blanket. You should count your stitches and make sure you have the correct number of stitches across the blanket pattern.

Always end at the last stitch in the row, and don’t overlook it.

How to Fix Too Many or Too Little Stitches

Stitch Markers: Use a stitch marker to mark your first and last stitch of each row. If you are making a larger crochet blanket, mark off every 20–25 stitches, so you know exactly how many stitches you have already crocheted into the blanket.

Counting: An easy fix is to count, count again, and count again one more time. Double check each row to make sure you have the correct stitch count as indicated on the blanket pattern you are crocheting. You can find row and stitch counters for sale online and in most craft stores.

One of the most frustrating things you can experience when crocheting is losing track of where you are in a pattern. You can mitigate this by using a row counter, a stitch marker, or writing down how far you are with a pen and paper.

By using the two tips above, you will be well on your way to straight crochet blankets, and a curved blanket will be a thing of the past.

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