27 Free Crochet Basket Patterns

Are you looking for a simple crochet basket pattern to work up? Or maybe you’d like to use a crochet basket for home storage options.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place! This collection of 27 crochet baskets will definitely have a pattern that you’ll love.

free crochet basket patterns

Easy Crochet Basket Patterns

From rectangle baskets, crochet baskets using t-shirt yarn to simple round ones, there is something on this list for everyone!

Hopefully, you will find an easy basket pattern to make to hold all of your knick-knacks and help you stay organized throughout the year!

From a crochet basket with handles to a mini crochet basket to crochet a storage basket, there is a basket pattern here for everyone to make! You will certainly find a crocheted basket here to make that you’ll want to work up.

Crochet Baskets Are Perfect for Home Storage

I love making crochet baskets to store all my little items lying around, so I knew I had to put together a list of crochet basket patterns that are perfect for the home! These baskets are great for storing more yarn, knickknacks, laundry, blankets and more.

Some of these crocheted basket patterns have handles, ties, and use different types of yarns as well are different sizes, so be sure to pick the right basket for your needs.

I love the fact that this is an excellent easy crochet basket pattern list to come back to from time to time again because we all require storage options in our home!

Yarn for Crochet Baskets

All the crochet baskets below use different types of yarns, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. You will see baskets made with thick yarn, t-shirt yarn and even sometimes twine.

I prefer using thicker yarn for storage baskets like this. You will notice in my patterns that I love using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lion Brand as well as Bernat Blanket Yarn for crocheting baskets because they are both a super bulky six yarns.

Using a super bulky weight yarn helps keep the basket upright, sturdy and stiff! Click the image above to check out the yarns I like using when making my baskets, so they are more upright.

Take a peek and let me know what you think of the variety of yarn showcased! Furthermore, don’t forget to kindly let me know in the comments which one you’d choose for your basket project!

How to Make a Crochet Basket Stiff

Another subject I wanted to touch on since we are talking about making a basket is how to make a crochet basket stiff.

First, I suggest that when working a basket to use two skeins of yarn at once. Crocheting with two skeins of yarn makes for a sturdier basket and one that will hold up to daily use!

Second, You could use a mixture of glue and water to make a crochet basket stiff.

Steps To Stiffen Baskets With Glue

  1. Put three parts of glue in a container with some warm water.
  2. Make sure that the basket is thoroughly coated with this glue mixture by spraying it all over.
  3. Allow the basket to air dry.

Ready to Get Started?

Scroll on down to find some of the best crochet basket patterns! Some of them are my basket patterns, as well as some from fellow crochet designers.

Explore the crochet basket pattern archives here on EasyCrochet for inspiration. We have a handful of baskets that come in various sizes and colors, as well as crochet basket pattern for beginners to pick from too!

27 Easy Crochet Basket Patterns

Here are some of our favorite crochet basket patterns from around the web. Some are ours, but most are from other designers that we admire.

Crochet Basket Video Tutorial

Here is our video on how to create a crochet storage basket. This easy crochet basket is used to store a bunch of yarn in my craft room, and is super easy to make. (Turn off your ad blocker if you don’t see it.)

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More Crochet Patterns for the Home

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