17 Easy Crochet Necklace Patterns

If you are looking for a crocheted necklace pattern to make, then this is the pattern collection for you! In this collection, you will find some of the most gorgeous necklaces to crochet, some of which are a quick project, as well as ones for all different crochet skills and levels.

Keep on scrolling down to find some of the prettiest free crochet jewelry patterns for necklaces you can make!

These crochet patterns will also be broken up into free crochet necklace patterns and paid necklace patterns for easy searching.

While I don’t have a crochet necklace pattern of my own (I designed a crochet bracelet, though.). I did find some other necklaces that you may like from fellow designers.

Have fun and I hope you find a necklace crochet project to make.

Crochet Necklace Patterns


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