Free Crochet Bracelet Pattern

If you were wondering how to crochet a bracelet, then look no further! You can use this feather crochet bracelet pattern to create a fun handmade crocheted jewelry in no time at all! If you need a quick crocheted gift, then you have come to the right place.

Read on down for the full, free DIY crochet bracelet tutorial and when you are done be sure to take a look at our other jewelry tutorial too. I hope you enjoy this quick crochet project!

Happy Crocheting!

Yarn to Make an Easy and Free Crochet Bracelet Pattern

To make this easy crochet bracelet I used Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn because it is extremely durable, easy to find and I just love the feel of cotton!

If you don’t have this yarn handy, any cotton (4) yarn will work perfectly!

I found the feather charms on Amazon but have also seen them at local craft stores. I made quite a few of these for gifts and even kept one for myself because it’s always fun to wear something homemade!

Click on the Feather Charms to Take a look

Ready to Get Started on Your DIY Crochet Bracelet?

If you are ready to make a crochet chain bracelet just keep on reading down for the full set of instructions.

Happy Crafting!

Feather Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Easy Crochet

Easy Crochet Bracelet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Shopping List

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in ecru
  • Feather Charms
  • Size J crochet hook 6.00 mm


  • Ch = chain
  • This bracelet pattern is written in standard US terms

The Pattern

Feather Crochet Bracelet Tutorial Steps

Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Easy Crochet

FIRST: Start by leaving a 6-inch starting tail, ch 20, fasten off leaving another 6 inch tail. The total bracelet length so far should be 19″ including tails

Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Easy Crochet

SECOND: cut another piece of yarn 19″ in length

Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Easy Crochet

THIRD: attach charm to newly cut yarn strand

FOURTH: lining up the newly cut strand (with charm) and the crochet chained chain, knot together at the ends (where the crochet chain ends) leaving 6″ on each side. You should now have two 6″ tails now on each side.


Trim tails to be neatly even and wear your new crochet bracelet design by tieing it on.

You Are Done!

Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Easy Crochet

I hope you enjoyed this feather crochet bracelet! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I am more than happy to assist in any way possible.

Free Crochet Bracelet Pattern
Crochet Bracelet Pattern - How to Crochet a Bracelet


    1. Hi Shirley,
      There are a few options for a printed version. You could use, or I also sell PDF versions of some of my patterns at Happy Crocheting!


  1. Hi! Beautiful brasalet! Where you got yours feather? I was looking for the exactly the same as yours but I can’t find them anywhere!

  2. Hi Krista! This may be a silly question but do you ty the ends in a bow to secure on your wrist? I’m trying to figure out if someone could put this on by themselves or if they would need assistance. It is such a simple yet beautiful bracelet. Love it! Thanks!

  3. I adore this design, Krista! Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, God began revealing His comfort and healing through both the Bible and feathers I would find as I went on my many walks.

    ‘I will cover you with My feathers and under My wings you will find refuge.’ Psalm 91.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for blessing me today 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thank you! You may sell items made from patterns on this site unless otherwise stated. If you choose to sell items made from this pattern, please link back to me at for credit. Please do not use my pictures to sell your items.

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