What is Frogging in Crochet?

You might have heard the term “frogging” or “frog” before on a crochet blog or forum. It has nothing to do with actual frogs, and actually means ripping out a knit or crochet project with a mistake or ripping out crochet stitches.

It is called frogging because it reminds you of the sound a frog makes. Get it? Rip it? Ribbit?

Frogging the Granny Blanket

Why Frog in Crochet?

Everyone who crochets makes mistakes. Frogging is the process of undoing all or a part of your crocheting to correct a mistake, is just a fact of life. Frogging is better than having a massive mistake in your work; the faster you catch onto your mistakes, the better.

  • Helps you learn from your mistakes.
  • Makes you a better crocheter.

Some beginner crocheters get frustrated and give up entirely before frogging, but frogging is a great tool for learning.

How to Frog in Crochet

Pull The Yarn

The simplest way to frog in crochet is to start by taking the end of the yarn that is attached to your project and pull to start taking the stitches out.

This way can get messy and leave you with a pile of yarn spaghetti.

Use a Yarn Winder

A less messy way is to use a yarn ball winder. Cut the yarn attached to the skein or ball you are using and set it aside. Next, take the yarn end attached to the project you want to frog and attach it to the yarn winder.

This method will make a nice ball or cake of yarn that will be ready for you the next time you feel like tackling a crochet pattern or knit pattern.

Easy Crochet Patterns to Make with Frogged Yarn