The Top Crochet Edging Patterns For Blankets

When you decide to crochet that beautiful baby blanket for your grandchild or any other crochet project, you have an opportunity to choose from various finishing edges to create that unique and perfect border.

The eight edging techniques to select from are the popular camel stitch, the picot crochet, the shell crochet edging border, the easy ribbed double crochet border technique, the flat, and straight border, the moss stitch crochet border, and the single crochet border technique.

Adding a border to any project is so much fun, and using different crochet edging patterns for blankets makes crocheting even more enjoyable. Read on down to find eight of the best crochet edging patterns.

The Best 8 Crochet Edging patterns For Blankets

Using crochet edging patterns adds a finishing touch to a project, makes it look more professional, and provides a polished result.

There is a good deal of beautiful crochet edging patterns you can add to crochet projects, such as blankets or scarves. Let discuss a few of these wonderful techniques that create that perfect finished look, and adding elegance is just a bonus.

The Best Crochet Edging Patterns

Here are some free crochet edgings ideas that are perfect for adding a fun finishing touch to crochet blankets, scarves and more!

Whether it is the camel stitch, picot crochet edge, shell edging or even the simple flat and straight edging technique, mastering these easy patterns help create that elegant polished look for any blanket.

However, beautiful edgings for blankets might not always be needed, but adding them makes the whole crochet project appear more finished.

As an advanced crocheter or a beginner, learning how to add edging can provide beautiful future gifts. It is essential to understand the basic crochet stitches; combining them on an edge can create a beautiful piece of crocheted art.

Why Should You Add Crochet Edging?

First, adding clean edgings to projects helps neaten the outside of the blanket and give a more finished look.

Secondly, You can also hide any possible imperfections by using crochet edging.

Finally, it increases the size of your crochet project; for example, your baby blanket ended up being smaller than planned, so the edging makes up for the loss in size.

Free Crochet Blanket Patterns